A Dollop of Daisy!

For this week’s PAL, meet Daisy!! You know that girl who just seems to always be happy and their contagious energy and attitude puts everyone around them in a good mood? Well, that’s Daisy!! She is a happy-go-lucky two-year old pup who will make you laugh and put a smile on your face!

Daisy seems to always be down for a good time game of fetch. She LOVES to be active and enjoys being on the go. Daisy is an outdoor kinda girl, always looking for the next activity. I don’t know about you, but I wish I had that kind of energy and motivation to be active… the walk from the couch to the fridge during Shark Week counts as exercise, right? One of the best things about Daisy (besides those ears!!!) is that she loves attention from people and wants to soak up some lovin’ (read as: you can smother her with kisses, hugs, and pets, and she will LIKE IT <3. aka. the dream). Oh, and she really likes belly rubs, too!

If you’re an active person who can be the fun and dedicated owner that Daisy deserves, she is at MCACC West (2500 S. 27th Ave., Phoenix) and her ID# is A3740121. Daisy is good with kids but she must have a doggy intro if a potential adopter has another pup. Her adoption fee is $20 and includes spay, County license, and rabies certificate. Also, Daisy is part of One Love’s Shelter Dog program, which includes her post-adoption training and microchip!! Let’s help Daisy find her fur-ever home that includes endless tennis balls!


Oh Oh Oreo…!

Here’s what blows my mind, we have featured a couple of dogs that look JUST like Oreo (Ariel & Nelson to be specific) and they were adopted immediately….why? Because they are SO cute, they are young, and they have awesome personalities. SO, if Oreo looks just like them and has similar traits, how is it that he has been at the shelter since March?

We have started to see his face show up on a lot of volunteers’ facebook pages, One Love AZ added him to their Shelter Dog Program, and now (a little late to the party, but we’ve arrived) Tristan has picked Oreo to promote this week on Project Pal!

Here’s what we know, Oreo is not showing well in the shelter (duh, have we ever talked about a dog sitting in that tiny kennel happy as a little clam?) so if potential adopters walk by him they are not seeing the real Oreo. We are told once away from the shelter Oreo is a quiet guy who really finds joy in the simple things.  He is calm in the car (actually sleeps…), he enjoys walks, going to Lowe’s to get supplies for your latest DIY project, and lounging under a shady tree. This two year old boy ❤ s water….streams, man-made lakes, plastic baby pools, you get the idea.

Oreo has a very approachable and kind demeanor.  During his day foster outing, a little boy went up to him at Lowe’s and Oreo was so sweet and just nudged the boy, which led to laughter and happiness that was contagious to all the patrons at the store.

Since Oreo was accepted into the Shelter Dog Program by One Love AZ, his post-adoption training is sponsored.  Soooooooo who’s the lucky family that is going to snag this precious pup? You might know them, so help us share Oreo’s face and get him a loving, forever home! He is at MCACC East Shelter and his ID is A3738295.

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Best candidate for a loving family = Kane.

If I were hiring for a job (with dog applicants) or if I were dating (pretend Kane is a man not a dog) I’d pick Kane ❤. When applying for a job, we list past experiences, strengths, and good qualities on our resume and pray that the potential employer is impressed and asks for an interview. When online dating, people list all of their hobbies, their likes/dislikes, their dreams, and what they are looking for in a match and they pray their witty writing catches the eye of someone browsing profiles and leads to a date.

We believe this same strategy will work for Kane, because well…he’s the best candidate. This young man was a LOVED member of a family for the past three years of his life. We feel his qualifications strongly align with those of potential, loving adopters and deem him eligible to be selected for a forever home where he will be cherished. See what I did there? It was the Objective Statement of Kane’s resume.

Kane is smart. His trick repertoire is highly impressive. He already knows sit, shake, down, AND roll over. In my book, if you get a dog to roll over, you are basically Cesar Millan. I literally have to force my dog to put his elbows on the ground when I say down…it’s like he was born to cut corners. Reggie is an under-achiever. Dang it.

Our friends at One Love AZ tell us this energetic young man would likely do well with a canine sibling (with a proper introduction). So, he’s a friendly guy…another positive attribute!

