Lukas the Lion

You know that boyfriend checklist you have even though no guy you’ve met meets all of the criteria points?

  1. Cute √
  2. Listens to you √
  3. Gets along with your friends and family √
  4. Confident √
  5. Affectionate √
  6. Willing to experience new things together √
  7. Helps with the chores √

Well guess what… Lukas meets ALL of them!!

Did we also mention that Lukas is extremely photogenic?? You too, Richard 😉 !

He is a dream dog and we cannot believe that he is still available for adoption! This guy is 9-years old, but with the way this guy acts, you wouldn’t know it! Lukas has great energy and LOVES to be around other people and dogs. He enjoys being the center of attention (quite the ring leader ;)) and loves to show off for you. He is treat motivated (like all of us) and he loves to play and run around the yard. Lukas gets along great with other dogs. He regularly attends playgroups and loves being social!  This handsome fella is also super confident. Some of our friends at One Love Pit Bull Foundation told us that when Lukas was helping clean up the volunteer room, he weaved through every person and confidently introduced himself. You don’t have to worry about this guy not wanting to go to dinner at your parents and make small talk LOL.


Concerned about the added chores another dog might bring you? Don’t be. Lukas even helps with cleaning up! Just ask the MCACC volunteers. This guy single-handedly cleaned the volunteer room floor #NoKibbleLeftBehind. Oh, also… Lukas is the kind of guy who pays attention to you. He is affectionate and is ALL about the kisses and cuddles <3. If you are new to Project PAL, you know that ALL we ever want is a dog we can smother #Goals.


This handsome guy is all that and more. He truly is the total package. We just adore him and know that this is his week to find his forever home! If you are interested in meeting Lukas, he is at MCACC West  (2500 S. 27th Ave., Phoenix). As we mentioned before, he gets along great with other dogs, but a doggy intro is recommended. Lukas’ adoption fee is $20, but includes neuter, rabies certificate and County license. His ID is A3869139.

Delilah here, reporting for playgroup duty.

YOU GUYS, I do not know how it has taken us this long to select Delilah as our featured dog of the week. JUST LOOK AT HER.

We are going to let you in on a little secret that any girl who has an Instagram account knows all too well.  (This isn’t really a secret, but whatever!) When being photographed, always have the photographer hold the camera above where you are posing….you look skinnier.  Delilah has nailed this concept. Mostly because when you don’t follow this rule you get this:
WHICH for all of us here swooning over her extra padding, is totally amazing. I mean, look at that bod. So much belly to rub! Delilah has a sassy, bigger than life, confident attitude, much like a  model. So, when being photographed, she prefers to put her best self forward.  When not being professionally photographed, she is totally fine letting it all hang out.. literally……

Delilah has had the pleasure of participating in a few playgroups at Maricopa County Animal Care & Control East, and it turns out this precious chunk is the Mama of the Gentle and Dainty group!  Let’s just say Delilah is not about to let the party playgroup attendees get too rowdy, she has unofficially deemed herself the Fun Police and is going to keep things under control. Literally, she runs around the play yard and corrects other dogs if they get to hyped up.
Image result for shut down meme

Delilah is a little on the bossy side (Obviously. When you look like Delilah you are entitled to be a Queen), so a dog intro is definitely required.

Because Delilah weaseled bulldozed her way in to so many hearts, she has landed herself a $200 pledge for either medical use or food/supplies from Blazevich Real Estate!  SO, whoever adopts Delilah not only gets FREE post-adoption training and support, and a microchip for Delilah they also get $200 towards Delilah’s needs. Sounds like a no-brainer to me.

Delilah is 10 years old and adoptable through MCACC East shelter and her ID is A3865664.

Go meet her today!

Let’s be CRYSTAL clear-Crystal is the best.

Playgroups have truly changed the game when it comes to learning about dogs at the Shelter. You might be wondering what we mean by this….let us explain using this week’s featured pup, Crystal, as an example.

