Henny Henrick <3

GUYS! This is Henrick….(we’ve decided to nickname him Henny.)

…Henrick is looking for a home. This eight-year-old pup is what adopters dream of when they envision taking home a dog. First of all…he’s potty trained, so that right there is enough to make me a believer. BUT, for those that still need convincing, Henrick has done well with other dogs, knows sit and shake and is super easy going. Also, Henrick and I share a love for coffee….
…OK you caught me, it’s not the “coffee” we love. It’s actually a shared love for whipped cream.

There are two things Henrick prioritizes above all else: Treats + Tennis Balls. Dude can be a bit demanding if you have the aforementioned items in your hands….But, you know what he doesn’t seem to care about? Other people, birds, or ducks while on walks. He definitely knows his kind and has an interest in passing dogs though! Also, fun fact…Henrick LOVES baths…like his perfect day would actually be in the tub at Wag-n-wash from open ’til close. Warm water, full body massage, delicious-smelling soap…this guy knows pampering.

Henrick is super gentle and perfectly-mannered with kiddos. We just burst with love for him and since my dog at home is the same age as Henrick I am having a slight meltdown because I feel like they are kindred spirits or something.  SOMEONE ADOPT THIS GENTLEMAN!

Henrick is at MCACC West and his ID is A3916716.


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