LUCKY is the family who lands this gem.

A couple weeks ago, I was with the One Love crew at Joyride Tacos following one of the Shelter Dog Training sessions. When I walked in, I spotted the cutest dog I have ever laid eyes on (sorry, Reggie & Hayley). It was Lucky.  He was a special guest at the outing that day since he isn’t a part of the Shelter Dog Program. Here is he at Joyride:

For months, I have seen Lucky’s face on the One Love Facebook page. I had (wrongfully) assumed that he was in a foster home since I knew he was one of the “adoptables” through the organization.  When I met Lucky, I started inquiring about his story.  I was told that he actually lives at a boarding facility. He has his own special room, so when he is done playing he has a space of his own to relax….while this is SO great, he still does not have a home or people to call his own.  They told me at one point Lucky had a roommate, and when the staff returned in the morning Lucky and his roomie had pushed their dog beds together that night to snuggle. I MEAN GET OUT OF HERE I MIGHT CRY WRITING THIS. Here is Lucky being quite the lover to a dalmatian friend:


This five-year-old, easy going gentleman is so relaxed. He was not phased at all by the commotion of tons of people, dogs etc. He just hung out and enjoyed life. Lucky is extremely well-behaved.  He goes on all sorts of outings with his friends at One Love. For you do-it-yourselfers…never go to Home Depot again. Lucky will accompany you:

Here he is at Old Navy:

And at PetSmart where he was the most well-behaved pup around:

I found enough of these photos to basically show Lucky enjoying life at any kind of public establishment. SO, if you are looking for the ultimate companion… enjoy happy hour with (I CAN’T HELP MYSELF…ONE MORE):

Lucky is the guy for you. While we were at Joyride, this adorable little girl walked outside…she had her eyes set on Lucky. She didn’t even glance at the other dogs on the patio (sorry, guys…). After politely asking if she could pet Lucky, and receiving a “yes of course” from the One Love volunteer…she began sweetly petting Lucky. She thanked the volunteers and went back inside.  Approximately 45 seconds later, she returned with her mom. They pet Lucky again for a bit and we all told them how great Lucky is. After a couple minutes they went back inside.  Two minutes later, the little girl was back. This time, with her dad.  They pet Lucky again. She LOVED him. Had there been adoption papers to sign on the spot, I feel confident that Lucky would have gone home that day to share a couch and bed with that sweet little girl forever.  BUT, alas….he is still available. And, the moral of the story is that he loves kids, does great in public, is house broken, neutered, up-to-date on shots, and even crate-trained. Also, his new family will get a free six-week group training class from Learning Pawsibilities to help with the transition, bonding etc.

The way I see it, there is no reason NOT to adopt Lucky. And gosh darn it, WE WANT TO FIND LUCKY THE PERFECT HOME THIS WEEK.

He’d love a spot on your couch….

He does not require a pool (the life jacket…. I LOVE HIM)….

He loves to snuggle so be prepared for some PDA:


And just a few more because I’m obsessed:


I am assuming by now you are also obsessed with Lucky. So, here’s the link to fill out an application to be Lucky’s new family: click here to love Lucky forever.

You never know who may be on the lookout for a new best friend, please share Lucky with your friends and family!

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