You better shape up, cause Sandy needs a man (or woman) and her heart is set on you!

As soon as Nikki selected Sandy as her pick for this week, I found myself googling Grease memes. I feel like if there was a dog version of Grease, Sandy (the dog) would 100% be cast as Sandy (the Olivia Newton John character).  Why? Because she is so dang sweet and innocent and I can just imagine her friends and past kennelmates preparing for each day at the Shelter like:
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So why is it that a girl as sweet, cuddly, wiggly, happy and all-around wonderful as Sandy is still looking for her forever home? WELL, I think Frenchy says it best:
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And, well since our Sandy has no idea who her biological dad is….she’s just waiting at the Shelter for a new family to adopt her so she can finally depend on someone!

Now that you know that Sandy is pretty much perfect…I know you are thinking:
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Well, your wish is my command.  This gal is estimated to be about five years old.  She rides great in the car, enjoys the company of other dogs around her size (she has had multiple kennelmates), is happy-go-lucky, and will literally smoosh her face into your lap if you are offering rubs of any kind.  Sandy just eats up any attention you are willing to give her and wants to be as close as possible. This cute little lady has done really well out in public and is going to make some lucky family VERY happy.

So, in conclusion….Sandy is ready to go home you guys.  She is a longtimer at MCACC West and her adoption fee is $20. This pup truly does deserve a WONDERFUL home so…
Image result for grease sandy you're the one that i want

Head over to MCACC West today and adopt Sandy. Her ID is A3824235.

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The best Black Friday Deal…adopting Roscoe.

When we first started Project PAL our initial hope was that different rescues would reach out to us and propose dogs for us to feature to help them find homes. That is exactly what happened this week with AZ Small Dog Rescue and Roscoe, who (ironically) is not small!

Roscoe is SUPER friendly, active and a snuggler…if you are always on the go and looking for a friend who wants to do whatever it is you’re doing, and will do it without complaining look no further.  We have the guy for you!  Roscoe is a great hiking buddy, he also loves to run, go for long walks….ok so he basically enjoys any sort of outing with his people/person.  Roscoe does not necessarily need a backyard and would do great in a home where he is walked for bathroom breaks.  Why ?  Well, this agile pup can hop the fence (parkour for Roscoe?), so it’s just probably best if his future owners don’t give him that opportunity!

We are really excited about this handsome guy for so many reasons. But what we love most is that he comes set up for success thanks to the wonderful people who support AZSDR. Roscoe is fortunate to have the opportunity to be in the Lorenzo Boarding/Training behavior modification program. This program is teaching him everything from basic manners to learning to accept new people and other pups more openly! SO, to the lucky person that adopts Roscoe…you will get FIVE FREE handling sessions (which, is ummmmm, AMAZING…especially considering I am currently paying $125/session for my dog’s sessions).

Roscoe LOVES attention…and will definitely not turn down a belly rub also, why is it not acceptable for me to get belly rubs? I feel like I’d really enjoy them too. This pup rides well in the car, and enjoys going to the park to soak up the fresh air. Also on his list of favorite activities = mowing down vanilla ice cream cones….so if you enjoy a little sweet treat every once in a while but don’t want to eat alone, adopt Roscoe and the treat will be much sweeter!

Roscoe is super smart and is eager to learn from anyone willing to work with him.  He is already housebroken, leash trained, neutered, up-to-date on vaccines, chipped, vet checked, licensed and comes with 30 days of free pet insurance, as well as a free vet visit all for the bargain donation to AZSDR of $80. WOAH…literally just felt like I was the guy on the info-mercial throwing everything in for the low, one-time payment of $80.  So, if you’re looking for the BEST Black Friday deal out there, I’d say you found it.

We’d love to find Roscoe a home this week so that AZSDR can keep helping more dogs in need. So, let’s all come together and do something good this week by sharing Roscoe’s face and finding him a home for the holidays!

If you’re interested in Roscoe you can contact Lisa at 602-918-9431.


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The world should really revolve around Mierca.

Usually, when we ask our friends who volunteer daily in the Shelters what they know about a dog we have selected to feature they tell us the dog is great/friendly/happy/would make a wonderful family member etc.  BUT today, when we asked them to tell us about this week’s featured pup, MIERCA, the consensus was that she is essentially a dream come true. Actually, the exact quote from one of our favorite volunteers was, “She is effing hilarious.” Which means we’ve got a gem on our hands folks!

