This dog would love you so MUNCH.

On Sunday, while walking dogs at MCACC East Shelter, my dad fell in ❤ with Munch. All six of us loved the dogs we got to walk, but after a few minutes, it was clear that my dad and Munch were definitely buds.

This week happens to be another guest sponsor, BIG thank you to SX Paint & Resurfacing (no, I did NOT bully my fiance into guest sponsoring, this was actually his idea). When it came time to pick the pup, Justin knew what he had to do to stay on my dad’s good side. He knew Munch was his ticket straight to my dad’s heart guy.

Munch is a VERY friendly pup who really enjoyed his walk with my dad on Sunday.  He was a good running partner (side note: my dad, uncle, brother, & Justin all broke the walk rules and made their own running route for the dogs to get more exercise). Munch walks nicely on a leash. He’s a two year old, stocky fella with the best hair/skin of all time. No joke. When you give Munch a rub down, his skin is so thick that it makes rolls JUST LIKE PUPPY SKIN.

It is no surprise to any of us that Munch is listed as a “volunteer favorite” on his chart. He’s essentially perfect…such a sweet/friendly man. And, also….if you know my dad….you know that normally, he only has eyes for his dog. SO, for him to like Munch as much as he does, it’s a big deal.  Munch really soaked up the attention during bath time. The rub down with shampoo was his favorite part.

According to my dad, Munch is rated as FIVE STARS! (out of five, just to be clear). So, let’s all team up and share Munch to make his and my dad’s heart happy by finding him his forever home!

Oh, and yes….that would be my dad posing with Munch in front of the Cubs spring training ball park.  Yes, he asked a Cubs fan who was passing by headed to the spring training game to take their picture.

Munch is at MCACC East Shelter his ID is A3717148.


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<3 Elvis hit the jackpot…

On Saturday, we received a message from a friend of our’s, Kate.  We knew Kate had been keeping an eye on our Project Pal pups each week and was just waiting for the right one. When the message from Kate came through, we knew Elvis’s underbite had done the trick and won Kate over!

She headed over to meet him on Saturday and let us know that she had filled out his adoption paperwork and would be picking him up on Monday! We were absolutely bursting with happiness at that update.

On Sunday, I was at MCACC East Shelter with my family walking/washing/loving the shelter pups. After the walk was over, I asked one of the volunteers if I could say hello to Elvis before I left.  We walked over to his kennel and my heart melted. There he was, just sitting in his little kennel quietly/patiently.  And there, posted on his kennel, was the best sign ever, “Adopted 3/26”.


We were all chomping at the bit for Monday to come (which seems insane because NO ONE wants the weekend to end). But for Elvis, Kate, and all of us at Project Pal…..Monday, March 28th is a very special day.  The day Elvis went home forever!!!!! So, here he is on his ride to freedom.  You guys, this is one lucky lucky dog.  Kate–we are just so grateful that you chose Elvis, our Week 12 Project Pal!




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“Can’t help falling in love”….with ELVIS.

When Elvis’s picture scrolled across our computer screens, our hearts literally melted into pieces. Which is ironic because I hear that’s precisely what happened back in the day when the little ol’ bitties saw Elvis shake his pelvis. Who else used that line to remember where the pelvis was located? The good news is, the K9 Elvis is way cuter and doesn’t have any weird impersonators in Vegas.

Anyways, this Boxer Mix is looking for a loving family with nice, friendly, dog-siblings. Sweet, cautious, submissive Elvis is going to be proof that good guys dogs don’t finish last when he gets the home of his dreams for being an all-around gentleman.

Elvis wants to take it slow with his future family.  He just needs a bit of time to feel safe in  his new relationships. Don’t we all? After a moment or two, Elvis will be rolling on his back begging for some belly rubs, rubbing up against you soliciting pets. Seems like Elvis and some of my amigas are similar. Once you get past the initial “hard to get” phase, it’s all over, they (Elvis and my friends) turn into Stage 5 Clingers. Fortunately for potential Elvis-adopters, his “hard to get” phase is way shorter than my friends. We are talking minutes for Elvis vs months for my friends.

This polite, and easy going guy will still need an introduction to any dogs in the fam before he changes his last name to yours. I mean an introduction to all family members is really just standard procedure before bringing a new guy into your life. However, just like any good relationship, his new fur-family will make him a better, more confident guy! In exchange, he’ll be forever grateful, adoring, and appreciative that you decided to make him yours for life. And that’s really all one can ask for in a relationship :).

Since Elvis is a little insecure woah, again it seems like we are talking about 80% of my friends  he would do best in a family with kiddos over 10 years of age LOL yet again…my friends. This is for the simple fact that they will understand they need to move slow with him….literally. No fast phalanges flying towards this guys cute face, ok?

So any of you out there who are looking for a “Hound Dog” well, not literally a Hound in this case, and who are “All Shook Up” over this precious side smirk, let’s have a “Little Less Conversation” and make Elvis a part of your family TODAY. See what I did there? You had to have seen the Elvis references coming a mile away….

