Cammy lands her soulmate.

When Tristan selected Cammy for our Week 3 Pal, we were chomping at the bit to get started. We were dying to receive pictures and details on her so we could get to know her.  Once we started coming up with our plan to promote her, it almost felt like we were trying to set her up on the ultimate blind date.

She was just our incredible single friend looking for her life-partner/s. Except she had no gender preference, and would unconditionally love anyone who picked her and cherished her. If only it were that easy with my human friends. When I set one of my single friends up with a guy that’s into her, they always come back to me with “he’s nice, buuuutttt too into me…I need a guy who likes me less”…uhhh, ok?. My friends could really take a page out of Cammy’s playbook.

This week while promoting Cammy, it felt like her list of positive traits was endless–sweet, loving, gets along with humans, other dogs, and cats etc. She is literally a dream and such a catch. It was actually unbelievable that someone had dumped her. people just don’t appreciate what they have until it’s gone. Yesterday, we received an email from 2darescue, the shelter that has been caring for sweet Cammy…… guys, she found her soulmate. Yep, Cammy is off the market thanks to word of mouth by 2darescue supporters.  Let me tell you something, Cammy is definitely a lucky girl that she now has a forever home, but her new owner is truly the real winner in this arrangement.

We are so happy that Cammy got to watch the Cardinals vs. Panthers game with her new owner even though it was heartbreak central for Cardinals fans.  We know they are a match made in heaven.

Big thanks to 2darescue for partnering with us this week and letting us be a small part in Cammy’s story.



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