Hopelessly Devo-ted to Devo

This week’s PAL is a pup to whom you will definitely want to devote yourself…


Devo is a handsome 6 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier Mix and has been at MCAC East since March – aka too long! After hearing about Devo through various sources, I would say he is swoon-worthy and possesses just about any quality you could want in a furry friend.

Since being at the shelter, this cutie has learned so much through the amazing programs he is in and the amazing people he is surrounded by. He has learned various commands such as, sit, shake, down, etc. Granted, he may be a little more attentive if you are holding a treat (hot dogs will score you MAJOR points) but we all do a little better with an incentive, right ;)?


On his outings, Devo has really shined. We are told that he is easy to leash up and get into the harness and that he does great in the car! While on his drive, he rode quietly in the backseat and was on his best behavior. Once out and about, he walked with minimal pulling and kept an even pace… can someone say #DogGoals ? Devo has a great time outside and whether you are going on a walk or run, splashing around in water, or just exploring, this fella makes an amazing companion. And don’t worry – he won’t chase ducks or geese but instead will admire from afar.

Devo is very well-mannered in public. While out at a breakfast patio, Devo sat patiently and when offered, would gently take bits of food. He was a hit at the restaurant and did not cause any commotion!

At the last two adoption events, Devo has been so well-behaved despite the noise and crowd. He even proved himself to be great with kids. Some may say that everything went SWIMMINGLY and everyone’s JAWS dropped at how wonderful he was haha!

Devo is currently recommended as a single-dog adoption. He seems to lack some socialization with other pups and may be most comfortable as the only pup in a home, but if you already have a dog, you can bring them in for an intro with Devo. Devo is part of One Love Pit Bull Foundation’s Shelter Dog Program, which includes a waived adoption fee, free microchips, and much more. Devo is at MCAC East (2630 W Rio Salado Pkwy, Mesa, AZ 85201) and his ID is A4067413. Help us spread the word so that Devo can go home this week!!