Karma Karma Karma Chameleon

Do you guys remember that big Free Adoption Weekend they had at MCACC? (If not, just pretend you do for the sake of this story). That is the weekend I met Karma.  Somehow, when I arrived at the Shelter that Sunday morning, she was still waiting for a family to spot her. That actually worked out well for me that day since we ended up using Karma as a model for these bathrobes that a generous gal donated to us:

Karma did so great during her bath. Look at her…eyes closed, enjoying the full body massage! She is such a cute little model.

We had actually planned to select her as our featured pup of the week that coming Tuesday, but she was adopted before then.  Turns out, the baby in the home ended up being allergic to Karma, so she was returned. Not her fault, allergies blow. Big time.

Prior to that, Karma was adopted into a family that already had a resident cat…turns out Karma doesn’t love feline friends. (Which, as many of you who read our blog know, I tend to agree with Karma…so, no shame in her game!) For the record, both of my dogs would 100% throw down if a cat walked into their backyard.
Image result for no cats meme
So, for those of you with kitties at home…Karma is not the girl for you. Also, if you are allergic to dogs, she’s also probably not the girl for you (and perhaps you should be looking to adopt a dog with “-oodle” in the name).

Anyways, this blog post is about Karma so here is what we know about this sweet, adorable, big-eared girl:

Karma LOVES people, is not shy around new faces, and is super eager to please.  This girl is totally not afraid of a little PDA, and will smother you in smooches. One of our favorite bits about Karma is that she doesn’t quite grasp the definition of “lap dog”.  To her, that means you sit in the laps of the humans around you no matter what size you are…..we don’t have the heart to break it to her that people use the term to describe a small-sized dog.
Image result for sorry you don't qualify meme
Ok, this meme does not even fit, but is actually hilarious….so pretend it does, OK?

ANYWAYS, Karma is hilarious. On Saturday, she attended One Love Shelter Dog Training with her dedicated volunteer friend, Brittany.  Brittany sent these pictures of their car ride to training, apparently Karma was like this:

until she realized if she sat like in the middle seat Brittany could pet her on the ride (thankfully Brittany’s husband was driving) so no worries on her being a distracted driver haha!
Karma did well at training on Saturday. She was a little distracted seeing as this was her very first time in a training class setting.  Brittany said she was super impressed that Karmy (NEW NICKNAME) maintained eye contact, sat when asked, shook hands, and did “leave it”. They are now working on “stay”.

Karma participates in play groups at the shelter and enjoys the company of other polite dogs.  Karmy is a classy gal and prefers to surround herself with other friends with manners.  You know what they say:
Image result for you become the five people
SO, if you have a pup already and think he/she could be a good fit for Karmy, let us know! We do a phenomenal job of being middle-men (since we are essentially useless). We’ll hook you up with the real pros (ONE LOVE), and they’ll do a dog intro for you to make sure everyone gets along prior to adoption!

OH the shelter estimates her to be about 6 years old. Questions about Karma?  Ask away!!!! She’s at MCACC EAST and her ID is A2977700.

FYI: the title of the blog is this song….. which is now stuck in my head and I hope it is also stuck in yours ❤

One Top, FOUR Outfits

The thing we love most about Pup Tees is that typically, when someone stumbles upon us…they can’t just stop at one shirt! I mean, look, we all have to buy clothes….so why not buy clothes from people who are literally putting ALL of the money directly into the Shelter Dog Program bank account! Our first willing participant for this new Pup Tees Style Blog has truly taken that mindset to heart…she literally owns every Pup Tee we have created and we are so grateful!!

Monica moved to Phoenix from Portland, OR last October and knew before moving here that she wanted to volunteer for One Love Pit Bull Foundation. In November, she became a dual volunteer for One Love Pit Bull Foundation and Maricopa County Animal Care. Moncia loves taking photos of the dogs, it brings her great joy to capture their personalities and showcase adoptable dogs having a good time. Quickly Monica realized her favorite ways to volunteer are to take photos and help Project Pal sell Pup Tees at events!

Monica says she loves Project Pal because “100% of the profits go to help fund amazing programs for the shelter dogs.” She also loves shopping for a good cause, so cute tees that support shelter dogs make it a win-win purchase for her! This is Monica and her sweet pup, Odin!


When tasked with styling a Pup Tee her favorite way, Monica came up with a fun, unique idea. She decided to style our Mutt Life Crop Top four different ways! Check the outfits out below, and let us know which one is your favorite!

From Monica:
I wanted this outfit to be more relaxed and it just reminds me of a 1990s California look. Higher waisted jeans, converse and a comfy top are always a winning combo.
I ALMOST put on my fanny pack, but decided to go with this simple and functional Matt and Nat bag. I guess I am just a bit stuck in the 90s and embracing it.
I wore the black shorts underneath to make it easier to change outfits in public, but I ended up really liking the look of them peaking out!

