We thought we would keep in simple and classic for this week’s featured PAL. Everyone, meet Butters!!!

Butters 6

Aren’t you just swooning over over him?!


Butters is estimated to be around a year old, but age is just a number! Butters is fairly mature for his age.. he already knows basic commands like sit, stay, and down. He is surely food motivated and very focused and excited to learning new things!

Butters 11

Butters is also very adventurous and loves being outdoors, going on hikes, and being out for a lovely walk! We cant forget to mention that he is also very cuddly and affectionate. This cute fella LOVES snuggles and kisses!

To put the icing on the cake so to speak, Butters is already crate and house trained! He has previously lived with cats, and does fine with dogs however we require a kitty/doggie intro prior to adoption to ensure it is a perfect fit for everyone!


The best part about this post? Butters is sponsored by One Love and comes home microchipped and FREE post adoption training! He is located at MCACC East at 2630 W. Rio Salado Pkwy.

Laffy Daffy

Daffy is a (BEA-Utiful) brindle and white American Pit Bull Terrier estimated to be about 1 year and 8 months.


This guy seems to live by the motto “Work hard, play hard.” When is in play group, you better believe this guy is the class clown. He’s wrestling, rolling around, and just being an overall goof… dare I say laffy ;)?? (okay bad pun sorry!) While Daffy knows how to have a good time, he also knows when it’s time to get serious. He is crazy smart and already knows sit, shake, down, wait, and leave it. But don’t worry, we will let you take all the credit when you bring this guy home.


Daffy is one of the pups who understandably struggles with shelter life. The dog you see when you pass him in his kennel is NOT the dog that he truly is. If you get him outside and throw a ball (or two) around with him, you will see that he is a smart, smiley, playful, and energetic little dude who is just looking for his future family (and tennis balls).


Daffy is super friendly, but he may have a little too much energy for a family with young kids. But if you have another dog who loves to play, we think Daffy would get along great (after a meet and greet!). Daff has so much potential and we know that once he gets out of the shelter and into a positive and nurturing environment, he will THRIVE!


Daffy is part of the Shelter Dog Program through One Love Pit Bull Foundation, which means you will get free post-adoption training classes and a microchip. This handsome guy is at MCACC West (2500 S. 27th Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85009) and his ID# is A3975508. Come and meet this amazing pup – you won’t be able to leave without him!!

Missie Is It?

We are SO ecstatic about our featured PAL this week… Missie!

Missie 7

Okay, seriously. LOOK AT HER! Those jammies from Tooth and Honey, those adorable ears, and that gigantic happy smile has us like

So cute

This gal is estimated to be one year old and is described as happy and affectionate. Missie loves her some fun toys to entertain her, especially ball toys! Balls

I think this would be what dreams are made of for Missie, ha!

Missie is a fairly active dog and loves super adventures and taking in the sites, smells, and sunshine along the way! Case in point with an awesome volunteer and her mom when they took Missie out of the shelter for the day. She is SO excited about life, as every dog should be. Seriously, everything about her is cute.. her cute little butt cheeks, her squidgy face, little white toes, and boopable nose!

As we have stated, Missie likes to be active and entertain herself, but she does enjoy being rowdy with other pups her size! She would make the perfect hiking buddy and jogging partner to help you stay on track with your New Years resolutions! If you have another fur baby in your home, bring your pup in for a meet and greet to ensure everyone will get along!

Bottom line, we think Missie is the bees knees.

Missy's the poo

Since Missie is part of the Shelter Dog Program with One Love, she will come home microchipped and FREE post adoption training! Due to the overcrowding at the MCACC West shelter, Missie is being boarded off site. If you would like to arrange a meet and greet please contact One Love at info@oneloveaz.org

Little China Doll

This week is set for our little China doll! We love her so much and after reading this blog we know you will too!

China is listed as about 5 years old young, don’t let her salt and pepper fur fool you, she is a total silver fox!

FullSizeRender (1)

See what we mean? 😉 She is a petite pup around 40 pounds (Not going to lie, a little jealous) shelter volunteers have noted that she is very dainty.  I mean, just look at her! ::Swoon::

She does well in play groups, she is so low key and prefers her pals to be of similar temperament but does not require a companion.  Listen, some one once loved this dainty gal so much they spent quality time training her how to sit, down, place, shake, AND roll over!

China loves the simple things in life; enjoying a wonderful sunshine break, sniffing the fresh air, and going for long walks on the beach (see what we did there?) Case in point–


Pure. Bliss.

This gal is the perfect companion, Netflix and chill? Check. Nice little jog enjoying this weather while it lasts? Check. Just want to lay out and catch a tan? Check.

She is the total package and we know you will love her as much as we do as soon as you meet her. She is located at MCACC East off of Rio Salado in Tempe, her ID# A3477828

Take 2 – Mack & Dovakin

This week, we decided to feature two of our previous PALs who are still looking for their forever homes. In our opinion, TWO PALs are better than one ;)!! Remember Mack back in August? How about Dovakin? Well you haven’t seen the last of these two fellas. In fact, you can see them both below!

These two guys are still without homes, and just like our parents taught us… “If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again!” So, here we are giving you (and them) a second chance to scoop these cuties up!

