Suki the halfling…(True Blood fans, where you at?)

This week, we were trying to help Tristan pick a pup to feature for her week. Now that we have access to the best volunteers ever (One Love volunteers) we are able to ask them for suggestions on dogs they LOVE that need a little extra attention to help people pick them!

When I asked Ben who he thought Tristan should pick this week, he immediately suggested, without any hesitation…..Suki!  This big-eared gal is three years old, good on the leash, and seems to be great with other dogs (obviously you should do a dog intro if you are interested in adopting her!). Apparently, Suki is quite the snuggler and is happy all.the.time. ALSO, we are told she is a bit of a chatter box with lots to say when it’s her turn for some time out in the play yard.

Look, we know the True Blood reference was a bit of a stretch since Suki spells her name differently than Sookie on the show. And, so what if Sookie Stackhouse is blonde on the show and our Suki is a black dog. I actually read (today) that the Sookie actress is really a brunette and she dyes her hair for the part. So with that being said it seems she and our Suki have more in common than you think!


Here’s the deal…when you see this sweet girl bouncing as she runs you will see why we felt like it was fitting to call her a little halfling (part dog, part fairy?….Whatever. We are going with it.) We have video to prove it.

Bottom line, Suki needs a little help getting noticed.  No one likes to be overlooked, and that goes for this sweet girl too.  She is the full package and merely needs someone to stop and give her a chance!

I literally dream of dogs with ears like Suki’s and here, in this moment, someone has the opportunity to take her home and make her their own. Her ID is A3798657 and she is MCACC West.

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LUCKY is the family who lands this gem.

A couple weeks ago, I was with the One Love crew at Joyride Tacos following one of the Shelter Dog Training sessions. When I walked in, I spotted the cutest dog I have ever laid eyes on (sorry, Reggie & Hayley). It was Lucky.  He was a special guest at the outing that day since he isn’t a part of the Shelter Dog Program. Here is he at Joyride:

For months, I have seen Lucky’s face on the One Love Facebook page. I had (wrongfully) assumed that he was in a foster home since I knew he was one of the “adoptables” through the organization.  When I met Lucky, I started inquiring about his story.  I was told that he actually lives at a boarding facility. He has his own special room, so when he is done playing he has a space of his own to relax….while this is SO great, he still does not have a home or people to call his own.  They told me at one point Lucky had a roommate, and when the staff returned in the morning Lucky and his roomie had pushed their dog beds together that night to snuggle. I MEAN GET OUT OF HERE I MIGHT CRY WRITING THIS. Here is Lucky being quite the lover to a dalmatian friend:


This five-year-old, easy going gentleman is so relaxed. He was not phased at all by the commotion of tons of people, dogs etc. He just hung out and enjoyed life. Lucky is extremely well-behaved.  He goes on all sorts of outings with his friends at One Love. For you do-it-yourselfers…never go to Home Depot again. Lucky will accompany you:

Here he is at Old Navy:

And at PetSmart where he was the most well-behaved pup around:

I found enough of these photos to basically show Lucky enjoying life at any kind of public establishment. SO, if you are looking for the ultimate companion… enjoy happy hour with (I CAN’T HELP MYSELF…ONE MORE):

Lucky is the guy for you. While we were at Joyride, this adorable little girl walked outside…she had her eyes set on Lucky. She didn’t even glance at the other dogs on the patio (sorry, guys…). After politely asking if she could pet Lucky, and receiving a “yes of course” from the One Love volunteer…she began sweetly petting Lucky. She thanked the volunteers and went back inside.  Approximately 45 seconds later, she returned with her mom. They pet Lucky again for a bit and we all told them how great Lucky is. After a couple minutes they went back inside.  Two minutes later, the little girl was back. This time, with her dad.  They pet Lucky again. She LOVED him. Had there been adoption papers to sign on the spot, I feel confident that Lucky would have gone home that day to share a couch and bed with that sweet little girl forever.  BUT, alas….he is still available. And, the moral of the story is that he loves kids, does great in public, is house broken, neutered, up-to-date on shots, and even crate-trained. Also, his new family will get a free six-week group training class from Learning Pawsibilities to help with the transition, bonding etc.

The way I see it, there is no reason NOT to adopt Lucky. And gosh darn it, WE WANT TO FIND LUCKY THE PERFECT HOME THIS WEEK.

He’d love a spot on your couch….

He does not require a pool (the life jacket…. I LOVE HIM)….

He loves to snuggle so be prepared for some PDA:


And just a few more because I’m obsessed:


I am assuming by now you are also obsessed with Lucky. So, here’s the link to fill out an application to be Lucky’s new family: click here to love Lucky forever.

You never know who may be on the lookout for a new best friend, please share Lucky with your friends and family!

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Vonnie…the “hostess with the mostest”

Yesterday, after it was decided that Vonnie would be this week’s Project PAL featured dog, I sent a message to Emily over at One Love to see if she could give some insider information about Vonnie.  She had the absolute cutest analogy to describe this pup.  Emily told me that Vonnie is a “little hostess”. She said that when they visit her, this courteous lady makes her rounds and visits each person. And then Emily continued by saying, “I’m sure if she could carry a tray of appetizers around and refresh drinks for visitors she would”.  Once I started imagining Vonnie as a little hostess, I immediately fell in love.

Vonnie is only about a year old and she has a real zest for life.  As she trots around greeting all her visitors, happiness literally bursts from her little body in the form of wiggles. Even just looking from looking at pictures of Vonnie (and watching videos), it is honestly hard not to have a smile on your face.

