A Home for Helga Hufflepuff

You saw a sneak peak of Helga last week after Sandy was adopted before her week was up but we decided to officially make Helga this week’s PAL. Based on the picture below it looks like somebunny is excited about her chance for adoption ;).


Helga is a Pit Bull/Lab/Mastiff mix and is about 3 years old. She is currently being loved and nurtured by our friends at Almost There Foster Care. Helga first came to ATFC as a thin, scared, and pregnant stray. Since her time at Almost There Foster Care, she has gained her weight back and shown everyone that she is ready to find a home!

For those of you who aren’t Harry Potter fans… 1. what are you doing with your life? and 2. One important characteristic of Hufflepuffs is loyalty which Helga has in spades. It seems like there is no one more loyal than this gal and whoever adopts her will have her love forever. She loves her humans at ATFC and cannot WAIT to start her day with them. She will kiss you, smile at you, and snuggle with you all day every day. Not convinced you need to adopt her? Keep reading…


For those of you who don’t know, Helga was Sandy’s roommate before Sandy got adopted. BUT before they were official roommates, Helga used to climb out of her kennel and into Sandy’s to cuddle. You can basically argue that she is the sweetest dog alive. She has also gotten along with the dogs she has met and does great with kids! Check and check.

Helga isn’t just insanely sweet and loving, but she is also smart. She is potty trained with a doggy door, knows sit and stay, walks great on a leash, and is eager to please! If you take Helga home you are taking home a well-behaved pup and who can argue with that!


So take a look at those puppy eyes above and make the not-so-hard decision of bringing this beautiful soul into your life. If you want to learn more about Helga, please email and if you want to meet Helga, follow this link and fill out the questionnaire!


Sandy <3

Some dogs come with stipulations, “must be an only dog”, “no kids” etc…it can oftentimes present a challenge when it comes to finding a dog a home. BUT, that is definitely NOT the case with this week’s featured dog, Sandy.  If there was an award for being pretty much perfect all-around…it would go to Sandy.

She is super friendly with people, and is as solid as they come with other dogs. We recently heard two of the most heart-warming stories about Sandy.  The first was about a dog-intro that she had last weekend with a chihuahua! Turns out, the little rascal had a bit of an attitude and when Sandy solicited play (very appropriately, play bowing with her bum in the air), the chihuahua bit her face….and Sandy just looked around like um? What just happened here? The handler doing the intro was so impressed with her disposition that he text us all and basically said, “Sandy is perfect, we need to find her a home.” So, alas…that’s what we are doing!

Sandy not only loves the company of other dogs, she also loves people. She is always seeking attention, and happy to meet new people with a perma-wag! Sandy actually ended up at Almost There Foster Care via Maricopa County Animal Care.  She showed up at the shelter pregnant, and since ATFC and MCAC are pals, ATFC took Sandy in, helped her through her delivery, and gave her a safe, clean, and quiet place to raise her babies.  Now that her babes are all gone, it’s time for Sandy to find a home of her own. Puppy season is literally upon us, and it’s so important that we find homes for the mamas at ATFC who no longer have babies to care for so that we can help free up kennel space for all the incoming mamas with brand new babies.

Sandy is currently sharing a suite at ATFC with fellow mama, Helga! Helga is a little shy and gains confidence from Sandy…we were told that Helga and Sandy had separate kennels next to each other, but the caretakers would wake up in the morning, and they’d find that Helga would somehow climb into Sandy’s kennel so they could be together, happy as little clams… ❤

What we said at the beginning of this blog is true….Sandy is as good as it gets. She is sweet as pie, and is essentially a just-add-water type dog.  And since Richard at One Love has fallen hard for Sandy, he offered to extend free post-adoption training and support to Sandy as well!

So, if you are in the market for the perfect dog…we have found her. You can meet her by emailing info@atfcaz.org.

Meet Miss Cleo!

This week is set aside for miss Cleo! She is a long timer at the shelter which breaks our hearts, and one reason we chose her to highlight this week. Every pup is important in the shelter, but this gem deserves the spotlight!

Cleo 9

Cleo has been at the shelter since Christmas Eve.. it is time she found her forever home to live her best life!

Best life

Cleo is listed at 6 years young as  Pit/Shar Pei mix which says a lot about her unique coloring! Ugh, I am obsessed with her white socks and freckled nose.. don’t judge me.

Cleo is rather calm in her kennel at the sheler, and certainly catches a lot of fans stopping by her! Don’t let her personality in the kennel fool you, while she is a rather calm pup, she enjoys play time just as much as the next dog. Cleo does well with other dogs in her play group and similar size, but we do require a doggie intro prior to adoption to ensure it will be a smooth transition for all!

Once she is out of her kennel she lets her personality shine! She is spunky, happy, cuddly and active. Cleo plays it cool in her kennel, but given a chance she will have you rolling with laughter once you take her out.

Miss Cleo knows “sit” and is continuing to advance her command skills thanks to One Love’s shelter enrichment program! This lovable gal is full of love and affection. Since she is sponsored by our friends at One Love she will come home microchipped and FREE post adoption training!! I mean, what is better than that?!? Miss Cleo can see your life.. and it has her a part of it!

