Pup Tees Style Blog Posts

We are always so excited when we see a simple Instagram post from someone wearing one of our Pup Tees.  Actually using the word “excited” might be the biggest understatement of 2017. When that notification comes through that we’ve been tagged in a photo, we literally hold our breath and pray that the photo is of someone wearing a Pup Tee. Every time someone posts wearing their Pup Tee, they are helping us spread the word about our shirts, allowing us to continue raising SUCH important dollars for the One Love Shelter Dog Program!

So, in an effort to inspire more people to join the Pup Tee craze and get on board with our campaigns where every penny goes to the cause, we are going to start showcasing our supporters once a week! Show us how you style your Pup Tee so we can share it on our blog!! Email us pictures of how you LOVE to wear your Pup Tee with links to every item you are wearing (so people can click and buy the items if they can’t live without them), and write up a little draft blog post. Tell everyone why you support Pup Tees by Project PAL and why you choose to style the selected shirt the way you did!!!

We are ready to share all of your Pup Tees styles with the world….!