For Red: submit detailed resume for consideration (jk, kind of).

Every time we do the Hope Whispers Walk at MCACC east shelter, our friends say the same thing to us, “I just can’t do it because I’d be too sad and I’ll end up taking every dog home”. Well, we are here to tell you that you won’t. We promise. How do we know this? Because, while you can be an avid dog lover/advocate, and value the lives of all dogs, you just simply do not have a connection with every single dog.

Now that I have said that, I want to tell you about Red. Who I am obsessed with and have been thinking/praying about since I laid eyes on him.  When we walked up to Red’s kennel and pulled the gate open to get him to come inside (they were cleaning kennels so all dogs were outside), he was just laying on the ground, shaking and refused to come to the inside part of his kennel. So, Karly, one of the awesome volunteers at MCACC (and they really are amazing–all of them) crawled into his kennel to encourage him to come out.  And, he did.

Out came this beautiful, sweet two year old boy. It was literally love at first sight. Not kidding. I was overwhelmed by my love for Red the moment I saw him.  Once we were out of the shelter, he was a completely different dog. He was visibly happy and excited. We walked around the park for a while before deciding to take a seat in the grass.  As soon as we sat down, this dog literally secured his hold on my heart. Why? Because he sat down ON my lap.


Here’s what I know about Red:
–He seemed to love everyone, but was a little unsure at first. Needs a pep talk!
–SUPER mellow and low key. Just hung with me in the play yard quietly for literally an hour. (If you meet him, don’t judge until you’ve spent time QT with him in play        yard).
–Does not love the hose…laid down on a pile of towels when we went over to the bathing station.
–Let the wonderful MCACC volunteer wipe him down ALL over with a wash cloth (ears, bum, you get the jist).
–Knows “sit” and will stay seated until you say “ok”. (I have video proof.)
–Just wants to be near you…literally if I sat down in the chair he would walk over and sit right next to me. If I stood up, he stood up and followed me.
–Well-mannered. Does not jump, does not pull on the leash.
–Was so sweet to everyone that approached him.
–Red has had kennel mates in the past and did well with them. He is VERY interested in other dogs. If you have a dog already definitely bring him/her in for a doggie intro with Red prior to adopting so the MCACC staff can make sure everyone gets along.

Bottom line….I REALLY actually want Red for myself. But, I also already have a dog who doesn’t reallllyyy love other dogs. Now, the only alternative would be for someone wonderful to adopt this guy and give him a loving home where his desire for companionship will be embraced. I’m not talking about someone who will adopt him and put him in their backyard….not going to fly. I am being picky here. Red is adorable and deserves to be treated like a member of the family. Trust me, you will be glad you picked this sweet guy.

If you think you have the qualities to be considered a potential candidate for Red’s future owner, reach out to us at for more information on him.  Or, you can go to MCACC East Shelter and meet him. His ID is A3745425.


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Rocko just wants a modern life…

If you didn’t think of this (below) when you read the title of this post….well, then you are really young and now, I officially feel old.


Anyways, week 16 is Tristan’s pick and she has selected Rocko who is an 8 year old Lab/American Bulldog mix. This guy has Tristan (and the rest of us at Project Pal) wrapped around his finger for a few reasons (no, not just because he is brown & white and looks just like Elvis & Cammy who were also her picks ha!). First and foremost, Rocko was an owner surrender in OCTOBER, because his family was moving….

But, the wonderful folks at MCACC have given Rocko a second third chance at finding his forever home.  One of the volunteers who has spent time with him said he is a great dog– he loved the Wag & Walk hike and made friends with a 10-year-old boy while there.  He is interested in other dogs, but does not bark at them. Given the opportunity, Rocko would chase cats which for me is actually a selling point  for you feline-lovers, just giving full disclosure on Rocko’s distaste for kitties.

Overall, Rocko is very well-mannered.  He knows “sit”, “shake” and “lay down”.  The shelter also believes Rocko to be house-trained (major bonus points there). He also loves to cuddle and will even lean in for hugs and pets.  Most of all, Rocko loves play time….so much so he will lay on his back and wiggle his legs around. He is a sweet dog and is READY to have a home of his own.

Rocko was adopted in March, and returned for being “hyper”….well, to the lovely family that adopted Rocko and returned him, maybe if you got off your bums and walked this sweet guy every once in a while his energy level wouldn’t have been a problem. A lot of us have dogs with energy and we choose to embrace it! Actually, it might just be the motivation you need to help get you up and moving, maybe to lose a few lbs, or help keep your heart pumping.

So let’s keep the momentum from last week going and help find Rocko a new, REAL, forever home where he will have endless tennis balls, kongs, and all the toys he can dream of to play all day long.

If you are interested in adding this free, personal trainer to your life (courtesy of Tristan who sponsored his adoption fee) you can visit him today at MCACC East Shelter. His ID is A2319929.

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4/17/16: Long-time MCACC East Resident Goes HOME.

We may have landed on Polly Pocket for Week 15 by happenstance, but boy are we glad we did.  Just five days after we started promoting this wonderful, sweet gal who kept getting overlooked….she was adopted.

