Cadbury…..not the egg.

With Easter fast-approaching it seems like a little guy named Cadbury would be the perfect addition to a special Easter Basket. What better way is there to celebrate a holiday than adopting a new k9 family member? Hint: there is no better way.

Just imagine for a minute, it’s Easter morning…kids or in my family’s case adult children hunting around the backyard like maniacs…only to stumble upon CADBURY in a giant Easter egg like so:



On an unrelated note: I highly recommend you google “dog in easter egg” when you have a chance, the image results were amazing…. Anyways, we will have to work out the details of getting Cadbury to stay inside the hatched egg, but that is a minor detail.

SO, here’s what we know about this little fella…he’s three years old, and a little shy, but we can’t blame him. The shelter can be a bit noisy/over-stimulating for a pup.  It seems as though when potential adopters cruise by his kennel he bolts outside.

This guy is a precious little sweetheart. After just a bit, and some bribery via treats, he warms up to new faces and he takes full ownership of his title “Chihuahua lap dog”.  He’s a cuddler, loves to be held (this is literally my step-daughter’s dream…a dog to hold, and love, and pet and dress up). Cadbury is a perfect companion. He just wants to hang out quietly in his human’s lap.

This little doll also does well with his kennel mates, who are all around the same size as him. SO, if you already  have a pup….why not add Cadbury to your pack?

If you are interested in making your family’s Easter dreams come true by putting Cadbury in a giant half egg, you can meet him at the East Valley Animal Care Center in Mesa. (2630 W Rio Salado Pkwy). Our awesome guest sponsor, Lisa, has sponsored his adoption fee.

Cadbury- A3720242


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