Sasha <3

As volunteers at one of the largest intake municipal shelters in the country, we stumble upon the most amazing dogs (sometimes in the worst shape), pretty regularly. SO, when volunteer, and veterinarian, Dr. Christina Grant, met Sasha why did she decide to take her home as a foster and treat her medical issues personally? Well, after thinking about this a lot, I have a very simple answer: sometimes, a dog just speaks straight to your heart and there is no other option but to help.

I can’t tell you how many times I see fosters sharing their temporary house guests on their social media only to receive comments such as, “Oh she looks like she’s right at home, just adopt her!”. I know people mean well with those comments buutttttt fostering takes a VERY special kind of person and if fosters adopted every dog they helped then think of all the dogs that wouldn’t get the opportunity to wait for their forever home in the comfort of a foster home.  OK, end rant.  But, that brings me to Sasha.

Sasha has such a great life in her foster home, but it is just that….a foster home.  Dr. Grant took Sasha home as her personal foster dog because she knew she had the means and ability to treat Sasha for Tick Fever, Valley Fever, some ear issues, skin issues and allergies. And she has done just that for Sasha, given her the very best treatment.

Sasha has foster siblings and gets along great with them…here they are:

Just a disclaimer, I thought about just picking one photo to showcase Sasha, Casey, and Posey, but then I ended up with seven….you’re welcome. While Sasha does great with other dogs, she is definitely a people person and loves human attention and affection. Apparently, she is quite the demanding diva when it comes to snuggling. Exhibit A:

Also, Sasha is actually really humble for how famous she is….she is literally a dog model.  She models regularly for Tooth & Honey, has been featured in photography shows, and even photographers from different states have wanted to snap her pic!

So, I know by now you are asking how a three-year-old, crate-trained, potty-trained, dog-friendly, people-friendly, kid-friendly, perfect effing MODEL dog is still adoptable….well, the ONLY thing we can think of is that Sasha does still have some lingering medical that she will need her family to keep up on!

She’ll need her ears kept clean, and to finish the Tick Fever & Valley Fever meds that she has already been on (BUT those don’t last forever), she has some allergies and takes meds for them! BUT, again her foster mom is a veterinarian and will always be a resource for this precious pup. So, help us spread the word about the sweetest little cropped eared shelter pup turned dog model there ever was!!! If you are interested in meeting Sasha, email us at ❤

A Home for Helga Hufflepuff

You saw a sneak peak of Helga last week after Sandy was adopted before her week was up but we decided to officially make Helga this week’s PAL. Based on the picture below it looks like somebunny is excited about her chance for adoption ;).


Helga is a Pit Bull/Lab/Mastiff mix and is about 3 years old. She is currently being loved and nurtured by our friends at Almost There Foster Care. Helga first came to ATFC as a thin, scared, and pregnant stray. Since her time at Almost There Foster Care, she has gained her weight back and shown everyone that she is ready to find a home!

For those of you who aren’t Harry Potter fans… 1. what are you doing with your life? and 2. One important characteristic of Hufflepuffs is loyalty which Helga has in spades. It seems like there is no one more loyal than this gal and whoever adopts her will have her love forever. She loves her humans at ATFC and cannot WAIT to start her day with them. She will kiss you, smile at you, and snuggle with you all day every day. Not convinced you need to adopt her? Keep reading…


For those of you who don’t know, Helga was Sandy’s roommate before Sandy got adopted. BUT before they were official roommates, Helga used to climb out of her kennel and into Sandy’s to cuddle. You can basically argue that she is the sweetest dog alive. She has also gotten along with the dogs she has met and does great with kids! Check and check.

Helga isn’t just insanely sweet and loving, but she is also smart. She is potty trained with a doggy door, knows sit and stay, walks great on a leash, and is eager to please! If you take Helga home you are taking home a well-behaved pup and who can argue with that!


So take a look at those puppy eyes above and make the not-so-hard decision of bringing this beautiful soul into your life. If you want to learn more about Helga, please email and if you want to meet Helga, follow this link and fill out the questionnaire!