“Can’t help falling in love”….with ELVIS.

When Elvis’s picture scrolled across our computer screens, our hearts literally melted into pieces. Which is ironic because I hear that’s precisely what happened back in the day when the little ol’ bitties saw Elvis shake his pelvis. Who else used that line to remember where the pelvis was located? The good news is, the K9 Elvis is way cuter and doesn’t have any weird impersonators in Vegas.

Anyways, this Boxer Mix is looking for a loving family with nice, friendly, dog-siblings. Sweet, cautious, submissive Elvis is going to be proof that good guys dogs don’t finish last when he gets the home of his dreams for being an all-around gentleman.

Elvis wants to take it slow with his future family.  He just needs a bit of time to feel safe in  his new relationships. Don’t we all? After a moment or two, Elvis will be rolling on his back begging for some belly rubs, rubbing up against you soliciting pets. Seems like Elvis and some of my amigas are similar. Once you get past the initial “hard to get” phase, it’s all over, they (Elvis and my friends) turn into Stage 5 Clingers. Fortunately for potential Elvis-adopters, his “hard to get” phase is way shorter than my friends. We are talking minutes for Elvis vs months for my friends.

This polite, and easy going guy will still need an introduction to any dogs in the fam before he changes his last name to yours. I mean an introduction to all family members is really just standard procedure before bringing a new guy into your life. However, just like any good relationship, his new fur-family will make him a better, more confident guy! In exchange, he’ll be forever grateful, adoring, and appreciative that you decided to make him yours for life. And that’s really all one can ask for in a relationship :).

Since Elvis is a little insecure woah, again it seems like we are talking about 80% of my friends  he would do best in a family with kiddos over 10 years of age LOL yet again…my friends. This is for the simple fact that they will understand they need to move slow with him….literally. No fast phalanges flying towards this guys cute face, ok?

So any of you out there who are looking for a “Hound Dog” well, not literally a Hound in this case, and who are “All Shook Up” over this precious side smirk, let’s have a “Little Less Conversation” and make Elvis a part of your family TODAY. See what I did there? You had to have seen the Elvis references coming a mile away….

You can visit and adopt Elvis today at East Valley Animal Care Center (2630 W. Rio Salado Pkwy) in Mesa. He’s currently in kennel 290 but that could change. His ID, however, will not change. Elvis – A3721845



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