Willow + you = <3

Quick recap of Willow’s past: Willow had a family who I hope to punch politely lecture someday, and a fur-sibling. Her family moved and decided not to take their dogs with them friendly note: DON’T MOVE SOMEWHERE IF YOU CAN’T TAKE YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS. They dropped them off at Pinal County Animal Care & Control. Willow’s fur-sibling (who she had grown up with and bonded to) was quickly adopted. After which, Willow rapidly declined and was depressed.

Enter the heros of the story: Forever Loved Pet Sanctuary. These lovely, pure-hearted souls took Willow in TWO years ago and have fallen in love with her. Willow holds the title of their “Longest Resident” at over 835+ days there. She has celebrated her 9th and 10th birthdays at the Sanctuary and we’ll be honest….we feel like they need to let Willow celebrate her 11th birthday with some new family & friends! 😉 Also, we’d love to be invited to her 11th b-day party…..just throwing it out there.

Here’s what we know about Willow from her biggest advocate: Willow is smart, quick-to-train, likes to eat her food out of the Kong treat, enjoys a new toy or two or fifteen and wants nothing more than to be your companion. She is intrigued by people, and loves her humans tirelessly. She’s not big on kisses but will throw  a few your way if you’re needy. She does enjoy a good cuddle session, she’s loving without being pushy, loyal, and LOVES a good belly rub. We also know that Morgan (biggest advocate mentioned above) has spent countless hours with Willow. Morgan told us that getting Willow out of the shelter environment really allowed her to shine. In the car, Willow hopped right into the front seat and was immediately soaking up the sun. CUE THE SHERYL CROW SONG PLEASE  Willow went to sleep in the front seat of Morgan’s car for the entire ride.

Willow is perfect for you if:  you are looking for a low maintenance dog. She would be great for a family, an individual, or a couple. Maybe you work at home? You’re retired? Or you just have a low-key lifestyle/personality. Willow is not asking for much….just a nice, loving, human or two, or five to call her own.

If you want to meet Willow: let us know! We will put you in touch with our contact at Forever Loved Pet Sanctuary and they will arrange the meet & greet.  Willow wants to meet any potential fur-bros/sisters. She prefers larger dogs.  Again, she loves ALL humans (kids, babies, elderly, middle-aged men going through a life crisis, you get the picture).

Oh, and as always….Project Pal made a donation to Forever Loved Pet Sanctuary in Willow’s honor so she comes with good karma. Bonus!

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