A fairy tale for Thomas.

Thomas had been at the Maricopa County Animal Care & Control West Shelter since November 23rd. When we started Project Pal and began working with MCACC on Ariel’s week, they emailed us about Thomas and said he had been there a while and since he was an older guy, he wasn’t getting much attention.  So, we chose Thomas for our week two Project Pal, sponsored his adoption fee yesterday, and began what we thought would be our most challenging week.

Multiple conversations between the four of us occurred about how we could creatively draw attention to Thomas to make sure at the end of his week he had a loving home. Approximately 6 hours into Day 1, we got an email from the shelter letting us know Thomas had been adopted. Our contact at the shelter couldn’t believe it. But, we can.  It just takes one person and Thomas’s new owners fell in love with him right away. Thomas may have a few years under his belt, but he truly is a prince. So here’s to Thomas and his Happily Ever After.


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