Mr. Rodgers…can be in YOUR neighborhood.

Say hello to Mr. Rodgers, our week 4 Pal. This little fella is a spry seven-years-young and the four of us cannot get enough of him.  LOOK how cute he is.

If you dream of a quiet, calm companion with an amazing side-smile, look no further…Mr. R is the man for you. Maybe you’re a busy professional, who needs a low-maintenance, pint-size amigo who would just like to lounge with you after work. Or perhaps, you’re looking for unconditional love, someone to greet you when you get home and make you feel like the most amazing person ever as you walk through the door. Let’s be honest, we could all use that kind of positive affirmation on a daily basis.

Those of you watching The Bachelor will totally understand the above point. I am sure if you watched the episode last night you saw the “twins” and their fifteen five dogs. Anyways, who else felt relieved that Haley had her crew of chubby dachshunds there to make her feel loved, cherished, and adored even after Ben dumped her for her twin sister, in front of her mother? Mr. Rodgers can offer you this same feeling of being the absolute most important person in the world even when you are at your worst.

I once read somewhere that if spouses greeted one another the way dogs greet their owners when they walk through the door, there would be no divorce. Once you’ve experienced this, you’ll know why that statement is true. It is Mr. Rodgers dream to give you this opportunity.  So, don’t pass it up.

This pint-size man is just itching to be your one and only. Mr. R is super mellow and sweet. When he arrived at MCACC he was very scared, so they transferred him to Chi Town (an area of MCACC’s Phx location devoted to caring for small breed dogs (mostly Chihuahuas get it…Chi Town?). Chi Town provides these small dogs a quiet place to relax, lots of volunteers dedicated to arranging play groups for the dogs, and to providing TLC and socialization.

Mr. Rodgers is kind of picky when it comes to making K9 chums, so if you are interested in him and have another dog, make sure you bring your resident dog with you to meet Mr. R.  You can meet him at MCACC’s Everyday Adoption Center (4380 N. Miller Road) in Scottsdale.  AND, as we do each week, Project Pal has made a donation to MCACC in Mr. Rodger’s honor, which covers his adoption fee. He comes neutered, rabies vaccinated, and with his County dog licence we are in AZ no illegal pups allowed.

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