This, here, is Prada. Prada has made quite a name for herself in the MCAC West playgroup crew.  Why? Because she is super confident, friendly, enjoys the company of other pups, and knows how to (peacefully but directly) tell her peers when she’s had enough of their antics! And, TBH, that is all one can really ask of a dog in playgroups! So, here she is… all of her love nub glory–PRADA!


Prada is literally the complete package. One of the qualities that seems to be working in her favor for sure is that she makes people fall in love with her simply by existing.  The other day, one volunteer said something that made me LOL and then I realized it is so absolutely true. This is what she said:
Prada: *does nothing*
Me: I would die for you
22219889_10155758806924153_85108169226472829_oTruer words have honestly never been spoken.  I share those very same sentiments. I even feel that way about dogs when they deliberately ignore me as I actively seek their attention, which for some reason happens daily.

Prada is what a potential adopter should be dreaming of….gets along well with other dogs– check, is cute AF — check, is kind of chubs –check, snorts — check, flops on her back– check. Go meet Prada, you won’t regret it….and we bet you’ll be leaving with a new family member 😉 .

Oh. My. Gosh. I NEED HER. But, since I cannot have her….I need one of you to pick Prada.  Magical effing unicorn.

MCAC West (2500 S 27th Avenue Phoenix). ID A3990427.

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