Our Pals

Below is a list of our featured pals where you can find the most recent updates on our pups!

Week 1: Ariel (Darla)–ADOPTED!
Ariel, now named Darla, was adopted on Sunday, January 10th… just five days after she was featured on our site. Here she is in her new home <3.
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Week 2: Thomas–ADOPTED!
A few hours into our first day of promoting Thomas, the shelter contacted us to let us know that he was adopted! We are SO happy that Thomas has found his forever home.

Week 3: Cammy–ADOPTED!
At the end of our week 3, 2darescue let us know that Cammy was adopted. However, it seems she played a little too rough with her fur-sibling who were just little guys.  So, Cammy was returned to 2Da Rescue. However, we are happy to announce Cammy finally found forever, with the right family 🙂


Week 4: Mr. Rodgers–ADOPTED!
Sweet Mr. Rodgers was adopted on February 13th, just in time for Valentine’s Day! He is a refined gentleman and we are so thrilled he found forever just a week and a half after we sponsored/promoted him!

Week 5: Marnie–ADOPTED!
Marnie found her perfect match at the end of week 5! She has finally found her lifetime partner-in-crime and we couldn’t be happier.

Week 6: Maximo–ADOPTED!
Everyone’s favorite McDonald’s-loving pup was adopted on Sunday, February 28! We just know he is going to be so happy in his new home.

Week 7 & 8: LizetteADOPTED!
MCACC East Valley Shelter’s Longest Resident, Lizette, found forever on Saturday, February 27.  Her family saw her on Facebook and drove all the way up from Florence because they knew they had to have her.


Week 9: Willow — ADOPTED!
Willow was adopted on Thursday, March 31st by Heidi & Mike! This ol’ lady hit the jackpot, and honestly….so did Heidi & Mike.  She is a precious, precious soul and now she gets a home of her OWN.



Week 10: Nelson —ADOPTED!
Nelson was adopted by one of our awesome Instagram followers, Amanda. Nelson has a a fur sibling, parents, a bed and HOME to call his own now. What a lucky guy 🙂


Week 11: Cadbury — ADOPTED!
Cadbury was adopted just in time for Easter finding his forever home on  Saturday, March 20th just 5 days after we started promoting him across our Project Pal outlets!

Week 12: Elvis — ADOPTED
Elvis won over the social media world with his underbite….but most importantly, he won over his new owner, KATE! Just 5 days into promoting Elvis, Kate let us know she was going to meet him. And, on Saturday she had signed and sealed the deal. She got to bring Elvis home on Monday :). Elvis is a VERY lucky guy.


Week 13: Munch — ADOPTED
Munch was adopted on Saturday, May 14th. This sweet boy may have had to wait a little longer for his forever home, but he sure got it!

Week 14: Mack —
This playful, adorable, young-at-heart guy is still available for adoption at MCACC West Shelter. Please swing by there and visit him if you think you’d like to add Mack man to your home.

Week 15: Polly Pocket —ADOPTED
Long-time MCACC East resident, Polly Pocket, was adopted at 4:24pm on Sunday, April 17th just five days after we started promoting her across our Project Pal outlets.  We are so happy for PP and her new forever family!

Week 16: Rocko — ADOPTED!
Over the weekend of May 14 & 15 MCACC waived all adoption fees to help get some of the dogs out of the shelter to prepare for the busiest time of year. This is what led Rocko’s new owner to him. Here they are ready to head home!

Week 17: Red —ADOPTED!
Red was adopted by one of our followers, Lisa. He has two fur siblings and a loving home and we are SO happy for him.

Week 18: Colton–ADOPTED!
Colton was adopted from MCACC East Shelter on Tuesday, one week after we promoted him on Project Pal! We are so happy for Colton and his new family :).

Week 19: Lena–ADOPTED!
Lena was adopted from MCACC by one of our Instagram followers! We have received a few updates from her already and it is very clear that Lena is LOVED and so happy. I mean, just look at this picture.

Week 20: Sparkle–ADOPTED!
Sparkle was adopted on June 8th. We saw the adoption announcement from One Love Pit Bull Foundation and we could NOT be happier for Sparkle and her new family pictured below.

Week 21: Petey —ADOPTED!
Turns out Petey was re-named Billy by the volunteers at MCACC! Our friends at One Love AZ added Billy to their Shelter Dog Program and gave him a lot of love and attention. That special treatment really paid off because Billy was ADOPTED the second week of July. We are sure happy for this sweet, silly guy! p.s. how amazing is this picture of Billy? Photo Credit goes to: TR Young Photography


Week 22: Allie —ADOPTED!
Allie was adopted just six days after we started promoting her across our Project Pal platforms.  We aren’t sure who snagged this adorable, gentle gal…but we sure are happy for them all!

Week 23: Kane —ADOPTED!
Kane was adopted just one week after his week of being promoted!He is in the One Love Shelter Dog Program and we are hoping his new owners will utilize the One Love sponsored post-adoption training!

