Vibetality + Pup Tees = <3

Since starting Project PAL and specifically Pup Tees by Project PAL, we have had the opportunity to meet so many incredible, generous, and unique people that we never would have crossed paths with otherwise. This is most definitely the case with Erica!  We met Erica through the donation-based yoga class we did at her studio, Vibetality.

Not only did Vibetality generously offer this opportunity for us to raise money at their studio, but they even allowed us to bring one of our adoptable dogs (June) with us that day.  Their studio has such a great feel and we loved every minute of our morning there.

We were so excited to meet Erica, she is warm, genuine, adorable, and just an all-around wonderful person. (After providing us with so many ways to raise money she even personally purchased Pup Tees!).
Erica is an AZ native, and at the age of 15 she started doing yoga when she was diagnosed with scoliosis, she got her certification in 2008, and opened Vibetality in 2013.  Erica owns the studio with her partner, Patrick. The studio is truly a blend of Erica’s passion for yoga, health, and happiness combined with Patrick’s mission to use technology to enhance health and well-being.
Vibetality has everything from yoga, to a float tank, kettlebell workouts to massage, nutrition programs to meditation.  The goal is to offer as many options as possible to help people feel better and live better.  It is not a one-size-fits-all journey! Erica and Patrick also love giving back and helping local charities.  They have a heart for shelter animals since they have FIVE rescues of their own (a polydactyl senior cat, a sweet mutt pup adopted from AAWL, a pittie, a jack russell, and an orange tabby!). Peep this adorable family photo:
the family zoo 2017Family Photo from left: Bisbee, Logan, Lex, Patrick, Erica, Samadhi, Twinks
So, let’s see what Erica has to say about styling her Pup Tees:
Outfit #1
I am a sucker for clothes that feel good and DO good! My sister turned
me onto  which gives back to elephants around
the world in need of protection and each style goes to a specific
elephant and they share the story of the elephant you’re helping.
I am wearing the “show me the shelter puppies” tank – I love this one!!
No shoes or fancy jewelry for me because I like the sense of as much
freedom as possible lol. Bare feet for yoga, no necklaces hanging in my
face for downdog, and no rings getting in the way of hand binds and
erica handstand
Outfit #2

I love that loose fitting clothes are making a come back so this tee is
a no brainer! I have a form fitting lululemon tank underneath so I can
practice any yoga pose w/o worrying about my shirt rolling up.
I have to admit to having quite a few lululemon pieces in the yoga
wardrobe. I held out for a long time but finally realized that they are
awesome and they last forever. I have this pair of capris in 3 different
I also support the heck out of our good friends at Peixoto Coffee House.
We carry their nitro cold brew at the studio and it’s kept me going
through the long hours of building your own business =) They are an
accessory I always have near by!

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Thank you, Erica for supporting Pup Tees by Project PAL and for sharing your style, story and studio with us!

To my new homie, Romie:

I’ll never forget what my dad said the first time he walked dogs at the Shelter….with the most sincere confusion, “Kim, there are so many good dogs here….?”. The obvious response to that comment seemed like it should be, “ummmm yes, correct? Thank you Captain Obvious”. BUT, to someone who hasn’t been to the shelter, walked the wings, and spent time with the shelter dogs individually, they have no clue that outside of the loud and overstimulating kennel walls are GREAT individual dogs. It’s so hard to walk through those wings and pick a dog out from behind their kennel gates…not sure what I mean? Here, let me show you something crazy:

This is Romie….she’s a resident at MCACC West, and happens to be this week’s featured pup.  Romie has all of the right qualities and is flipping adorable. So, why hasn’t she been adopted? Well, if you ask me, it’s because potential adopters are walking through the wings, inevitably feeling really sad looking at 500 faces peering at them just willing them to take them out. They see the dog on the left (times 500), not the dog on the right! So, we can’t blame people for not picking Romie…it’s impossible to know who she is outside of her kennel unless someone tells you! So, we are here to tell you all about her so you can pick Romie.

Romie is a play group regular which means she likes other dogs ❤ ! She is quite the social butterfly and does well with pup personalities of all kinds.  Romie is sweet, soulful, silly and SUPER! How about that for some alliteration!
Here she is being sweet:

Here she is being soulful:

Here she is being silly:

And, here she is being SUPER:

Let’s help Romie stand out from the shelter dog crowd this week by sharing her adorable face and personality with our friends and family. Surely someone wants a well-rounded pup!

