Cammy, a true treasure.

Instead of losing our faith in humanity, which seems to be the norm these days because of a wonderful lady, Dianne, we are able to sit here today feeling grateful for the human kindness that still exists. Thanks to Dianne we have the pleasure of introducing you to Cammy, our week 3 Project Pal.

Cammy’s sweet and loving, people-oriented disposition is the reason that when Dianne stumbled upon her and her puppy, she not only picked them up to get them off the streets more specifically from a pile of trash, she put her money where her mouth was.  Dianne took the dogs to the veterinarian, got them fixed, up-to-date on shots, and even paid to have them boarded until a rescue was able to take them. I’m not sure about you, but I am pretty confident that if someone is willing to invest that much time, effort, and moo-lah into a homeless dog….that dog must be incredibly special.

That is exactly what Cammy is…..special.  Her resume is impressive, not only does she have a great demeanor with people, she gets along well with other dogs, she is 3 years old, and a boxer mix. As a dog-owner, I am really not sure what else a person could want in their K9 companion. We know she is going to make the perfect addition to a family, or a +1 for an individual, but only a family/individual who will treat her like the precious gift she is (aka must sleep in bed with you just kidding dog hair on the bed is gross we’re lying we all share beds with our dogs….).

Cammy’s story is truly the epitome of the saying “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. So for all of you out there searching for a treasure of your own, look no further.  Cammy is the girl for you.  Give her a chance to win your heart over you can thank us later.

If you are interested in Cammy (AND WHO WOULDN’T BE), she is being cared for by 2DaRescue located at 4861 S Desert View Dr. Apache Junction, AZ 85120.  Since Cammy is our Project Pal this week, we made a donation in her honor to her shelter, 2DaRescue. Give them a call at 480.229.9530 to set up a time to see Cammy.  Or, if you want to email us about her we are always happy to facilitate the introduction directly



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