Karma Karma Karma Chameleon

Do you guys remember that big Free Adoption Weekend they had at MCACC? (If not, just pretend you do for the sake of this story). That is the weekend I met Karma.  Somehow, when I arrived at the Shelter that Sunday morning, she was still waiting for a family to spot her. That actually worked out well for me that day since we ended up using Karma as a model for these bathrobes that a generous gal donated to us:

Karma did so great during her bath. Look at her…eyes closed, enjoying the full body massage! She is such a cute little model.

We had actually planned to select her as our featured pup of the week that coming Tuesday, but she was adopted before then.  Turns out, the baby in the home ended up being allergic to Karma, so she was returned. Not her fault, allergies blow. Big time.

Prior to that, Karma was adopted into a family that already had a resident cat…turns out Karma doesn’t love feline friends. (Which, as many of you who read our blog know, I tend to agree with Karma…so, no shame in her game!) For the record, both of my dogs would 100% throw down if a cat walked into their backyard.
Image result for no cats meme
So, for those of you with kitties at home…Karma is not the girl for you. Also, if you are allergic to dogs, she’s also probably not the girl for you (and perhaps you should be looking to adopt a dog with “-oodle” in the name).

Anyways, this blog post is about Karma so here is what we know about this sweet, adorable, big-eared girl:

Karma LOVES people, is not shy around new faces, and is super eager to please.  This girl is totally not afraid of a little PDA, and will smother you in smooches. One of our favorite bits about Karma is that she doesn’t quite grasp the definition of “lap dog”.  To her, that means you sit in the laps of the humans around you no matter what size you are…..we don’t have the heart to break it to her that people use the term to describe a small-sized dog.
Image result for sorry you don't qualify meme
Ok, this meme does not even fit, but is actually hilarious….so pretend it does, OK?

ANYWAYS, Karma is hilarious. On Saturday, she attended One Love Shelter Dog Training with her dedicated volunteer friend, Brittany.  Brittany sent these pictures of their car ride to training, apparently Karma was like this:

until she realized if she sat like in the middle seat Brittany could pet her on the ride (thankfully Brittany’s husband was driving) so no worries on her being a distracted driver haha!
Karma did well at training on Saturday. She was a little distracted seeing as this was her very first time in a training class setting.  Brittany said she was super impressed that Karmy (NEW NICKNAME) maintained eye contact, sat when asked, shook hands, and did “leave it”. They are now working on “stay”.

Karma participates in play groups at the shelter and enjoys the company of other polite dogs.  Karmy is a classy gal and prefers to surround herself with other friends with manners.  You know what they say:
Image result for you become the five people
SO, if you have a pup already and think he/she could be a good fit for Karmy, let us know! We do a phenomenal job of being middle-men (since we are essentially useless). We’ll hook you up with the real pros (ONE LOVE), and they’ll do a dog intro for you to make sure everyone gets along prior to adoption!

OH the shelter estimates her to be about 6 years old. Questions about Karma?  Ask away!!!! She’s at MCACC EAST and her ID is A2977700.

FYI: the title of the blog is this song….. which is now stuck in my head and I hope it is also stuck in yours ❤

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