We all know there are girls who are either cute & social OR they are smart….but Vonnie is BOTH. (full package amiright!?) During her shelter enrichment time with the incredible One Love team, Vonnie learned “down” in just a matter of minutes.  They tell us she is very focused and food motivated! Guys, Vonnie is the coolest girl on the block right now and everyone is raving about her…

Because she is sponsored under the One Love Shelter Dog Program, Vonnie gets a free microchip AND post-adoption training. BTW, we were at the Shelter Dog Training class last week and heard (with our own two ears) one of the Shelter Dog Program alumni’s parents say that in just THREE classes they have a completely different dog.  THIS PROGRAM WORKS. Look, the One Love team (and Project PAL by transitive property) is not going to leave you high and dry if you step up to adopt and provide a loving home for one of the dogs in their Shelter Dog Program.  They are seriously the best, and give adopters (and fosters) SO much support. Their goal is not only to get the dogs at the shelter adopted, but help them STAY adopted.

Moral of the above tangent is, if Vonnie caught your eye, but you’re scared to take on a Shelter Dog….don’t be.  Adopting a pup who is sponsored by One Love’s Shelter Dog Program will instantly give you a community of people who love your dog and want to help.  Also, they know everything…so if you’re going to have someone on your (dog’s) team, you want it to be them. Trust me.

OK, so bringing this all full circle. Vonnie, one year old, polite, happy, goofy, delightful, etc. is available at MCACC WEST.  Her ID is A3810869.  If you have a pup already, bring him/her with you to the shelter to meet Vonnie that way you know everyone gets along prior to adopting.

wordpresslogo 2 for Tiger.

This brindle beauty is listed as four years old, however her slow speed, quiet & laid back demeanor paired with her polite disposition lead us to believe she may be less suitable for and more fitting for  Definition of = a dating website for folks over 50 looking for their life partners. That definition is exactly why we feel Tiger would fit in well there.

Let’s pretend this is your free week to communicate with potential matches on our online dog dating website. If you saw the following profile, you know you would hit Tiger up for a casual meet & greet. This girl is the exact opposite of a high maintenance girlfriend.  Tiger is low-key, not needy at all, and doesn’t beg for attention. However, if you feel like giving her love and perhaps a nice lower back rub, she will not deny you that wish.

Tiger also walks perfectly on a leash, so you don’t have to worry about mentally (and physically) preparing for a serious endurance/strength work out every time you hook up her leash. Speaking from experience (my foster literally has raw skin from pulling so hard on her leash) finding a dog who walks well on a leash is KEY. Additionally, Tiger is very gentle when taking treats. Want to share a noodle Lady & the Tramp style? Guess what………..CAN-DO with this striped lady.

Here’s the bottom line, Tiger’s not asking for the world.  She doesn’t need to disrupt your entire life by insisting on multiple activities per day. All she really wants and needs is a home to call her own, with people who value independence, love, and an easy-going companion.

JK JK JK.  Tiger actually DOES need a man and/or woman…since that’s really the only way she’s breaking out of MCACC East! But, she really would be the perfect companion for someone looking for a lower-energy pup.

Interested in meeting this refined gal? Her ID is A3738074 and again, she is at MCACC East.  She is sponsored by One Love under their Shelter Dog Program, so her post-adoption training AND her microchip are sponsored.  OH, and thanks to all you Pup Tees supporters, Tiger has a lovely calming collar & even received flea and tick treatment!! Keep spreading the word about our Pup Tees so we can continue supporting the Shelter Dog Program!!! Here is Tiger pictured below with Lindsey from One Love getting her new collar.

lindsey tiger

Alas, we have reached the time in the blog where we ask you to share Tiger with your friends and family.  We are pretty certain that someone out there has been keeping an eye out for a dog this wonderful! Let’s send her home THIS WEEK. Ready, set, SHARE.

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MARCH(ANT) over to MCACC East!

Today, as I was brainstorming how I could appropriately depict our week 30 Project PAL, I went through and read all of the posts, notes, comments etc. that volunteers have shared about him.  I couldn’t help but think that Marchant’s situation is not much different than many of my friends’.

Let me explain. Marchant has an extensive list of good qualities: loving, goofy, evaluated as “dog social”, cute as a button, (you get the picture). BUT, even with all of the right things going for him, and the right team in his corner (One Love Pit Bull Foundation) Marchant has somehow been sitting at MCACC East Shelter since F-E-B-R-U-A-R-Y. adlkfjsalkfdja NOT ACCEPTABLE.

So, as I was sitting here trying to think about how I would showcase Marchant it led me to the fact that Marchant is very similar to my friends.  You guys, I have some of the most beautiful, smart, cool, funny, and successful friends of all time and some of them are still single. It literally How is that even possible? NOW, that feeling right there is exactly how I feel about Marchant.  How is it that there isn’t a line out the door for both Marchant AND my friends??

Our friends at One Love have been pouring their hearts & souls into this little fella. Since he is in their Shelter Dog Program he has now attended TWO training classes outside of the shelter. Being a part of this training has helped boost Marchant’s confidence significantly.  At the most recent class, the volunteer who worked with Marchant said he was the “star as he worked on basic commands like sit, stay, come, and walking on a leash”. During the class, Marchant’s tail never stopped wagging. Marchant was even lucky enough to hang around for an exclusive human meeting after his training.  He was well-behaved during that time and it was reported that he “calmly solicited attention and petting from everyone (especially if they had pizza).”  Marchant was never vocal or jumpy during that time.

We’ll bring this full circle by reiterating that we just cannot figure out why Marchant has not been adopted yet.  This THREE year old, lab/pit mix has a lot of love to give. Thanks to the One Love team his post-adoption training is sponsored, along with his microchip. Basically, he is set up for success. Interested in Marchant? MARCH on over to MCACC East today to meet him see what I did there?. His ID is A3721532. Bring some hot dogs and you’ll be sure to have an instant amigo!

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