<3 Elvis hit the jackpot…

On Saturday, we received a message from a friend of our’s, Kate.  We knew Kate had been keeping an eye on our Project Pal pups each week and was just waiting for the right one. When the message from Kate came through, we knew Elvis’s underbite had done the trick and won Kate over!

She headed over to meet him on Saturday and let us know that she had filled out his adoption paperwork and would be picking him up on Monday! We were absolutely bursting with happiness at that update.

On Sunday, I was at MCACC East Shelter with my family walking/washing/loving the shelter pups. After the walk was over, I asked one of the volunteers if I could say hello to Elvis before I left.  We walked over to his kennel and my heart melted. There he was, just sitting in his little kennel quietly/patiently.  And there, posted on his kennel, was the best sign ever, “Adopted 3/26”.


We were all chomping at the bit for Monday to come (which seems insane because NO ONE wants the weekend to end). But for Elvis, Kate, and all of us at Project Pal…..Monday, March 28th is a very special day.  The day Elvis went home forever!!!!! So, here he is on his ride to freedom.  You guys, this is one lucky lucky dog.  Kate–we are just so grateful that you chose Elvis, our Week 12 Project Pal!




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