Mr. Rodgers…can be in YOUR neighborhood.

Say hello to Mr. Rodgers, our week 4 Pal. This little fella is a spry seven-years-young and the four of us cannot get enough of him.  LOOK how cute he is.

If you dream of a quiet, calm companion with an amazing side-smile, look no further…Mr. R is the man for you. Maybe you’re a busy professional, who needs a low-maintenance, pint-size amigo who would just like to lounge with you after work. Or perhaps, you’re looking for unconditional love, someone to greet you when you get home and make you feel like the most amazing person ever as you walk through the door. Let’s be honest, we could all use that kind of positive affirmation on a daily basis.

Those of you watching The Bachelor will totally understand the above point. I am sure if you watched the episode last night you saw the “twins” and their fifteen five dogs. Anyways, who else felt relieved that Haley had her crew of chubby dachshunds there to make her feel loved, cherished, and adored even after Ben dumped her for her twin sister, in front of her mother? Mr. Rodgers can offer you this same feeling of being the absolute most important person in the world even when you are at your worst.

I once read somewhere that if spouses greeted one another the way dogs greet their owners when they walk through the door, there would be no divorce. Once you’ve experienced this, you’ll know why that statement is true. It is Mr. Rodgers dream to give you this opportunity.  So, don’t pass it up.

This pint-size man is just itching to be your one and only. Mr. R is super mellow and sweet. When he arrived at MCACC he was very scared, so they transferred him to Chi Town (an area of MCACC’s Phx location devoted to caring for small breed dogs (mostly Chihuahuas get it…Chi Town?). Chi Town provides these small dogs a quiet place to relax, lots of volunteers dedicated to arranging play groups for the dogs, and to providing TLC and socialization.

Mr. Rodgers is kind of picky when it comes to making K9 chums, so if you are interested in him and have another dog, make sure you bring your resident dog with you to meet Mr. R.  You can meet him at MCACC’s Everyday Adoption Center (4380 N. Miller Road) in Scottsdale.  AND, as we do each week, Project Pal has made a donation to MCACC in Mr. Rodger’s honor, which covers his adoption fee. He comes neutered, rabies vaccinated, and with his County dog licence we are in AZ no illegal pups allowed.

MR 1

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Cammy lands her soulmate.

When Tristan selected Cammy for our Week 3 Pal, we were chomping at the bit to get started. We were dying to receive pictures and details on her so we could get to know her.  Once we started coming up with our plan to promote her, it almost felt like we were trying to set her up on the ultimate blind date.

She was just our incredible single friend looking for her life-partner/s. Except she had no gender preference, and would unconditionally love anyone who picked her and cherished her. If only it were that easy with my human friends. When I set one of my single friends up with a guy that’s into her, they always come back to me with “he’s nice, buuuutttt too into me…I need a guy who likes me less”…uhhh, ok?. My friends could really take a page out of Cammy’s playbook.

This week while promoting Cammy, it felt like her list of positive traits was endless–sweet, loving, gets along with humans, other dogs, and cats etc. She is literally a dream and such a catch. It was actually unbelievable that someone had dumped her. people just don’t appreciate what they have until it’s gone. Yesterday, we received an email from 2darescue, the shelter that has been caring for sweet Cammy…… guys, she found her soulmate. Yep, Cammy is off the market thanks to word of mouth by 2darescue supporters.  Let me tell you something, Cammy is definitely a lucky girl that she now has a forever home, but her new owner is truly the real winner in this arrangement.

We are so happy that Cammy got to watch the Cardinals vs. Panthers game with her new owner even though it was heartbreak central for Cardinals fans.  We know they are a match made in heaven.

Big thanks to 2darescue for partnering with us this week and letting us be a small part in Cammy’s story.



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Cammy, a true treasure.

Instead of losing our faith in humanity, which seems to be the norm these days because of a wonderful lady, Dianne, we are able to sit here today feeling grateful for the human kindness that still exists. Thanks to Dianne we have the pleasure of introducing you to Cammy, our week 3 Project Pal.