Jean shorts (similar), Converse, Under ShortsPurse, Bracelet (similar), Sunglasses  AND of course, Mutt Life Top

I’ll be honest. This is my first crop top and it intimidated me! I’ve never been one that is comfortable showing my midriff, so I purposely styled this top with higher waisted bottoms to cover that all up.

I paired this A-Lined LuLaRoe Madison Skirt and flowy top because I thought they would be a good balance together, the A-Line skirt pulls everything in to the smallest part of my waist creating a flattering focal point. The cardigan and sandals dress up the outfit, but you could easily rock this look with converse and no jacket. I wanted to stick with simple colors, I’m naturally drawn to bright colors and fun patterns, so dressing in monochrome colors is stepping out of the box for me. This outfit is flowy and light, perfect for summer in AZ!

Necklace, Cardigan, Mutt Life Top, SkirtShoesClutch

I’m a short girl. I didn’t think I would ever be able to pull off a maxi skirt AND wear flats… but I have finally figured it out! Here, I am wearing a LuLaRoe Maxi skirt, I folded over the yoga style waist band and pulled it up to just under my chest. I styled the skirt this way to cover my midriff and now my maxi skirt isn’t hanging on the ground.


I love the relaxed yet dressy look of a maxi skirt, you can style it so many different ways! I love pops of color, which is why I added the bright clutch that happens to incorporate a similar color blue in the fabric. I’m all about comfort, so of course I had to go with a pair of birkenstock style sandals.

Hat, Skirt, Mutt Life TopNecklace, Bracelet, Clutch, Sandals


I LOVE to pattern mix and throw in pops of color with my outfits. So, I paired the mint necklace to tie in the mint colored flowers on my LuLaRoe Cassie skirt. The pattern on this clutch is a fun way to mix up patterns for this outfit. I personalized this clutch by adding two colorful enamel pins, it’s too hot to rock my pins on a jacket so I decided to add them to my clutch and it looks so cute!

So let me tell you about this LuLaRoe Cassie skirt, it’s stretchy, comfy and instantly flattering. I paired this flowy top with this form fitting skirt to create contrast in the outfit. I pulled the skirt up for a high waisted look, but you can pull the skirt down to show off your midriff.

NecklaceSkirt (Cassie)Mutt Life TopClutch, Pit Bull Enamel Pin(100% of profits go to rescues!), Doughnut Enamel PinShoes (on sale!)

The great thing about this crop top is that it literally goes with everything, any pattern or style bottoms you want to wear it will compliment it perfectly.

HUGE Thank you to Monica for helping us with our very first Pup Tees Style Blog!!! If you didn’t catch the subtle hint of us linking to the Mutt Life Crop Top every chance we got….we went ahead and did it again for you just now :). If you purchase or have already purchased one of our Pup Tees, and you want to be featured on our blog click here for to learn more about what we need from you!!!!


Good Karma for Dharma

Dharma is a young (about 1.5 years old) Pit Bull Terrier and Chinese Sharpei mix. This sweet girl is shy at first, but once she opens up she is a gem who will have you smiling and laughing all the time <3. She LOVES  her people that’s for sure!dharma12

Dharma is very curious and loves being outside, sniffing and exploring her way around! We think she would thrive in an active home with someone who would spend a lot of time outside with her. Are you looking for someone to get your bronze on with this summer? Well, Dharma has enjoyed the pool from the top step and we think that she will venture into the deep end soon. She could be your perfect pool pal!


Though Dharma can be shy at first around people, we are learning that she has become a play group SUPERSTAR!! She does well social dogs with a wide variety of energy levels. We think she would love to go to a home with one or two canine siblings, but even if she will be the only pup we don’t think she will mind since it means more toys for her ;).

This girl LOVES her toys and will search through her toy box until she finds the perfect one to play with. She favors her soft squeeky toys though #MakeItSqueak. She loves her treats (who doesn’t?) and is a polite girl. All in all, this girl is a total catch and we hope this is the week where Dharma has some good karma.

Dharma is at MCACC East (2630 W. Rio Salado Parkway, Mesa, AZ 85201) and her ID is A3887541. She is part of the Shelter Dog Program, which means that she receives free post-adoption training and a microchip! Spread the word and let’s find Dharma her fur-ever home!



It’s honestly a little odd to us that a dog as cute, charming, and lovable as Daisy is still looking for a home! BUT we’ve just started #SevenDaysofDaisy and we’re on a mission to find that home for her! This adorable lady is estimated to be about 3 years old and you guys, she melts hearts wherever she goes.  Exhibit A:

We are not kidding when we tell you this dog will charm the ISH out of you.  Look, she even SHAKES HANDS when she meets you (so polite):

Daisy is the full freaking package.  She does AMAZING with everyone she meets (big and small humans alike!), she is happy and enthusiastic about life, but knows when to pull it together and act calm & cool.
Image result for act natural meme
(I am not even sure if that meme really fits here, but it made me LOL….and then wonder if they got the horse out of there?….I really hope so.) 

