There are two types of dogs in this world — those that can keep a straight face in the midst of any situation….and those that cannot.  Brutus definitely does not have a poker face. You tell a dumb joke he does this:

You tell a solid, laugh-worthy joke, he does this:
The good news is, you will now officially have a friend that calls it like they see it. No BS-ing around Brutus!  In all seriousness, this two-year-old boy has so many good qualities. He is active, already knows “sit” and #willworkforteats.  Brutus LOVES to chase toys/balls etc but needs a little help with the whole “fetch” concept….bringing them back is not his strong suit. haha! He has done just fine in playgroups, in fact, he runs around the group like he’s the hype man and it’s his job to get everyone else moving. Quite the sight to see! If you already have a dog, bring him/her to the shelter and staff can help you with a doggie intro!

Brutus is sponsored through the One Love Shelter Dog Program which means One Love volunteers are providing him with enrichment items during his time at the shelter.  They also have an army of volunteers who take him out and work with him on various tricks, give him lots of love, and help him show his best self to potential adopters.  Additionally, since he is sponsored under the SDP his family will receive POST-adoption training FO FREE.  This will help his family have the support and tools to bond with Brutus once he is officially a member of their family. It will also help make the transition smooth.

As a quick note before I let you go….the first time I met Brutus I was at MCACC East observing playgroups (from afar because I have anxious energy).  All of a sudden this cute, strong fella came right up to me (his volunteer escort not far behind) and he nudged my hand, gave me a quick hello lick, and was on his way.  I was immediately enamored with him. AND THEN, Brutus headed straight for the one kiddie pool that had been put out for someone else to enjoy…..and in he went:
File May 03, 9 47 30 AM

Immediately like six volunteers came rushing over to snap pictures of him, because it was such a perfect moment.  It’s the little things in life, like a handsome, charming, friendly, goofy boy bum rushing a princess play pool.

Brutus has a lot to offer and he’ll be at the Puppies & Yoga event on Saturday. So come meet him, OK!?

ID Number: A3854315
Location: 2630 W Rio Salado Pkwy, Mesa, AZ 85201

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