Romie is also sponsored by our friends at One Love which means she comes with a microchip, post-adoption training, and most importantly SUPPORT from a community of people that care.

She is at MCACC West and her ID is A3975898.

Amazing Amelia

Amazing Amelia. This 2-year year old girl is a spunky mama! Her body may be pint-sized but her heart is big! Amelia is happy and wiggly… two of our favorite things!


Amelia LOVES her humans (just look at her look of love below!). She loves to snuggle and of course get belly rubs! She is so sweet and loving and would make a wonderful addition to your home. Don’t you want to come home to this smiling face and wiggling bottom every. single. day?! The answer is YES.

Amelia is not only sweet, she is also well-behaved! She is already potty trained and knows how to use a doggy door. She also knows “Sit.” Winner, winner, chicken dinner!!


Amelia had a litter of pups and has always been the one taking care of other. Now, it’s HER turn to be taken care of. If you want to meet Amelia (and you should), please email She is being taken care of by our good friends at Almost There Foster Care!


And here is a picture of Amelia sitting on a table just because I think it is hilarious how casually she is sitting haha!! I ❤ her so much.

A Style Feature Unlike Any Other: Michael Klose.

WEEEE’RREE BAACCCKKK!!! We have a feeling you guys have missed our style blog immensely, and we’ve missed putting it out there for you! Too many irons in the fire as they say! BUT, we are getting our life in order and this week’s style feature will not disappoint.  The photos alone are l-e-g-i-t.

This week we are featuring Michael Klose. Michael is an Arizona native, he has worked in the wine and spirits industry for over 12 years. Michael is one of the chosen ones who truly loves what he does for a living! And one thing we’ve learned about Michael is that he does not half ass anything. Not one thing in his life is done half-heartedly.  Literally, if you’re going to hold his camera flash for him,  you better hold it perfectly (amiright Dana/Aidan?).  This style series is literally unlike any we have ever seen before.  Michael paired together the things he loves most in life to create the most epic feature of all time:
winedog (1 of 1)

Yep, you are seeing this right….a wine pairing with Jaxon. Look how good his hat and t-shirt detail look! (YES we know Jaxon is stealing the show in this photo, but try to focus on what’s important). The wines featured here are Rodney Strong Vineyards, Cline and Duck Pond Winery. Jaxon is wearing a collar from Mighty Pit

And here they are mixing up some Tito’s Handmade Vodka, (fun fact 1: Michael actually represents this brand and he is the reason we get to include Tito’s Handmade Vodka in our upcoming Fall Fundraiser. Snaps for Michael!). But, of course, Michael could not pour himself a drink and forget about the dog model on set with him:

YEP. He poured one out for Jaxon….in his own martini glass. L.O.L. I think Michael’s dog gets better treatment than most humans I know.

Even though it is literally impossible to focus on the Pup Tees (and other apparel) in the photos, we’ve got to tell you what he’s wearing, because after all, this is a style blog. The jeans are from h&m (affordable, pass the stretch test, and the ripped design shows off the leg tat nicely). He’s got Aldo Acrucia mid top sneakers on, his Mutt Life shirt and Mutt Life hat!  You can get a bottle of Tito’s Handmade Vodka at your local grocery store (if you are 21 and older, duh). Jaxon is repping his Tito’s Handmade Vodka bandana!

When they aren’t being mixologist or wine connoisseurs, Michael and Jaxon like to BBQ and hang by the pool:

Pictured here wearing swim shorts from (again, showcasing the leg tatts nicely), Bose Noise cancelling headphones (must-have for traveling…..or noisy households), Sandals (olukai hokua sandals), and Sunglasses are Oakley Holbrook Polarized Sunglasses 

So, why is Michael wearing Pup Tees by Project PAL and participating in our style blog?  Well, because as they all say “it starts with one” and even though Michael has been a long-time lover of big dogs, the first dog he and his wife, Dana, got with their son, Aidan, changed everything for their family. Adopting Jaxon (pictured above) initially ignited a passion within Dana to get involved as a volunteer.

