Say Hi to Felicia!

This week’s featured pup is a long-time resident of MCACC East. Her name is Felicia…and you guessed it, we cannot wait to say “Bye” to her when she gets adopted by her future family. (Who will also hopefully agree to send us photo-updates on how great she is doing!)

Felicia is a young lady, listed at only three years old.  She has been at the shelter since August…
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We think it is safe to say that it is 100% her turn to find a home, and wouldn’t it be amazing if that could happen BEFORE the holidays? Even though she looks just precious in her reindeer antlers!

All it takes is for ONE person to see Felicia’s face and fall in love. She has a whole community of  volunteers rooting for her and, well it was about darn time that we jumped on the bandwagon and started promoting this gal. Felicia has so much to offer, and it is truly confusing to us all that no one has come to claim her as their own yet.

Felicia is sponsored under the One Love Shelter Dog Program, which means she comes with these two incredibly important things:
Image result for thumbs up emoji FREE post-adoption training to help her family with the transition.
Image result for thumbs up emoji A microchip, so she can never ever leave you ❤

Felicia is bursting with personality, so if you are looking for a pup that will have you laughing all the time, look no further! We do know that Felicia does not like kitty-cats.
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She also does not do well with leeettlee dogs…but has totally made friends with dogs her size with a proper, slow introduction.
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Ok, after that meme I realize I have taken it too far and it’s a bit of a stretch.  BUT, what we are trying to say is that Felicia is great.  She is super attentive at training class, girl is a STAR student.  Felicia already knows sit, down, wait, and is ready to continue adding to her list of basic training with her new family.  She loves playing with tennis balls, and loves people big and small. Her tail never stops wagging. We have all decided that it’s time. It is time to say “Bye Felicia!” as she walks out the Shelter Doors with the best family of all time!

Go meet her. Again, she is at MCACC East.  Her ID is A3812001.


First and foremost, let’s go ahead and address the elephant Moose in the room…Moose’s name…………
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I’m really not sure what to say with regard to her name other than, I sincerely hope whoever adopts her changes it immediately. Ok, now that we all agree the name selection for this sweet pup wasn’t on par, we can move on to more important topics.

Topics such as…THIS:

You guys, HELP. I love her so much. Her perma-sad face literally has me just swooning over here. I can’t take it. Speaking from experience….dog’s with faces as tender as Moose’s melt your heart every single day. Literally, my dog has the saddest eyes of all time and even though he is kind of an entitled prick, who walks away if I try to pet him, I STILL feel like he is the most innocent/precious creature on earth.  I am telling you, if you adopt Moose, you will come home from work and be SO dang happy to just sit down on the couch with this pup and pet her, and love her, and snuggle her.

Moose is TWO years old. She walks well on a leash (again, never undervalue this trait….also speaking from experience….(my other dog Hayley is legit a maniac as soon as we put her leash on.) Trust me when I tell you, having a dog that just leisurely walks on a leash is a gift from God.  So, by transitive property (transitive property definition is “if A=B and B=C then A=C”) Moose is a GIFT FROM GOD. Let me explain. If a gift from God (A) = walking on a leash well (B), and walking on a leash well (B) = MOOSE (C),  then GIFT FROM GOD (A) = MOOSE! (C). Should I have been a math teacher? Probably.  JK this is literally the only thing I retained from decades of math.

Anyways, Moose is also as soft as expensive velvet. So petting her will be addicting fo sho. This lush will curl right up in a tight little ball IN your lap if you sit down on the ground with her. And, one of the biggest selling points for me about Moose, she randomly snorts.  I NEED HER. Why am I already at capacity with dogs in my extremely small home?  You guysssss….a snorting dog is a dream come true.  I cannot tell you how much dog-snorts speak straight to my heart.  I am having a mild meltdown over here…I love that trait so much.

Moose already knows sit, she is eager to please (not entitled) so she will be super easy to train.  She has had multiple kennel mates and has done well with them…PROOF:
Sorry for the behind bars pic….cue the Sarah McLachlan music:
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Moose has also seen kiddos passing while out at the Shelter and she has just simply given a nice tail wag.  She takes treats gently (training my dog to do this now, so Moose is miles ahead of Hayley) and let me just bring it full circle by saying HER EYES PEER STRAIGHT INTO MY SOUL. This is Moose’s week. Who’s going to adopt her? Let’s do this. She is at MCACC West and her ID is A3850053. #CHANGEMOOSESNAMEFOREVER

Obsessed with Marvel and proud.

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First and foremost, how fun is it that I just found this cool heading ^ with our dog of the week’s NAME? This week’s featured pup is the epitome of a people-pleaser, and he is ready and (more) than willing to be the dog of your dreams.  Say hello to Marvel:

Marvel is two years old and has been at MCACC West for a few months now.  When our friends at One Love stumbled upon Marvel it was abundantly clear that he had LOTS of energy to burn and just really needed a chance to get out of his kennel and stretch his legs.

Now that he is sponsored under the Shelter Dog Program, Marvel is receiving shelter enrichment from dedicated volunteers.  In just the first two weeks of being sponsored, Marvel got to go on a hike, a training class, regular walks/runs, and has been consistently working on his basic commands.

In this short time, Marvel has made huge improvements and is already showing everyone following his journey how valuable shelter enrichment really is.  Marvel inherently has great qualities that would make him a nice fit for an active family. He is dog-friendly (a dog-intro prior to adoption is always recommended). Marvel gets along great with his current kennelmate. Also, this pup is TREAT-motivated so he…
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The best news of all is that since Marvel is sponsored under the One Love Shelter Dog Program, his new family will be able to take advantage of FREE post-adoption training. This means, they will get to go with Marvel to training to help him continue on the journey to being the best dog he can be! And, we’ll let you in on a little secret, the trainer that One Love has on-board for these classes is A-mazing and having access to this tool FOR FREE is seriously incredible.
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SO, if you are thinking about adopting a dog and you are a little hesitant, why not select a dog like Marvel who comes with the necessary post-adoption support to help you have a successful process?  He is at MCACC West, and his ID is A3822044. Go meet him today. You won’t regret it.  And also I found this so I am going to just leave it right here no I don’t care that this seems to be about a superhero and not Marvel the dog:

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