Darling Darla

If you can bear to take your eyes away from Darla’s ADORABLE face to read this post, you will not be disappointed. This sweet face has a sweet personality to match and we just can’t get enough of her <3.


Darla came to the shelter on 12/7 as a stray with another dog. From our good friend Emily, we hear that Darla is quiet and quite shy. She’s a little unsure of herself, but if she feels comfortable around you, you will feel her love which Emily witnessed during their cuddle sesh (#JEALOUS).

Darla is a volunteer fave, of course, and everyone who has spent time with her can tell that she wants to be more social… she just needs a little confidence boost. Darla would be THE MOST loyal companion and is just looking for a safe and happy place to call home. And Darla does not come without skills… She already walks perfectly on a leash (Swoon), knows “Sit” (Amazing), AND doesn’t mind wearing cute, snuggly sweaters (MELT!!!). I don’t know about you guys, but dogs in dog sweaters are the absolute cutest things on the planet and I wish more dogs liked to wear them.  Darla just gets it.

Oh, also… she likes hot dogs, which I know all dogs like but it’s just cuter that Darla does.


Darla is estimated to be about 4-6 years old and is very mild mannered. She is good with kids and would be the perfect pup for someone who is looking to have a loving canine companion. We hear that Darla has a way of drawing you to her, and we are praying that this week, we find someone who is drawn to Darla. She deserves a loving forever home, and we know we can find it for her! Darla is at MCACC East in Mesa and her ID is A3859381. She is part of the Shelter Dog Program with One Love Pit Bull Foundation, which means she will receive free post-adoption training and a free microchip.


2 thoughts on “Darling Darla

    1. Hi Paula, we are so sorry to hear about Kola. We are sending positive vibes your way. Darla is at MCACC East and her ID is A3859381. Darla would definitely need a dog intro with your Jaxx to make sure they get along prior to adopting. If you’re interested in meeting her and setting up the intro, please send us an email and we can help put you in touch with the right people. Projectpalaz@gmail.com 😊. Thank you for your interest in Darla!!!


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