Mis CleoCleo 15

Adopt Cleo today! She is located at MCACC East and her ID is A4029571

Looking for Lucky’s Luck

Lucky is a handsome eight-year old who has been well, let’s say unfortunately not so lucky. Six months ago, Lucky and his equally adorable brother, King, came to MCACC East as seasoned seniors. We honestly can’t think of any good reasons as to why he hasn’t been adopted yet so we wanted to help this fella out as this week’s PAL. We sure are feelin’ lucky about his chances – read more to find out why!


Lucky is so smart and obedient. He knows his name extremely well and listens to basically every command (if we could all be so LUCKY ;)). He knows how to sit, stay, roll over, shake, etc. He is also potty trained and walks calmly on a leash so basically adopting Lucky is like adopting the perfect pup. As part of One Love Pit Bull Foundation’s shelter dog program, Lucky attends training classes. And let us tell you… this guy is a S-T-A-R. He LOVES to learn and does so very quickly. He kind of makes me want to sell “My dog is a star student” bumper stickers but that’s besides the point…

Lucky is also extremely affectionate and loyal. He is such a sweet guy and looking at that face honestly melts our hearts. He also loves to play and enjoys a nice tennis ball or two <3.

Six months at the shelter is making this fella a little anxious so we would love to see Lucky given the opportunity to live out his golden years in a loving home environment. His brother, King, is also still available for adoption. They are not required to be adopted together, but thanks to a One Love sponsor adoption, you will only pay for one adoption if you adopt these two cuties together (King pictured below on the right).


In case you weren’t convinced, we summarized just a few of Lucky’s amazing qualities below…

L – listens to you

U – unconditional lover

C – comes with training, a microchip, and a brother (optional)

K – kissable face

Y – your new best friend

So head over to MCACC East (2630 W. Rio Salado Parkway. Mesa, AZ 85201) and bring Lucky home (his ID is A3993232). You will have hit the Jackpot!!


We thought we would keep in simple and classic for this week’s featured PAL. Everyone, meet Butters!!!

Butters 6

Aren’t you just swooning over over him?!


Butters is estimated to be around a year old, but age is just a number! Butters is fairly mature for his age.. he already knows basic commands like sit, stay, and down. He is surely food motivated and very focused and excited to learning new things!

Butters 11

Butters is also very adventurous and loves being outdoors, going on hikes, and being out for a lovely walk! We cant forget to mention that he is also very cuddly and affectionate. This cute fella LOVES snuggles and kisses!

To put the icing on the cake so to speak, Butters is already crate and house trained! He has previously lived with cats, and does fine with dogs however we require a kitty/doggie intro prior to adoption to ensure it is a perfect fit for everyone!


The best part about this post? Butters is sponsored by One Love and comes home microchipped and FREE post adoption training! He is located at MCACC East at 2630 W. Rio Salado Pkwy.

Laffy Daffy

Daffy is a (BEA-Utiful) brindle and white American Pit Bull Terrier estimated to be about 1 year and 8 months.


This guy seems to live by the motto “Work hard, play hard.” When is in play group, you better believe this guy is the class clown. He’s wrestling, rolling around, and just being an overall goof… dare I say laffy ;)?? (okay bad pun sorry!) While Daffy knows how to have a good time, he also knows when it’s time to get serious. He is crazy smart and already knows sit, shake, down, wait, and leave it. But don’t worry, we will let you take all the credit when you bring this guy home.


Daffy is one of the pups who understandably struggles with shelter life. The dog you see when you pass him in his kennel is NOT the dog that he truly is. If you get him outside and throw a ball (or two) around with him, you will see that he is a smart, smiley, playful, and energetic little dude who is just looking for his future family (and tennis balls).


Daffy is super friendly, but he may have a little too much energy for a family with young kids. But if you have another dog who loves to play, we think Daffy would get along great (after a meet and greet!). Daff has so much potential and we know that once he gets out of the shelter and into a positive and nurturing environment, he will THRIVE!


Daffy is part of the Shelter Dog Program through One Love Pit Bull Foundation, which means you will get free post-adoption training classes and a microchip. This handsome guy is at MCACC West (2500 S. 27th Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85009) and his ID# is A3975508. Come and meet this amazing pup – you won’t be able to leave without him!!

Missie Is It?

We are SO ecstatic about our featured PAL this week… Missie!

Missie 7

Okay, seriously. LOOK AT HER! Those jammies from Tooth and Honey, those adorable ears, and that gigantic happy smile has us like

So cute

This gal is estimated to be one year old and is described as happy and affectionate. Missie loves her some fun toys to entertain her, especially ball toys! Balls

I think this would be what dreams are made of for Missie, ha!

Missie is a fairly active dog and loves super adventures and taking in the sites, smells, and sunshine along the way! Case in point with an awesome volunteer and her mom when they took Missie out of the shelter for the day. She is SO excited about life, as every dog should be. Seriously, everything about her is cute.. her cute little butt cheeks, her squidgy face, little white toes, and boopable nose!

As we have stated, Missie likes to be active and entertain herself, but she does enjoy being rowdy with other pups her size! She would make the perfect hiking buddy and jogging partner to help you stay on track with your New Years resolutions! If you have another fur baby in your home, bring your pup in for a meet and greet to ensure everyone will get along!

Bottom line, we think Missie is the bees knees.

Missy's the poo

Since Missie is part of the Shelter Dog Program with One Love, she will come home microchipped and FREE post adoption training! Due to the overcrowding at the MCACC West shelter, Missie is being boarded off site. If you would like to arrange a meet and greet please contact One Love at info@oneloveaz.org