Let’s start with Mr. Mack.

Mack is happy, go-lucky, and loves to snuggle. He hasn’t had the easiest life but you can bet that his tail just keeps on waggin’! He is so strong and resilient and we love him so much <3.

To me, Mack is everything I could wish for in a pup and it kills me I don’t have the space for this energetic dude. That’s right! Mack has some energy in him and is always up for a walk, run, hike, whatever!! But don’t be fooled, he’s down for a low key night at home too (see below ZzzZZz). And Mack clearly has a super cute smile and is often cheesin’ from cheek to cheek!


Now, it’s Dovakin’s turn!


If you remember, Dovakin means “Dragon Born” so beyond him being a great companion, he will also help start some conversation when people see his big ears and ask his name lol. Dovy recently marked his 200th day at the shelter, which in our opinions is 200 days TOO LONG!

Dovy is about  7 years old and he has actually blossomed during his time at the shelter thanks to the dedication of the volunteers who love him!

This guy walks great on a leash and knows all of your basic skills. He is down to dabble in an outdoor run or hike every now and then, but he won’t object to staying at home either. Dovy must be in a home where he is the only dog, but he gets along great with kids!! This guy is a true gem and we know he will shine brighter than ever when he finds his forever home!

Look, maybe you read our original post on one or both of these guys. Maybe you scrolled right through. Maybe you thought about how cute they were (you’re right). Maybe you thought they MIGHT fit into your lifestyle. But this week, all we are asking is that you give them a second look – a second take. And if you aren’t looking to adopt a canine companion yourself, please just spread the word! We see time and time again that our adoption success comes directly from your support and engagement (THANK YOU AGAIN!!). It’s hard to understand why these guys haven’t found their forever homes yet, but all we can do is look to the future and dedicate this next week to them. They deserve it <3.

If you or someone you know is interested in Mack, please email One Love Pit Bull Foundation at info@oneloveaz.org.

If you or someone you know is interested in Dovakin, he is at MCACC East Shelter his ID # is A3938243.

❤ Kisses from Mack and Dovakin ❤

Sir Galifianakis

You guys.. meet Galifianakis, AKA Gali, AKA Sir Licks A Lot! This hambone is our latest obsession. From his block head to his little white socks on his feets, Gali has successfully captured the hearts of many at the shelter and it is easy to see why!

Gali 9

This handsome fella is literally the total package. He has been described as “a feeling of coming home and extreme comfort” I mean, who couldn’t love this mug?!  We have been told that he is a rock star in play groups! He is good with other dogs and has been used to help assess new dogs in the play group and aids to help socialize selective dogs. That’s a tall order to fill and Gali seems thrilled to help. Case in point, his look in this photo below.. “Come on guys, let’s go!”

Gali 8

He clearly enjoys being the star of the show and we can’t blame him. He knows basic commands such as “sit” and “down” and thoroughly enjoys working for food (don’t we all). Oh, did we also mention he walks great on a leash?! If you are looking for the perfect partner in crime, Gali is your man!

Gali has made kid friends in the past, but may be a little much for them, we would suggest he is probably best with older kids. He isn’t nicknamed Sir Licks A Lot for no reason.. he has the biggest smile and longest tongue to give you the best happy kisses! I don’t know about you but I love to annoy smother my pup with love, and I get so offended when he tries to get away from me.


Don’t judge me. ANYWAY, back to Gali.. He is sponsored by One Love so he will come home microchipped AND free post adoption training. He is located at the MCACC West shelter at 2500 South 27th Ave. his ID A3992580

Gali 12

Yo Momma…

Yo Momma is so cute, just gazing into her eyes makes our hearts melt!


But on a serious note,  Momma is our super adorable and smiley PAL of the week! She is estimated to be about 3 years old and is affectionate. She participates in the “gently and dainty” play group, which means she prefers a more refined dog interaction, and isn’t interested in rough housing.  Momma definitely enjoys the more laid back dogs!

While she may be selective towards certain dogs, she has previously lived with other dogs, so while a dog intro is required prior to adoption to ensure Momma will be a fantastic fit to her new fur-ever home, there is definitely potential for her to have pup siblings!! Did we mention how beautiful she is?! Just take a look at her silky black coat.. but plot twist, when you look closely you see subtle stripes!


You guys, did we mention that Momma is good on a leash? That means a new PIC for super adventures like hiking or going to your favorite local pet friendly restaurant. Just brace yourself for this cute face pictured below… trying to flirt her way into getting a bite of whatever you are eating.

23414566_10102732956121381_65995292_n (1)

 But inevitably you may cave in and casually look around hoping no one saw you give in to the most adorable pup.. whoops!


Momma and Bennie

Did we mention how great Momma is?! Well, we are about to continue some more! She is such a sweetheart and just wants to find her spot next to her human. Wait until you take her home to see her and her random spouts of zoomies! Momma is sponsored under the One Love which means that she comes home microchipped and FREE yes, FREE post adoption training to help further bonding and enhance her skills! She is located at MCACC East in Mesa, her ID is A381146

We know you can’t resist this face!

Momma is at MCAC East on Rio Salado and the 101. Her ID is A3811466