Amazing Amelia

Amazing Amelia. This 2-year year old girl is a spunky mama! Her body may be pint-sized but her heart is big! Amelia is happy and wiggly… two of our favorite things!


Amelia LOVES her humans (just look at her look of love below!). She loves to snuggle and of course get belly rubs! She is so sweet and loving and would make a wonderful addition to your home. Don’t you want to come home to this smiling face and wiggling bottom every. single. day?! The answer is YES.

Amelia is not only sweet, she is also well-behaved! She is already potty trained and knows how to use a doggy door. She also knows “Sit.” Winner, winner, chicken dinner!!


Amelia had a litter of pups and has always been the one taking care of other. Now, it’s HER turn to be taken care of. If you want to meet Amelia (and you should), please email She is being taken care of by our good friends at Almost There Foster Care!


And here is a picture of Amelia sitting on a table just because I think it is hilarious how casually she is sitting haha!! I ❤ her so much.

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