Suki the halfling…(True Blood fans, where you at?)

This week, we were trying to help Tristan pick a pup to feature for her week. Now that we have access to the best volunteers ever (One Love volunteers) we are able to ask them for suggestions on dogs they LOVE that need a little extra attention to help people pick them!

When I asked Ben who he thought Tristan should pick this week, he immediately suggested, without any hesitation…..Suki!  This big-eared gal is three years old, good on the leash, and seems to be great with other dogs (obviously you should do a dog intro if you are interested in adopting her!). Apparently, Suki is quite the snuggler and is happy all.the.time. ALSO, we are told she is a bit of a chatter box with lots to say when it’s her turn for some time out in the play yard.

Look, we know the True Blood reference was a bit of a stretch since Suki spells her name differently than Sookie on the show. And, so what if Sookie Stackhouse is blonde on the show and our Suki is a black dog. I actually read (today) that the Sookie actress is really a brunette and she dyes her hair for the part. So with that being said it seems she and our Suki have more in common than you think!


Here’s the deal…when you see this sweet girl bouncing as she runs you will see why we felt like it was fitting to call her a little halfling (part dog, part fairy?….Whatever. We are going with it.) We have video to prove it.

Bottom line, Suki needs a little help getting noticed.  No one likes to be overlooked, and that goes for this sweet girl too.  She is the full package and merely needs someone to stop and give her a chance!

I literally dream of dogs with ears like Suki’s and here, in this moment, someone has the opportunity to take her home and make her their own. Her ID is A3798657 and she is MCACC West.

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