It’s honestly a little odd to us that a dog as cute, charming, and lovable as Daisy is still looking for a home! BUT we’ve just started #SevenDaysofDaisy and we’re on a mission to find that home for her! This adorable lady is estimated to be about 3 years old and you guys, she melts hearts wherever she goes.  Exhibit A:

We are not kidding when we tell you this dog will charm the ISH out of you.  Look, she even SHAKES HANDS when she meets you (so polite):

Daisy is the full freaking package.  She does AMAZING with everyone she meets (big and small humans alike!), she is happy and enthusiastic about life, but knows when to pull it together and act calm & cool.
Image result for act natural meme
(I am not even sure if that meme really fits here, but it made me LOL….and then wonder if they got the horse out of there?….I really hope so.) 

OK back to Daisy. The most endearing part about Daisy is that she is the biggest ham of all time.  We had her out at our lululemon Puppies + Yoga event two Saturdays ago and she was putting on quite the show — catching treats in her mouth, rolling on her back, kissing babies…basically she made our hearts burst with pride.

Daisy also rides well in the car, here she is with One Love volunteer, Kristi:

This girl is quite the social butterfly.  She is currently in foster at Learning Pawsibilities through One Love…she participates in big play groups and we are told she is super gentle with dogs!  Daisy knows when to go say “wussup” to her fellow K9 pals, and when it’s time to give her peers a little breathing room.

We are fortunate to be able to learn more about Daisy since she is in foster care, and we know that she is not a fan of sharing food or treats!! Knowing this, we can set her future family up for success with a simple instruction of feeding treats and food in separate spaces from any other pups.
Image result for i don't share food meme
Image result for i don't share food meme

At the end of the day, Daisy is the picture of perfection and she is going to end up with a family that embraces every single wonderful trait that she has. If you think you have what it takes to be Daisy’s fam….hit us up! Projectpalaz@gmail.com

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