Thomas, a refined & distinguished gentleman.

As soon as we saw photos of Thomas we knew this well-trained, young-at-heart, kind spirit was the perfect guy for our second Project Pal. What a precious, rare gem he is.

Before we start, let’s all agree not to discriminate based on age here. Actually, I think that is illegal….or at the very least, highly frowned upon in our society. Since it is important that all “experienced” individuals are given a fair shot, we feel it is only appropriate to extend the same courtesy to our perfect pal, Thomas.

Thomas would be the ideal fit for a busy family, a busy individual, or a busy couple. Why? Because he is already house-broken. That trait is a true gift from above. Potty training your dog is the single, most important task unless you like spot-cleaning/bleaching your floors multiple times per day and Thomas comes with it checked off his list. Not only that, but he is good with other dogs and he is VERY friendly. Furthermore, he has plenty of energy, which I know many of our more experienced followers can relate to you’re only as old as you feel. Thomas is always ready to go for a walk! Here’s the exciting thing, Thomas hasn’t even hit his peak yet. 😉

This week is all about Thomas, and if we join together and spread the word about him, we will be able to find him his forever home! Project Pal has covered Thomas’ adoption fee + a little extra, so all you have to do is love him forever. He has been at the shelter since November 23rd, so it is time for him to have a home of his own! If interested in Thomas, send us an email and we will put you in touch with our contact at his shelter– You can visit him at the Maricopa County Animal Care & Control West Animal Shelter. Thomas- A3690819

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