Project PAL – Promote. Adopt. Love.

Welcome to our Project Pal AZ blog. Each week we will post additional details on our chosen pup here. First, we thought we should introduce ourselves and explain why we wanted to start Project Pal:

Adopting Reggie (pictured below) was the best decision I have ever made. Life-changing, really.  Through Project Pal we are putting our own money where our mouths are and not only holding each other accountable for making weekly donations to different Animal Shelters around Phoenix, but we are going to work tirelessly to help find homes for these sweet souls.  This project holds a special place in all four of our hearts, and we know our wonderful and supportive community will enjoy being a part of the home-finding process as well! xo, Kim


I signed on to be a part of Project PAL because I believe every dog should find a forever home regardless of their breed, age, or personality. There are so many dogs in shelters waiting to be adopted and I hope that Project PAL helps bring these dogs into a loving home. Hopefully you will find a dog through Project PAL that makes you as happy as Oscar (below) makes me :)! xo, Nina

163399_10150360029625085_6783343_n  IMG_7787

“In a perfect world, every dog would have a home and every home would have a dog.”  Through Project Pal we hope to do exactly that!  Help us in our journey to save these sweet souls.  You will not only change their lives but they will forever change yours. Pictured below is my pup, Reagan.  Life would definitely not be the same without this big guy.  Lots of doggie kisses! XO, Tristan

IMG_4836 IMG_4156

I have always said I wish I could give every homeless dog a “furever” home. Hopefully through Project PAL we can make that wish come true by finding loving humans for each Pal of the week. I want every person to be able to experience the incredible and special connection that these lovely dogs bring to our hearts just like Oscar brings to mine! Xo, Nikki

IMG_4566 IMG_1849

Be sure to check our blog to meet our first sponsored pal, Ariel!!

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