This five-year-old pittie mix has personality oozing out of her. *see photos below*. This girl literally draws a crowd when she is out and about…the true definition of a show-stopper.  Mierca is happy to be in the spotlight and has no problem with seven adults gathering around to chase her, play keep away, or get her going by giving her a tap on the bum to start her off spinning in circles!  She even happily jumped into a giant water trough and submerged her cute little face so that only her eyes were showing. Mierca is incredible. How this gal has not been scooped up is beyond us!

Mierca is listed at five-years-old, but she is SUPER playful.  Seems like this girl is planning on staying forever young. Even though she has a real zest for life and enjoys playing, she is not hyper, just active…which is ideal. And, to seal the deal….Mierca is even on the curvy side.  Girl is definitely NOT missing the feed sack!!!

I’m sorry but how can anyone resist a dog that cheeses SO hard for the camera that her eyes are closed?

ALSO noteworthy, for all of you out there who currently have a dog at home and might be looking for a sibling for that dog, Mierca has had multiple kennelmates and has done well with them all.  Of course, a dog intro at the shelter is always recommended before adopting to ensure everyone gets along!

While Mierca is waiting for the perfect family, she is receiving shelter enrichment from our friends at One Love.  This means they are providing her with time out of her kennel to be socialized. She is learning basic commands from them, and receiving enrichment items in the kennel to keep her mind busy. Because Mierca is sponsored under the Shelter Dog Program she will come with a FREE microchip as well as FREE post-adoption training to aid in a smooth transition into the home as well as family bonding. Let’s be honest here, we all ❤ free stuff…

So visit Mierca at MCACC West and see if she is the girl for you. Her ID is A3093129.

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Making a Case for Cassi

This week’s PAL is Cassi <3! Cassi is truly the best of both worlds and knows when it’s time to be goofy and silly and when it’s time to be calm and respectful. For example, when she’s home (sweatpants, hair tied, chillin’ with no make-up on), she is SUCH a goof… just see below. But when she’s hittin’ the town, she is calm and well-behaved. And, she walks great on a leash (definite heart eyes emoji)!!

cassi1 cassi11

Even though Cassi is about 5-7 years old, she still has such a youthful heart and a zest for life! Cassi knows that life is meant to be lived and she won’t let her rough beginning stop her from being happy. Cassi was part of One Love’s Shelter Dog Program, but is now lovingly fostered by a member of the One Love Family <3.

Her foster mom says, “She’s spunky as can be and you can’t help but have a huge smile burst across your face when she starts frolicking around the yard.” She has also become a world class snuggler on the couch….she loves her belly rubs!” Cassi really is the dream and we know this cutie will bring SO much joy and laughter into her family’s life. Did I mention that she likes to play hide and seek with her blankie?! SO CUTE!


Cassi has been introduced to many dogs her size and has done well!! Unfortunately, she can’t go to a home with cats or small dogs, but she is great with children!! If you are wanting to adopt Cassi, you can apply through One Love’s adoption page here.

Dee Dee the Delightful Diva <3

Dee Dee is our Week 41 featured pup. She was at MCACC in the Shelter Dog Program when Lindsey, one of the One Love Board Members, fell in love with her. Even though our friends at One Love don’t make it a habit of pulling dogs from the shelter, Dee Dee desperately needed some time out to heal.  She had wounds on her back, and was severely emaciated. But, her calm, snugly, loving spirit was still intact!

At just 3 years old, this girl is highly intelligent. Dee Dee is 100% potty trained and has not had any accidents in the house since being placed in her temporary foster home. She also does not chew anything in the house….except for her stuffies.  Girl LOVES her stuffies.

What we appreciate most about this pit/lab/grey hound mix is not just that she is calm and friendly and makes a wonderful companion….it’s that she’s got some sass in her. Recently she was at O.H.S.O. for a little day-outing, and we were told that if she is not getting the attention she feels that she deserves…she will occasionally let out a bark that basically says “excuse me, it seems you forgot that I am supposed to be included in all conversations”.

One thing worth noting about Dee Dee is that she does not require a backyard.  She would do great in an apartment or condo where her outings are on a leash! If you already have a dog at home, Dee Dee would definitely need a dog-intro prior to adoption. Interested in this endearing diva?  Just email !

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