Prior to playgroups, we may not have known how Crystal would be with other dogs. BUT, thanks to this amazing program we know that she gets along with everyone and is actually being used as a helper dog!
Image result for i can help dog meme
OK, so this isn’t exactly what I mean by helper dog….what I REALLY mean is that since Crystal is happy & friendly while interacting with other dogs, the playgroup team trusts her to help smooth out and socialize dogs who are maybe a little unsure. Do you know how valuable this information is about a dog? Prior to playgroups, when someone would inevitably ask us “Is she good with other dogs?” We’d be like:
Image result for maybe maybe not gif
JK. We would kind of know, but only based off of dog intros where the dogs are on leashes and everyone is tense, holding their breath and praying for a positive outcome.  NOW, we know that in a natural dog park-esque environment, Crystal does WELL!

Also, when we were doing our research on Crystal (our research basically consists of asking One Love’s Emily to recap every experience she has ever had with said-dog) we found out that Crystal has a kind of hilarious little quirk.

During her first playgroup, after being released into the yard, she ran around a little, dug a hole, and then rolled around in it. On a different occasion, she ran around, dug a hole, and then went #2 in it. There are two ways to look at this… might think she enjoys digging and will require a sandbox. OR, if you are like us, you have decided Crystal may be a bit of a germaphobe and prefers to roll on fresh ground, and needs a clean space for her commode.

Crystal could use a little work on her leash manners but so could my dog and I think she’s perfect. A little consistent training and not being stuck in a kennel will do wonders for her! This lady is literally bursting with love for people. Crystal does this endearing move where she pushes into you to be close.

Overall, Crystal just has a great attitude about life. Her pleasant disposition leads us to believe that if Crystal was human, and had to work in a corporate office, she would be the token office therapist.  Everyone would go to her and share their life struggles because she seems like the best listener ever….and well, she would probably also give great hugs, even if the person didn’t really want to be touched.
Image result for hug meme

The shelters are FULL you guys, and we need to come together and find homes for these pups ASAP. So, let’s start with Crystal…she is young, listed as only a year old. Good with kids, good with dogs, good with adults, likes to get down and dirty (but also a clean freak–it’s a delicate balance). Basically a dream.

She is at MCACC East and her ID is A3854018.  Peep this bouncy little beauty:

“All shook up” about Elvis…

Let’s chat about Elvis…the handsome, gentle, laid back, guy that is making his way into the hearts of everyone who meets him. For us, the most endearing trait he has is that he is KIND OF a little lazy, because well…maybe we are too! This is Elvis:

Regal AF, right? You may have heard that MCACC has been implementing the Dog’s Playing for Life programs at their shelters, which is making a world of a difference for ALL the dogs, but especially for shy guys like Elvis.  In his first play group he was a little unsure, so his pal, and kennel mate, Bertha sat with him during the play group.

This picture, captured by AZ Shelter Pets, actually made my heart stop. It is so freaking cute. And, yes, this is real life. And pretty much makes you fall in love with the adorable duo. But, it is important to note that while Elvis and Bertha LOVE each other (exhibit A-spooning in their kennel):
They do not necessarily need to be adopted together. In fact, thanks to the play groups (ANOTHER reason Dogs Playing for Life is such a BIG freaking deal) we know that Elvis is actually more social without Bertha around…and vice versa.

This past weekend, while at the shelter, we had Elvis out in the play yard for quite some time. We played, we loved on him, and then he just wanted to lay down….
in multiple positions:

Elvis is truly great you guys. And, the time has come for him to land a fam of his own.  Let’s not let good dogs like Elvis go unnoticed for yet another week. Even though Elvis has been enjoying his play groups…he’s ready. He’s ready to walk out those shelter doors forever (by the way, he walks great on a leash).

Elvis does great with all dogs both male and female!  He does seem to enjoy dogs with a similar energy level as him more than those who are bouncing off the walls, but if necessary, he will run around. #playswellwithothers #preferswalkingoverrunning

If a low-key (kind of lazy) best friend to spend your days with is what you dream of, we’ve got the dog for you. Interested? Elvis is at MCACC West and his ID is A3870961.