Week 24: Oreo– ADOPTED!
Oreo was adopted during his week of promotion on Project Pal! He is in the One Love Shelter Dog Program and we are hoping his new owners will utilize the One Love sponsored post-adoption training!

Week 25: Daisy–ADOPTED!
Daisy was adopted on July 17th by a wonderful family with no other pets at home, which is perfect for her.  So happy for sweet Daisy!

Week 26: Champ–ADOPTED!
During Champ’s week of promotion, we received multiple messages from people interested in giving him a forever home, which is SO great!  Since Champ is a part of the One Love foster program, his foster mom is responsible for reviewing all applications for him and selecting the best home! We sure are glad he has someone wonderful looking out for him!
Champ 3

Week 27: Storm–ADOPTED!
Sweet, young, playful Storm found her family!!! We see they have their One Love flyer in-hand so hopefully we’ll see them at the next Shelter Dog training class!

Week 28: Mia–ADOPTED!
Mia was MCACC West’s longest resident up until this past weekend when she went home with a wonderful family.  Here is Mia at her new house. This is exactly what everyone who met Mia had envisioned for her!

Week 29: Hialem —ADOPTED!
Hialem was adopted just six days after her week started thanks to the collaboration of volunteers, our friends at One Love and to everyone promoting her on Social Media!

Week 30: Marchant- ADOPTED!
Marchant was adopted during his week of promotion thanks to serious team work and cross-promotion.  We are told Marchant has another pup in the house to enjoy as well!


Week 31: Tiger-ADOPTED!
Sweet, laid back, calm and low-key Tiger is still waiting for a family of her own. In the meantime, since she is sponsored by One Love under their Shelter Dog Program she will attend training classes and enjoy shelter enrichment from the One Love volunteers.

Week 32: Vonnie – ADOPTED!
Vonnie was adopted during her week of promotion! This adorable girl wiggled her way into the hearts of her new family just like we knew she would!

Week 33: Paula —ADOPTED!
Since Vonnie was adopted midway through her week, we started promoting Paula early.  Thanks to the collaboration between multiple organizations, Paula landed a home within DAYS of being sponsored by One Love as well as promoted by Project PAL.  It is true, team work makes the dream work.  This is Paula (now Riley) with her new brother. It does not get any cuter than this.

Week 33: Lucky–ADOPTED!
After a successful foster-to-adopt period, Lucky found his forever bed. He’s got a pug sibling and a human sibling and by the looks of this photo it seems he found the cutest bed in the house to share ❤

Week 34: Suki–ADOPTED!
Suki was suggested to us by one of her biggest advocates and mid-way through her week of promotion she was adopted!!!

Week 35: Ronald —ADOPTED!

Week 36:  Dexter & Angel–ADOPTED!
These two adorable pups were residents at Forever Loved Pet Sanctuary for over a year, but just a month or so after being featured on Project PAL they were both adopted (to separate families).

Week 37: Smitty–ADOPTED!
Smitty is still waiting for his family to come grab him at MCACC East. His ID is A 3799778.

Week 38: Toby– ADOPTED!

Week 39: Chrissy–ADOPTED!

Week 40: Calie ADOPTED! 

Week 41: Reese ADOPTED! 

Week 42: Dee Dee
Dee Dee was very special to many people.  To read Dee Dee’s story follow this link .

Week 43: Casie ADOPTED! 


Week 44: Mierca ADOPTED! 


Week 45: Roscoe Still Available!


Week 46: Sandy ADOPTED!


Week 47: Marvel ADOPTED! 

Week 48: Moose ADOPTED! 


Week 49: Felicia ADOPTED!

Week 50: Julian–ADOPTED!

Week 51: Cindy Lou ADOPTED! 
This sweet girl was adopted during her week of promotion on Project PAL. Teamwork makes the dream work you guys!


Week 52: Darla ADOPTED! 
Darla was adopted on Tuesday, January 17, 2017 the day after her week of Project PAL promotion ended. We are so excited because we believe Darla’s new family saw her on the One Love social media, and then reached out to both the One Love team as well as to us through our blog (which makes us SO happy!). She has a new brother, Jaxx, who is just beyond excited about her…and life in general it seems. Darla (now Gemma) hit the family jackpot.

Week 53: Bane ADOPTED! 


Week 54: Simone ADOPTED! 


Week 55: Diamond ADOPTED! 


Week 56: Elvis ADOPTED! 


Week 57: Crystal ADOPTED! 


Week 58: Delilah ADOPTED!


Week 59: Lukas ADOPTED! 


Week 60: Oracle ADOPTED!

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Week 61: Two Face ADOPTED!


Week 61: Belle ADOPTED!


Week 62: Maximus ADOPTED!

Week 63: Arnie ADOPTED!


Week 64: Becca ADOPTED!


Week 65: Meg STILL AVAILABLE! (Almost There Foster Care – Contact: geri@atfcaz.org)

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