Vonnie…the “hostess with the mostest”

Yesterday, after it was decided that Vonnie would be this week’s Project PAL featured dog, I sent a message to Emily over at One Love to see if she could give some insider information about Vonnie.  She had the absolute cutest analogy to describe this pup.  Emily told me that Vonnie is a “little hostess”. She said that when they visit her, this courteous lady makes her rounds and visits each person. And then Emily continued by saying, “I’m sure if she could carry a tray of appetizers around and refresh drinks for visitors she would”.  Once I started imagining Vonnie as a little hostess, I immediately fell in love.

Vonnie is only about a year old and she has a real zest for life.  As she trots around greeting all her visitors, happiness literally bursts from her little body in the form of wiggles. Even just looking from looking at pictures of Vonnie (and watching videos), it is honestly hard not to have a smile on your face.

We all know there are girls who are either cute & social OR they are smart….but Vonnie is BOTH. (full package amiright!?) During her shelter enrichment time with the incredible One Love team, Vonnie learned “down” in just a matter of minutes.  They tell us she is very focused and food motivated! Guys, Vonnie is the coolest girl on the block right now and everyone is raving about her…

Because she is sponsored under the One Love Shelter Dog Program, Vonnie gets a free microchip AND post-adoption training. BTW, we were at the Shelter Dog Training class last week and heard (with our own two ears) one of the Shelter Dog Program alumni’s parents say that in just THREE classes they have a completely different dog.  THIS PROGRAM WORKS. Look, the One Love team (and Project PAL by transitive property) is not going to leave you high and dry if you step up to adopt and provide a loving home for one of the dogs in their Shelter Dog Program.  They are seriously the best, and give adopters (and fosters) SO much support. Their goal is not only to get the dogs at the shelter adopted, but help them STAY adopted.

Moral of the above tangent is, if Vonnie caught your eye, but you’re scared to take on a Shelter Dog….don’t be.  Adopting a pup who is sponsored by One Love’s Shelter Dog Program will instantly give you a community of people who love your dog and want to help.  Also, they know everything…so if you’re going to have someone on your (dog’s) team, you want it to be them. Trust me.

OK, so bringing this all full circle. Vonnie, one year old, polite, happy, goofy, delightful, etc. is available at MCACC WEST.  Her ID is A3810869.  If you have a pup already, bring him/her with you to the shelter to meet Vonnie that way you know everyone gets along prior to adopting.

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