OK back to Daisy. The most endearing part about Daisy is that she is the biggest ham of all time.  We had her out at our lululemon Puppies + Yoga event two Saturdays ago and she was putting on quite the show — catching treats in her mouth, rolling on her back, kissing babies…basically she made our hearts burst with pride.

Daisy also rides well in the car, here she is with One Love volunteer, Kristi:

This girl is quite the social butterfly.  She is currently in foster at Learning Pawsibilities through One Love…she participates in big play groups and we are told she is super gentle with dogs!  Daisy knows when to go say “wussup” to her fellow K9 pals, and when it’s time to give her peers a little breathing room.

We are fortunate to be able to learn more about Daisy since she is in foster care, and we know that she is not a fan of sharing food or treats!! Knowing this, we can set her future family up for success with a simple instruction of feeding treats and food in separate spaces from any other pups.
Image result for i don't share food meme
Image result for i don't share food meme

At the end of the day, Daisy is the picture of perfection and she is going to end up with a family that embraces every single wonderful trait that she has. If you think you have what it takes to be Daisy’s fam….hit us up! Projectpalaz@gmail.com

Henny Henrick <3

GUYS! This is Henrick….(we’ve decided to nickname him Henny.)

…Henrick is looking for a home. This eight-year-old pup is what adopters dream of when they envision taking home a dog. First of all…he’s potty trained, so that right there is enough to make me a believer. BUT, for those that still need convincing, Henrick has done well with other dogs, knows sit and shake and is super easy going. Also, Henrick and I share a love for coffee….
…OK you caught me, it’s not the “coffee” we love. It’s actually a shared love for whipped cream.

There are two things Henrick prioritizes above all else: Treats + Tennis Balls. Dude can be a bit demanding if you have the aforementioned items in your hands….But, you know what he doesn’t seem to care about? Other people, birds, or ducks while on walks. He definitely knows his kind and has an interest in passing dogs though! Also, fun fact…Henrick LOVES baths…like his perfect day would actually be in the tub at Wag-n-wash from open ’til close. Warm water, full body massage, delicious-smelling soap…this guy knows pampering.

Henrick is super gentle and perfectly-mannered with kiddos. We just burst with love for him and since my dog at home is the same age as Henrick I am having a slight meltdown because I feel like they are kindred spirits or something.  SOMEONE ADOPT THIS GENTLEMAN!

Henrick is at MCACC West and his ID is A3916716.



There are two types of dogs in this world — those that can keep a straight face in the midst of any situation….and those that cannot.  Brutus definitely does not have a poker face. You tell a dumb joke he does this:

You tell a solid, laugh-worthy joke, he does this:
The good news is, you will now officially have a friend that calls it like they see it. No BS-ing around Brutus!  In all seriousness, this two-year-old boy has so many good qualities. He is active, already knows “sit” and #willworkforteats.  Brutus LOVES to chase toys/balls etc but needs a little help with the whole “fetch” concept….bringing them back is not his strong suit. haha! He has done just fine in playgroups, in fact, he runs around the group like he’s the hype man and it’s his job to get everyone else moving. Quite the sight to see! If you already have a dog, bring him/her to the shelter and staff can help you with a doggie intro!

Brutus is sponsored through the One Love Shelter Dog Program which means One Love volunteers are providing him with enrichment items during his time at the shelter.  They also have an army of volunteers who take him out and work with him on various tricks, give him lots of love, and help him show his best self to potential adopters.  Additionally, since he is sponsored under the SDP his family will receive POST-adoption training FO FREE.  This will help his family have the support and tools to bond with Brutus once he is officially a member of their family. It will also help make the transition smooth.

As a quick note before I let you go….the first time I met Brutus I was at MCACC East observing playgroups (from afar because I have anxious energy).  All of a sudden this cute, strong fella came right up to me (his volunteer escort not far behind) and he nudged my hand, gave me a quick hello lick, and was on his way.  I was immediately enamored with him. AND THEN, Brutus headed straight for the one kiddie pool that had been put out for someone else to enjoy…..and in he went:
File May 03, 9 47 30 AM

Immediately like six volunteers came rushing over to snap pictures of him, because it was such a perfect moment.  It’s the little things in life, like a handsome, charming, friendly, goofy boy bum rushing a princess play pool.

Brutus has a lot to offer and he’ll be at the Puppies & Yoga event on Saturday. So come meet him, OK!?

ID Number: A3854315
Location: 2630 W Rio Salado Pkwy, Mesa, AZ 85201