______ Mia!______

We cannot even begin to contain our excitement about this week’s featured dog…Mia. First of all, SHE IS SO CUTE….amiright or amiright? (I hope Vicki & Mel are reading this and know that I am referencing the book we just finished in our three-person book club).

Anyways, the first time we laid eyes on Mia it was before One Love had officially announced that they had added her to the Shelter Dog Program. SO, now that she has officially been given their Stamp of Approval, we are ready to blast her face out to the world. This girl could actually NOT be more adorable and I JUST WANT TO SNUGGLE HER we really want to help her find a dream home. She deserves it.

One Love co-founder, Katie, gave us a ton of details on Mia. Katie fell in love with Mia this past Saturday while Mia was on her day-foster outing. Her outing consisted of a group training class with other Shelter Dog Program members, and a lunch out at Joy Ride! We are told Mia is easy to retrieve from her kennel. She pulls a little on her leash (but not too hard). Pictured below is Mia showing One Love Board Member, Richard, the way back to her spot in the classroom. (we’re working on good leash walking! It was only class #1 AND you get FREE post-adoption training when you adopt her so you’re set!)


Mia enjoys chasing balls (if you didn’t think of this when you read that….we need to talk).
amber, balls flying at my nose, cher, clueless, dee, subtitles

This sweet girl ❤ s splashing around in the kiddie pool and playing with toys. It’s totally possible that she might plow through a pile of stuffies if left unattended (hope you know how to sew…OR stick with Kongs).

Mia rode nicely in the car to and from her outings. During the training class she picked right up on “sit”, “stay”, “watch me”, and also walking.  We’re still working on “lay down” ;).  It was easy for her handlers to redirect her attention away from other dogs.

At lunch, Mia was parched so Lindsey ordered her a margarita Mia did great with all the commotion going on around her.  She got excited when other dogs were barking, but it was easy for her handler to get her attention to calm her down.

And then, she pretty much slept on Katie’s leg the whole time. (You guys, do you know what I would PAY to have a sweet dog sleep on my leg? A LOT. I love dogs so much it’s like they can sense my desperation. Whoops, this isn’t about me.)

SO, Mia is amazing and adorable and we want her to go to an equally as wonderful family. If you have a dog already, Mia does need a dog intro. She is interested in other dogs, but not aggressive. She is very gentle so she would be a lovely family member.  I’d like to end with a direct quote from Katie at One Love, “All in all she is a solid dog. I love her. Like a lot.”

Think you might love her too?  Let’s set up a time for you to meet her. Send us an email at projectpalaz@gmail.com. Her ID is A3763794 and she is at MCACC West.

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One thought on “______ Mia!______

  1. OMG, this gave me chills and tears. I know Mia from the shelter and she was almost put down back in May. She let me come into her kennel and pet her. I networked like crazy that night to move her to a project kennel and not PTD. Luckily, there were two project dogs that had been adopted so she was moved. I’m so happy to see how amazing she is and that she is getting a second chance. She loves to play fetch with my son, but she does like to keep the ball and try to chew it up. I love love love this dog and I’m so glad she is showing other people how amazing she is. Thank you!!!!

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