Michael was inspired by Dana’s commitment, but wasn’t sure how he could contribute to the cause in his own way. It wasn’t until he caught the photography bug that Michael realized photographing dogs was way better for his quality of life, than trying to do shoots with his wife and son, who quickly lost patience for the process, and constant camera in their faces. And, right there, in that moment, Michael realized how he could give back and make a difference in the shelter dog world! Michael has been working on a huge project for months with us (but it’s a secret so you’ll just have to wait and see).

Coming full circle, even though it took Michael years to find his place in this crazy world of volunteers, rescues, shelters, etc the only reason he’s here on team #MuttLife today is because he encouraged his wife to take a chance on a homeless puppy, with a misunderstood breed label.

We’d like to add that we are so dang grateful that Michael & Dana adopted Jaxon (and then Chloe….).  They have both become such HUGE parts of what we are doing and even their son volunteers his time. Michael told me that he was blown away by the love and dedication that so many people give so selflessly……..but I’d like to go on record saying that he and his family are paving the way for innovative efforts to support important causes.

Dovakin the Dragon Born

This week we have chosen to feature Dovakin! Interesting name you may say…


My reaction exactly, before I furiously researched what this name could possibly mean in so many fascinating languages! Naturally I googled his name and apparently according to the Elder Scrolls video game, it means “Dragon Born”. I totally see the resemblance.. those deep soulful  eyes..

Dovakin, AKA Dovy is listed as 9 years young, however it is hard to determine his exact age for this spry guy! He recently had a volunteer have him for a sleepover and she informed us that Dovakin can be a little shy at first and is an independent dog, but seeks attention when he feels that connection with you and that means all the lovins! That includes all the sweet puppy kisses we all love and all the snuggles.

Actual image of my all of our dreams

puppy snuggle.gif

Dovakin walks well on a leash and knows basic skills. He will make a great workout partner if you enjoy a light jog or a short hike, but Dovakin isn’t trying to be a Fitness King.  Since he’s a team player, he’d be willing to join for your daily(or bi-weekly) running jogging sesh.

running.gifDovakin 5

Dovakin 7.jpg

I am not sure about you, but we are only slightly totally OBSESSED with his ears and his devilishly handsome smile!! SWOON


Okay… focus…


Dovakin is already partly crate and house trained but going to a new forever home may need some assistance until he gets acclimated to his new home! He will have to be the only dog in the household, and we can’t fault him for wanting to be the only one getting all the love from his new family! He may not be as great with other dogs in the house BUT Dovakin does well with kids– case in point..


Oh, did we mention that Dovakin has been doing well learning through reward based training? Thanks to the Shelter Enrichment through One Love he has been receiving training while in the shelter and has been doing well. Since he is sponsored under the Shelter Dog Program Dovakin will come home microchipped AND free post adoption training to help secure that bond with your special new PIC 😉 We know you will fall in love with Dovakin as much as we have! He is located at MCACC East Shelter his ID # is  A3938243 Contact us today so we can arrange a meet and greet with this handsome, smart fella!


This, here, is Prada. Prada has made quite a name for herself in the MCAC West playgroup crew.  Why? Because she is super confident, friendly, enjoys the company of other pups, and knows how to (peacefully but directly) tell her peers when she’s had enough of their antics! And, TBH, that is all one can really ask of a dog in playgroups! So, here she is… all of her love nub glory–PRADA!


Prada is literally the complete package. One of the qualities that seems to be working in her favor for sure is that she makes people fall in love with her simply by existing.  The other day, one volunteer said something that made me LOL and then I realized it is so absolutely true. This is what she said:
Prada: *does nothing*
Me: I would die for you
22219889_10155758806924153_85108169226472829_oTruer words have honestly never been spoken.  I share those very same sentiments. I even feel that way about dogs when they deliberately ignore me as I actively seek their attention, which for some reason happens daily.

Prada is what a potential adopter should be dreaming of….gets along well with other dogs– check, is cute AF — check, is kind of chubs –check, snorts — check, flops on her back– check. Go meet Prada, you won’t regret it….and we bet you’ll be leaving with a new family member 😉 .

Oh. My. Gosh. I NEED HER. But, since I cannot have her….I need one of you to pick Prada.  Magical effing unicorn.

MCAC West (2500 S 27th Avenue Phoenix). ID A3990427.