What a wonderful update to hear on a Monday morning.  To Polly Pocket and her new forever family–we are so happy for you ALL and we know you will enjoy many years of K9 bliss together!!


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Everyone needs a Polly Pocket of their own.

SO, week 15 has been off to an insane/AMAZING start with Project Pal and MCACC. First, we selected Bert & Sandy…the day we called to sponsor their adoption fee, we find out they were adopted (AFTER I had collected the photos and written their blog post).  THEN, I rushed back to the drawing board on Monday night and selected Amber. I called first thing Tuesday morning, sponsored her adoption fee, obtained pictures, wrote HER blog….and just as I was preparing to post her introduction on our social media, we get an email that Amber was being adopted at that very moment. Incredibly exciting for Bert, Sandy, and Amber…and for MCACC.

As I was telling Tristan how stressed I was about finding, yet another, Week 15 choice…she conveniently produced this list of “long-timers” at MCACC.  Together, we selected Polly Pocket.  I called to make the donation to sponsor her adoption fee and turns out some other kind soul has already done so.  Therefore, the weekly Project Pal donation in honor of the selected pal will be going to one of Polly’s other long-timer friends selected by Beth at the shelter who helps us each week! Basically, what I am saying is that Polly Pocket comes with really great karma….and this is the third blog I have written in 24 hours. Help.

It seems like fate that we stumbled upon Polly Pocket.  As some of you may remember from Marney (back in week 5) I am obsessed with big dogs stuck in a small dogs body, and that is exactly what we have here with P.P.

Polly Pocket is full of spunk and is literally bursting with character.  She is a three year old, pint-sized pal who walks with a serious purpose.  P.P. is a pup who will provide her future family with endless entertainment and smiles.

If you think you might be interested in Polly Pocket, you can visit her at MCACC EAST Shelter. Her ID is A3700821.

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Mack Daddy Needs a Home!

Last week, while trying to obtain photos of another pup at MCACC one of the gal’s at the shelter, Beth (who helps us with gathering pictures and information on our weekly Project Pals) gently requested that we consider Mack for one of our weeks.  So, when Nikki’s week rolled around (Week 14) she knew Mack was her man. Side note: Nikki always picks the sweetest dogs around.

Mack may be 9 years old, and a more distinguished/experienced fella, but we know that with age comes wisdom. Mack may be wise, but he has a young soul. This active 9 year old runs to the front of his kennel to greet Beth every day so she can take him for a run in the dog park.

Here’s another perk to picking an older gentleman, he is HOUSEBROKEN. No accidents with this guy. Mack was an owner surrender (along with his fur sister who was adopted last week). He has done well with kennel mates in the past, so bring your current dog in to the shelter for a meet & greet if you are interested in him! Mack also does well with kids! If you have a family and you’re not interested in cleaning up #1 & #2 accidents all day long….and you want a sweet K9 friend who will love you and your kids unconditionally, Mack is for YOU.

His owners who clearly don’t understand that when you get a dog, you are committed to him/her for their entire life mentioned  that in the past, Mack did not love small, male dogs he’s probably just not into the little man complex those guys tend to have.

Also, no cats for Mack….it’s possible he senses that most of them are up to no good…which I also firmly believe.

Here we are sitting in front of our computers asking you to give this guy a chance to get out of his kennel and show you what a gem he is. All he needs is love and a few toys and he’ll be the happiest guy around.

What are you waiting for?….click SHARE! Let’s #findMackahome

MCACC West Shelter A3726213

Queen Willow’s corner suite is FOR RENT.

On Thursday, March 31st, 2016 Willow met Heidi & Mike.  Heidi happens to be a loyal supporter of our Project Pal initiative and had been patiently waiting for the right time to adopt.  When Willow was featured during Week 9, she immediately caught Heidi’s attention, but the timing just wasn’t right.  So this week, when the time was right….Heidi and Mike were ready to meet Willow.

Heidi was sweet enough to allow me and Tristan to be a part of the experience with them last night at Forever Loved Pet Sanctuary. When I showed up, the group was in the play yard with Willow. You guys, this pet sanctuary is amazing.  The dogs have space, and cozy little homes. They are LOVED and cared for very very well at this sanctuary.

However, nothing beats a forever home, and yesterday that is what Willow got.  We all sat around in the play yard and begged for Willow to pay attention to us (because she is so freaking cute and everyone wants a piece of her). She is SO calm, loving, low-key, adorable, and honestly all-around perfect.  It blows my mind that she had not been adopted yet.  But, Heidi & Mike you snagged a real gem.

After ample time visiting with Luisa & Morgan and learning all about Willow, Mike was ready to take Willow home, and since Heidi knew she’d be able to take Willow with her to work in the morning….it was a done deal.

So, Morgan packed up Willow’s sleep over bag….Luisa gave details to Heidi….Heidi took pictures of everything that Willow might like (the food type, treat type, vitamin type etc), and tears were shed by all of us. It was such a sweet moment and it was like Willow knew she had just hit the jackpot.  She hopped up into their car and they drove her home forever. Happily Ever After. And now, Queen Willow’s corner suite at Forever Loved Sanctuary is FOR RENT.