Cammy’s sweet and loving, people-oriented disposition is the reason that when Dianne stumbled upon her and her puppy, she not only picked them up to get them off the streets more specifically from a pile of trash, she put her money where her mouth was.  Dianne took the dogs to the veterinarian, got them fixed, up-to-date on shots, and even paid to have them boarded until a rescue was able to take them. I’m not sure about you, but I am pretty confident that if someone is willing to invest that much time, effort, and moo-lah into a homeless dog….that dog must be incredibly special.

That is exactly what Cammy is…..special.  Her resume is impressive, not only does she have a great demeanor with people, she gets along well with other dogs, she is 3 years old, and a boxer mix. As a dog-owner, I am really not sure what else a person could want in their K9 companion. We know she is going to make the perfect addition to a family, or a +1 for an individual, but only a family/individual who will treat her like the precious gift she is (aka must sleep in bed with you just kidding dog hair on the bed is gross we’re lying we all share beds with our dogs….).

Cammy’s story is truly the epitome of the saying “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. So for all of you out there searching for a treasure of your own, look no further.  Cammy is the girl for you.  Give her a chance to win your heart over you can thank us later.

If you are interested in Cammy (AND WHO WOULDN’T BE), she is being cared for by 2DaRescue located at 4861 S Desert View Dr. Apache Junction, AZ 85120.  Since Cammy is our Project Pal this week, we made a donation in her honor to her shelter, 2DaRescue. Give them a call at 480.229.9530 to set up a time to see Cammy.  Or, if you want to email us about her we are always happy to facilitate the introduction directly



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A fairy tale for Thomas.

Thomas had been at the Maricopa County Animal Care & Control West Shelter since November 23rd. When we started Project Pal and began working with MCACC on Ariel’s week, they emailed us about Thomas and said he had been there a while and since he was an older guy, he wasn’t getting much attention.  So, we chose Thomas for our week two Project Pal, sponsored his adoption fee yesterday, and began what we thought would be our most challenging week.

Multiple conversations between the four of us occurred about how we could creatively draw attention to Thomas to make sure at the end of his week he had a loving home. Approximately 6 hours into Day 1, we got an email from the shelter letting us know Thomas had been adopted. Our contact at the shelter couldn’t believe it. But, we can.  It just takes one person and Thomas’s new owners fell in love with him right away. Thomas may have a few years under his belt, but he truly is a prince. So here’s to Thomas and his Happily Ever After.


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Thomas, a refined & distinguished gentleman.

As soon as we saw photos of Thomas we knew this well-trained, young-at-heart, kind spirit was the perfect guy for our second Project Pal. What a precious, rare gem he is.

Before we start, let’s all agree not to discriminate based on age here. Actually, I think that is illegal….or at the very least, highly frowned upon in our society. Since it is important that all “experienced” individuals are given a fair shot, we feel it is only appropriate to extend the same courtesy to our perfect pal, Thomas.

Thomas would be the ideal fit for a busy family, a busy individual, or a busy couple. Why? Because he is already house-broken. That trait is a true gift from above. Potty training your dog is the single, most important task unless you like spot-cleaning/bleaching your floors multiple times per day and Thomas comes with it checked off his list. Not only that, but he is good with other dogs and he is VERY friendly. Furthermore, he has plenty of energy, which I know many of our more experienced followers can relate to you’re only as old as you feel. Thomas is always ready to go for a walk! Here’s the exciting thing, Thomas hasn’t even hit his peak yet. 😉

This week is all about Thomas, and if we join together and spread the word about him, we will be able to find him his forever home! Project Pal has covered Thomas’ adoption fee + a little extra, so all you have to do is love him forever. He has been at the shelter since November 23rd, so it is time for him to have a home of his own! If interested in Thomas, send us an email and we will put you in touch with our contact at his shelter– You can visit him at the Maricopa County Animal Care & Control West Animal Shelter. Thomas- A3690819

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The sweetest thing.

