MARCH(ANT) over to MCACC East!

Today, as I was brainstorming how I could appropriately depict our week 30 Project PAL, I went through and read all of the posts, notes, comments etc. that volunteers have shared about him.  I couldn’t help but think that Marchant’s situation is not much different than many of my friends’.

Let me explain. Marchant has an extensive list of good qualities: loving, goofy, evaluated as “dog social”, cute as a button, (you get the picture). BUT, even with all of the right things going for him, and the right team in his corner (One Love Pit Bull Foundation) Marchant has somehow been sitting at MCACC East Shelter since F-E-B-R-U-A-R-Y. adlkfjsalkfdja NOT ACCEPTABLE.

So, as I was sitting here trying to think about how I would showcase Marchant it led me to the fact that Marchant is very similar to my friends.  You guys, I have some of the most beautiful, smart, cool, funny, and successful friends of all time and some of them are still single. It literally How is that even possible? NOW, that feeling right there is exactly how I feel about Marchant.  How is it that there isn’t a line out the door for both Marchant AND my friends??

Our friends at One Love have been pouring their hearts & souls into this little fella. Since he is in their Shelter Dog Program he has now attended TWO training classes outside of the shelter. Being a part of this training has helped boost Marchant’s confidence significantly.  At the most recent class, the volunteer who worked with Marchant said he was the “star as he worked on basic commands like sit, stay, come, and walking on a leash”. During the class, Marchant’s tail never stopped wagging. Marchant was even lucky enough to hang around for an exclusive human meeting after his training.  He was well-behaved during that time and it was reported that he “calmly solicited attention and petting from everyone (especially if they had pizza).”  Marchant was never vocal or jumpy during that time.

We’ll bring this full circle by reiterating that we just cannot figure out why Marchant has not been adopted yet.  This THREE year old, lab/pit mix has a lot of love to give. Thanks to the One Love team his post-adoption training is sponsored, along with his microchip. Basically, he is set up for success. Interested in Marchant? MARCH on over to MCACC East today to meet him see what I did there?. His ID is A3721532. Bring some hot dogs and you’ll be sure to have an instant amigo!

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