I Feel Pretty…

It’s no surprise how Pretty got her name. This girl is definitely a beauty but what’s even more wonderful is her heart of gold. Read more to learn about this angelic 10-year old <3.


Pretty is a gentle and loving dog who loves to show and receive affection. She is mild-mannered and doesn’t feel the need to be loud or the center of attention. She is a mellow girl who loves to snuggle and be close to her favorite humans (proof below) <3.

While Pretty loves her human companions, she also gets along with other gentle pups like herself. She excels in playgroups with her like-minded pals. She gets along with children too but we always recommend an introduction if your home has kids or other pups.


With age comes Pretty’s polite personality. Pretty is on her best behavior when she is both out and about and at home. But she LOVES to be outside and go on excursions. She enjoys rolling around in the grass and soaking everything in so will GLADLY welcome a home with a big ol’ backyard ;). Like most people, she enjoys going out to get her Starbucks (puppacino) and cheeseburgers so don’t worry about not having anything in common with her LOL.

We aren’t sure how this cutie has been overlooked time and time again, but we are committed to finding her forever home this week! If you are interested in Pretty, she is at MCAC East (2630 W Rio Salado Pkwy, Mesa, AZ 85201) and her ID is A4048383. Please help us spread the word on this beautiful soul. She deserves the most amazing life with a loving family.

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