Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Diamond shines like, well, a diamond ;). This cutie is ALL about the love, and we all know the world could use more of it! This girl gives out hugs, kisses, and attention and she sure doesn’t shy away when someone is returning the favor! She seems to have a magnetic personality. Even just through photos we found ourselves already falling in love with her contagious smile <3. Diamond is an older dog (about 9 years), but she still seems to have that energy and zest for life. Age is nothing but a number!!


Diamond is blind in one eye, but that doesn’t slow her down from doing anything that other dogs do. She walks great on a leash and seems to be very well-behaved! Oh, and she also likes to be close to you… sounds like the perfect snuggler to me!!!


This gem (haha! get it?!?) is part of the Shelter Dog Program with One Love Pit Bull Foundation, which means that her adopters will receive free post-production training and One Love will cover the cost of her microchip. Diamond requires a dog intro as she was found to be a little untrusting of dogs. One Love thinks that she would thrive in a home with low energy dogs or in a single dog home.

Let’s dedicate this week to finding Diamond her forever home. We know there is someone out there who is her perfect match… someone who will shower her with love and affection for the rest of her life <3. Diamond is at MCACC East and her ID is A3857567.


Simone, born to be a star.

Every once in a while, a dog emerges from within the shelter walls for her walk and instantly steals the hearts of everyone who lays eyes on her.  This is exactly what happened on Saturday at the #walkforhades at MCACC.

One Love volunteer, Emily, spotted Simone and her adorable pout face while we were setting up for the walk. She knew she had to pull Simone as one of the dogs she walked that morning. Boy, are we glad she did.  This girl is a full on ham. JUST LOOK:

Simone may be a smaller package, but her personality is BIG. We are honestly feeling a little jealous of whoever ends up adopting Simone.  Why? Because Simone is a natural entertainer. Her face itself just screams “look at me”…16179100_10212069167787169_2029817488763115601_o-1

But also, she literally actually screams “look at me” on her own, with her unique voice. Let us explain….The other day she was out in the play yard with three volunteers, just hamming it up, being as charming as K9-ly possible. Two of the volunteers left the play yard and one stayed behind with Simone.  This was apparently not acceptable for Simone and she proceeded to call out after them with the most ridiculously absurd/cute noise you will ever hear.  It is truly impossible NOT to laugh when you hear this noise.  I imagine the two volunteers felt obligated to promptly turned around and rejoin Simone in the play yard.

Here’s the thing, at the walk on Saturday, after Simone went back to her kennel….she sat in the outside portion staring at us calling for us using that same chatter. That was the moment every volunteer present fell in love. Simone was truly born to be a star.

We also know that Simone LOVES treats….(pictured here taking ALL the treats in exchange for kind of looking in the direction of the camera twice).

Simone is full of affection, and after she has a moment to adjust to a change in surroundings she will shower you with love. Here, you see Simone bum-rushing the treat station, dragging Emily behind her….

Also, your eyes are not deceiving you…Simone has a shortened tail. The tail adds even more character to her (as if this bug-eyed, mean-mugging, snorting, talking, bossy little lady needs more character). Anyways, you are looking at a fan-favorite here so if you are interested in meeting Simone, head over to MCACC EAST and meet her. We have a feeling she isn’t going to let you leave the play yard without her!! Her ID is A3871082. If you have a pup at home, bring him/her in to meet Simone to make sure everyone gets along prior to adoption.

My Boy Bane.

We polled the One Love audience this week for dog nominations…and the winner is…..BANE!
Image result for and the winner is meme
This meme is basically irrelevant, but every time I think about announcing a winner I think of Steve Harvey and cringe!

Anyways, Bane is a spry young guy (only ONE year old). He is just a big fella who would absolutely thrive in a family where he gets to go out for walks, runs, and hikes.  Need some extra motivation to stick to your 2017 resolutions? If this is you:
Image result for trainer motivation meme
Bane could be the perfect addition to your exercise regimen! Plus, he’s is the eternal optimist and is super excited about life:

Image result for excited about life meme

The good news is, Bane is incredibly eager to learn and is very treat/food motivated…meaning #willworkforfood. He attend the One Love shelter dog training last weekend and was easily corrected using treats.

This guy will need lots of toys, because he loves tennis balls and if he could….I think he would do this:

Image result for dog with tennis balls gif
But also….is this even possible?