You can visit and adopt Elvis today at East Valley Animal Care Center (2630 W. Rio Salado Pkwy) in Mesa. He’s currently in kennel 290 but that could change. His ID, however, will not change. Elvis – A3721845



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Cadbury gets to hunt Easter eggs at HOME.

The shelter just sent us an update on our little Easter pal, Cadbury. We are delighted to inform everyone that he found his forever home on Saturday.  I sincerely hope his new loving family is planning on putting him in an Easter egg like so:


If you are Cadbury’s new family, and you do, in fact, put him in a half Easter egg……please send photos to Also, to Cadbury’s new family…..thank you for loving a mutt. We wish you and Cadbury a life of happiness together!!!


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Cadbury…..not the egg.

With Easter fast-approaching it seems like a little guy named Cadbury would be the perfect addition to a special Easter Basket. What better way is there to celebrate a holiday than adopting a new k9 family member? Hint: there is no better way.

Just imagine for a minute, it’s Easter morning…kids or in my family’s case adult children hunting around the backyard like maniacs…only to stumble upon CADBURY in a giant Easter egg like so:



On an unrelated note: I highly recommend you google “dog in easter egg” when you have a chance, the image results were amazing…. Anyways, we will have to work out the details of getting Cadbury to stay inside the hatched egg, but that is a minor detail.

SO, here’s what we know about this little fella…he’s three years old, and a little shy, but we can’t blame him. The shelter can be a bit noisy/over-stimulating for a pup.  It seems as though when potential adopters cruise by his kennel he bolts outside.

This guy is a precious little sweetheart. After just a bit, and some bribery via treats, he warms up to new faces and he takes full ownership of his title “Chihuahua lap dog”.  He’s a cuddler, loves to be held (this is literally my step-daughter’s dream…a dog to hold, and love, and pet and dress up). Cadbury is a perfect companion. He just wants to hang out quietly in his human’s lap.

This little doll also does well with his kennel mates, who are all around the same size as him. SO, if you already  have a pup….why not add Cadbury to your pack?

If you are interested in making your family’s Easter dreams come true by putting Cadbury in a giant half egg, you can meet him at the East Valley Animal Care Center in Mesa. (2630 W Rio Salado Pkwy). Our awesome guest sponsor, Lisa, has sponsored his adoption fee.

Cadbury- A3720242


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Willow + you = <3

Quick recap of Willow’s past: Willow had a family who I hope to punch politely lecture someday, and a fur-sibling. Her family moved and decided not to take their dogs with them friendly note: DON’T MOVE SOMEWHERE IF YOU CAN’T TAKE YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS. They dropped them off at Pinal County Animal Care & Control. Willow’s fur-sibling (who she had grown up with and bonded to) was quickly adopted. After which, Willow rapidly declined and was depressed.

Enter the heros of the story: Forever Loved Pet Sanctuary. These lovely, pure-hearted souls took Willow in TWO years ago and have fallen in love with her. Willow holds the title of their “Longest Resident” at over 835+ days there. She has celebrated her 9th and 10th birthdays at the Sanctuary and we’ll be honest….we feel like they need to let Willow celebrate her 11th birthday with some new family & friends! 😉 Also, we’d love to be invited to her 11th b-day party…..just throwing it out there.

Here’s what we know about Willow from her biggest advocate: Willow is smart, quick-to-train, likes to eat her food out of the Kong treat, enjoys a new toy or two or fifteen and wants nothing more than to be your companion. She is intrigued by people, and loves her humans tirelessly. She’s not big on kisses but will throw  a few your way if you’re needy. She does enjoy a good cuddle session, she’s loving without being pushy, loyal, and LOVES a good belly rub. We also know that Morgan (biggest advocate mentioned above) has spent countless hours with Willow. Morgan told us that getting Willow out of the shelter environment really allowed her to shine. In the car, Willow hopped right into the front seat and was immediately soaking up the sun. CUE THE SHERYL CROW SONG PLEASE  Willow went to sleep in the front seat of Morgan’s car for the entire ride.

Willow is perfect for you if:  you are looking for a low maintenance dog. She would be great for a family, an individual, or a couple. Maybe you work at home? You’re retired? Or you just have a low-key lifestyle/personality. Willow is not asking for much….just a nice, loving, human or two, or five to call her own.

If you want to meet Willow: let us know! We will put you in touch with our contact at Forever Loved Pet Sanctuary and they will arrange the meet & greet.  Willow wants to meet any potential fur-bros/sisters. She prefers larger dogs.  Again, she loves ALL humans (kids, babies, elderly, middle-aged men going through a life crisis, you get the picture).

Oh, and as always….Project Pal made a donation to Forever Loved Pet Sanctuary in Willow’s honor so she comes with good karma. Bonus!

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