We’d also like to draw attention to Kane’s personality, which is quite possibility his best selling point. He is a total funny guy…and is sure to make you laugh. But, we know what you’re thinking “he ‘has a good personality'” is code for he’s not cute. This is a safe space, so you don’t have to lie to kick it. We are all a little shallow. AmIright?…Good news. Kane is handsome, like show-stoppingly handsome. This is a direct quote from Lindsey with One Love, “This really really ridiculously good looking dog is in search of his forever home”. We all want a cute guy at the end of our leash..fortunately, Kane’s a hunk. ❤

Another notable fact: Kane has a good group of friends, like really good. He is a member of the Shelter Dog Program. Which means the kick A people at One Love Arizona have taken him under their wing because they have met, evaluated, and APPROVED him to be a positive family member. They believe in Kane, and well….they basically know everything about dogs, sooooo ipso facto we also believe in Kane!  AND, because of that we are all working together not only to find Kane a wonderful, loving home, but One Love is sponsoring his post-adoption training + microchip since he is in their program. We all know how important friends are…I mean, they say “you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”. If that’s the case, Kane is pretty freaking awesome because the team at One Love is pouring their hearts into him. (you can support the Shelter Dog Program by getting some retail therapy in at http://www.shoppuptees.com where 100% of the money you spend goes to fund the program.) 

Lastly, for all you out there who are wondering, Kane is kid-tested and approved. Photo proof below.

Let’s do a quick summary of Kane’s resume/dating profile/attributes….whatever you want to call it:

1. Smart (already knows tricks, eager to learn)
2. Experienced family member (his family bailed on him when they moved, but loved him dearly) I purposely did not get into the family surrendering him, because even though he was well-loved, they bailed on him so I hate them.
3. THREE years old
5. Kid Tested & Approved!
6. Handsome AF

Ready to meet Kane? Head over to MCACC east shelter (2630 W Rio Salado Parkway Mesa, AZ). His ID is A3573958. It’s important to get him out of his kennel and give him a chance to shine outside of that overstimulating space. (So what if he barks a lot a tiny bit in there….we’d all be going stir crazy in there just like he is!)

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Allie: will love for treats….

Allie was the second dog that Nina and I walked at the Hope Whispers Walk a few weeks ago.  There was one precise moment when we both fell in love with her. It was when we approached one of the volunteers and Allie gently put her front paws up on the volunteer for a hug. Fortunately for iPhones, we were able to snap a picture of it ❤ ❤ :


Our experience with Allie was so enjoyable. She is easy going, mild-mannered, loving, affectionate, and really, just all-around precious. Each volunteer that we walked by had a sweet story to share about Allie. And we can see why.  After just a short time with her she had us sold.  Also, she LOVES treats. And, I mean reeeallllyyy loves treats. Like will do anything for them, and is even willing to take the risk of plunging her nose into a volunteer’s fanny pack to gobble up as many as she can before being stopped. Here’s proof:


The truth is, we didn’t even want to stop Allie from mowing down as many treats as she possibly could before coming up for air. Why? Well, because we’d be pretty peeved if someone tried to stop us from doing the same. Because it was the Hope Whispers Walk and these shelter dogs deserve to live. the. dream. for the short time they are out of their kennels! Plus, she takes treats so gently, which basically means she earns every one of them.

This adorable gal, has been picked by families that are not suitable for her (like for example, they have a cat…and guess what, she doesn’t like cats) so she gets returned.

However, all of that is about to change for her this week. We are determined to do our best to help find Allie the perfect home (with no cats, because well, we don’t particularly love them either so we won’t hold it against her). So here is what you need to know about Allie:

  • She is FOUR years old
  • She is loving & affectionate, but give her just a moment to warm up to you!
  • Good with other calm, well-mannered dogs after a proper introduction (SO BRING YOUR DOG FROM HOME FOR A DOGGIE INTRO)
  • Happiest when near people.
  • NO cats.
  • Her ID is A3712191
  • She is at MCACC East Shelter 2630 W Rio Salado Pkwy Mesa AZ 85201

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