Anyways, when scanning through photos of him he literally had a ball/toy in his mouth in every single picture and looked so dang happy to have his choice of toys/balls in the play yard to pick up and run around with while being photographed. Maybe he’s a dog fitness model?

Bane has been around kiddos, but would probably be best-suited for a family with older kids just because he’s a big pup and when he plays he is kind of like a bulldozer. CONFESSION: One time, my dog Reggie was playing in the front yard with my stepdaughter and all the neighborhood kids and they all started running, so Reggie did too…and he totally plowed down a 3 year old in the grass. It’s fine, everyone came out unharmed, but TOTALLY understand the “big kids” recommendation first hand haha!

Also, Bane has had kennel mates, so he has shown to be OK with other dogs, but as always we definitely highly recommend a dog intro to ensure a perfect fit for the family :).

Interested in Bane? Don’t be shy…let us know! He is at MCACC WEST and his ID is A3724042.

Darling Darla

If you can bear to take your eyes away from Darla’s ADORABLE face to read this post, you will not be disappointed. This sweet face has a sweet personality to match and we just can’t get enough of her <3.


Darla came to the shelter on 12/7 as a stray with another dog. From our good friend Emily, we hear that Darla is quiet and quite shy. She’s a little unsure of herself, but if she feels comfortable around you, you will feel her love which Emily witnessed during their cuddle sesh (#JEALOUS).

Darla is a volunteer fave, of course, and everyone who has spent time with her can tell that she wants to be more social… she just needs a little confidence boost. Darla would be THE MOST loyal companion and is just looking for a safe and happy place to call home. And Darla does not come without skills… She already walks perfectly on a leash (Swoon), knows “Sit” (Amazing), AND doesn’t mind wearing cute, snuggly sweaters (MELT!!!). I don’t know about you guys, but dogs in dog sweaters are the absolute cutest things on the planet and I wish more dogs liked to wear them.  Darla just gets it.

Oh, also… she likes hot dogs, which I know all dogs like but it’s just cuter that Darla does.


Darla is estimated to be about 4-6 years old and is very mild mannered. She is good with kids and would be the perfect pup for someone who is looking to have a loving canine companion. We hear that Darla has a way of drawing you to her, and we are praying that this week, we find someone who is drawn to Darla. She deserves a loving forever home, and we know we can find it for her! Darla is at MCACC East in Mesa and her ID is A3859381. She is part of the Shelter Dog Program with One Love Pit Bull Foundation, which means she will receive free post-adoption training and a free microchip.


Yoo Hoo…Cindy Lou Hoo!

Sometimes we feature dogs that have horrible names (cough Moose cough cough). And, sometimes we feature one who has a name we find ourselves singing every time we read it! (YOO HOO, CINDY LOU HOO!) Also, every time I say “Yoo Hoo” I think of:

Image result for yoo who big summer blowout

…which my family and I say around our house on a regular basis. If you haven’t seen Frozen, you need to do so even just for this one part! I have a feeling most of you thought I was going to take the Cindy Lou the Who route with this blog, surrrpprriseee….went for it with the jolly, hairy character instead!

Now that we are all in a good mood, let’s talk about Cindy Lou. This two year old has the most soulful face I have ever seen. Personally, I feel that she would make the perfect dog-actress for future ASPCA commercials, is there somewhere we can submit her for a role? She’ll require a home first, and also, we’ve drafted a list of items she’ll need in her trailer if she is to take the commercial gig. BTW, we know ONE thing that is definitely NOT on her rider (rider = list of items she requires)….CATS.  Cindy Lou is not a fan. And, that’s ok…because she’s born to be a star and stars get what they want.

Cindy Lou is humble. She is a little shy at first, but warms RIGHT up to you. This lady is gentle and sweet. Also noteworthy….Cindy Lou ROCKS on a leash. Walks/Hikes etc with this gal are a dream come true. Cindy Lou loves treats, but most of all….she just wants a spot on your lap.

Since Cindy Lou can be a little insecure around new pups, a dog intro is definitely a must! But, she’d also be stoked to have a home and family to herself…girl does not mind the attention. (Obviously. Because again, she is born to be a star).

This adorable angel is sponsored under the One Love Shelter Dog Program, this means her new family will receive post-adoption training AND a microchip!

Interested in Cindy Lou? She is being cared for by MCACC East on Rio Salado and the 101.  Her ID is A3845302.