Yesterday, our dream became a reality. Ariel went home. When the four of us started Project Pal (last week), we knew what our ultimate goal each week would be, but we had no idea how incredible it would feel to see the dog we selected find its forever home. It’s pretty darn wonderful. So, with that being said, a huge thank you to Maricopa Animal County Care & Control for taking Ariel in and keeping her safe until she found her new home, and to Ariel’s new owner who loves her so much. We hope you enjoy these adorable pictures below of Ariel below.  By the way, her name is now Darla, which is just the sweetest thing. Her owner started an instagram for her and you can follow her journey at @darlaforlife2016.

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Ariel. Our first Project Pal.

Meet Ariel.  This adorable, 2 year old boxer mix is looking for a home…and we are determined to find her the best one ever. Who knew we could become so invested in a pup after merely four days of promoting her to our community? You guys, we her.

When people think about the type of dog they hope to have in their family, I think we can all agree they pray for the following characteristics: gentle and friendly.  Ariel is both of those things. In fact, we were told the photographer had a hard time capturing the perfect photo of her since she kept trying to be near them, and climb into their laps…(LOVE). Speaking from experience, this quality alone is honestly a dream. For me, especially, since my dog only cuddles on his specific, limited terms. It might be because I follow him around the house and smother him with love…whatever.

Here’s the main pitch for Ariel. 80% of our friends are currently binge watching this Netflix documentary, “Making a Murderer”. We can’t help but think how much more enjoyable (and justifiable) a day spent watching Netflix would be with Ariel at your feet (or next to you on the couch….). I kid you not, when I opt to forego a night out to be at home, I feel like I’m actually being productive and responsible because my rescue dog is there too. Built in friend who loves you and thinks you are the absolute best thing ever, even when you look like death. What more can you ask for, really? This is one of her special traits, she will hang out with you quietly at home. Give Ariel a loving home and she will adore you for the rest of her life. Guaranteed.

Lastly, look at the below picture.  Whoever adopts Ariel is literally going to have the best instagram/snapchats of all time. Endless content. Think about it.

Now that you know how great this girl is, head to the Maricopa County Animal Care & Control West Valley Animal Care Center and meet Ariel for yourself (and then take her home and spoil her forever, obviously).  The address is 2500 S. 27th Ave., Phx Az. Ariel’s adoption fee has been sponsored and includes spay, rabies certificate and County license. Ariel- A3687245

Ariel 1

If she looks this cute in the shelter, imagine what she will look like on her freedom ride to her new, loving home! We can’t wait to see those pictures.

If you have any questions about Ariel, please feel free to email us at

Thank you for supporting our first Project Pal!

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Project PAL – Promote. Adopt. Love.

Welcome to our Project Pal AZ blog. Each week we will post additional details on our chosen pup here. First, we thought we should introduce ourselves and explain why we wanted to start Project Pal:

Adopting Reggie (pictured below) was the best decision I have ever made. Life-changing, really.  Through Project Pal we are putting our own money where our mouths are and not only holding each other accountable for making weekly donations to different Animal Shelters around Phoenix, but we are going to work tirelessly to help find homes for these sweet souls.  This project holds a special place in all four of our hearts, and we know our wonderful and supportive community will enjoy being a part of the home-finding process as well! xo, Kim


I signed on to be a part of Project PAL because I believe every dog should find a forever home regardless of their breed, age, or personality. There are so many dogs in shelters waiting to be adopted and I hope that Project PAL helps bring these dogs into a loving home. Hopefully you will find a dog through Project PAL that makes you as happy as Oscar (below) makes me :)! xo, Nina

163399_10150360029625085_6783343_n  IMG_7787

“In a perfect world, every dog would have a home and every home would have a dog.”  Through Project Pal we hope to do exactly that!  Help us in our journey to save these sweet souls.  You will not only change their lives but they will forever change yours. Pictured below is my pup, Reagan.  Life would definitely not be the same without this big guy.  Lots of doggie kisses! XO, Tristan

IMG_4836 IMG_4156

I have always said I wish I could give every homeless dog a “furever” home. Hopefully through Project PAL we can make that wish come true by finding loving humans for each Pal of the week. I want every person to be able to experience the incredible and special connection that these lovely dogs bring to our hearts just like Oscar brings to mine! Xo, Nikki

IMG_4566 IMG_1849

Be sure to check our blog to meet our first sponsored pal, Ariel!!

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