This dog would love you so MUNCH.

On Sunday, while walking dogs at MCACC East Shelter, my dad fell in ❤ with Munch. All six of us loved the dogs we got to walk, but after a few minutes, it was clear that my dad and Munch were definitely buds.

This week happens to be another guest sponsor, BIG thank you to SX Paint & Resurfacing (no, I did NOT bully my fiance into guest sponsoring, this was actually his idea). When it came time to pick the pup, Justin knew what he had to do to stay on my dad’s good side. He knew Munch was his ticket straight to my dad’s heart guy.

Munch is a VERY friendly pup who really enjoyed his walk with my dad on Sunday.  He was a good running partner (side note: my dad, uncle, brother, & Justin all broke the walk rules and made their own running route for the dogs to get more exercise). Munch walks nicely on a leash. He’s a two year old, stocky fella with the best hair/skin of all time. No joke. When you give Munch a rub down, his skin is so thick that it makes rolls JUST LIKE PUPPY SKIN.

It is no surprise to any of us that Munch is listed as a “volunteer favorite” on his chart. He’s essentially perfect…such a sweet/friendly man. And, also….if you know my dad….you know that normally, he only has eyes for his dog. SO, for him to like Munch as much as he does, it’s a big deal.  Munch really soaked up the attention during bath time. The rub down with shampoo was his favorite part.

According to my dad, Munch is rated as FIVE STARS! (out of five, just to be clear). So, let’s all team up and share Munch to make his and my dad’s heart happy by finding him his forever home!

Oh, and yes….that would be my dad posing with Munch in front of the Cubs spring training ball park.  Yes, he asked a Cubs fan who was passing by headed to the spring training game to take their picture.

Munch is at MCACC East Shelter his ID is A3717148.


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