A Style Feature Unlike Any Other: Michael Klose.

WEEEE’RREE BAACCCKKK!!! We have a feeling you guys have missed our style blog immensely, and we’ve missed putting it out there for you! Too many irons in the fire as they say! BUT, we are getting our life in order and this week’s style feature will not disappoint.  The photos alone are l-e-g-i-t.

This week we are featuring Michael Klose. Michael is an Arizona native, he has worked in the wine and spirits industry for over 12 years. Michael is one of the chosen ones who truly loves what he does for a living! And one thing we’ve learned about Michael is that he does not half ass anything. Not one thing in his life is done half-heartedly.  Literally, if you’re going to hold his camera flash for him,  you better hold it perfectly (amiright Dana/Aidan?).  This style series is literally unlike any we have ever seen before.  Michael paired together the things he loves most in life to create the most epic feature of all time:
winedog (1 of 1)

Yep, you are seeing this right….a wine pairing with Jaxon. Look how good his hat and t-shirt detail look! (YES we know Jaxon is stealing the show in this photo, but try to focus on what’s important). The wines featured here are Rodney Strong Vineyards, Cline and Duck Pond Winery. Jaxon is wearing a collar from Mighty Pit

And here they are mixing up some Tito’s Handmade Vodka, (fun fact 1: Michael actually represents this brand and he is the reason we get to include Tito’s Handmade Vodka in our upcoming Fall Fundraiser. Snaps for Michael!). But, of course, Michael could not pour himself a drink and forget about the dog model on set with him:

YEP. He poured one out for Jaxon….in his own martini glass. L.O.L. I think Michael’s dog gets better treatment than most humans I know.

Even though it is literally impossible to focus on the Pup Tees (and other apparel) in the photos, we’ve got to tell you what he’s wearing, because after all, this is a style blog. The jeans are from h&m (affordable, pass the stretch test, and the ripped design shows off the leg tat nicely). He’s got Aldo Acrucia mid top sneakers on, his Mutt Life shirt and Mutt Life hat!  You can get a bottle of Tito’s Handmade Vodka at your local grocery store (if you are 21 and older, duh). Jaxon is repping his Tito’s Handmade Vodka bandana!

When they aren’t being mixologist or wine connoisseurs, Michael and Jaxon like to BBQ and hang by the pool:

Pictured here wearing swim shorts from chubbiesshorts.com (again, showcasing the leg tatts nicely), Bose Noise cancelling headphones (must-have for traveling…..or noisy households), Sandals Olukai.com (olukai hokua sandals), and Sunglasses are Oakley Holbrook Polarized Sunglasses oakley.com. 

So, why is Michael wearing Pup Tees by Project PAL and participating in our style blog?  Well, because as they all say “it starts with one” and even though Michael has been a long-time lover of big dogs, the first dog he and his wife, Dana, got with their son, Aidan, changed everything for their family. Adopting Jaxon (pictured above) initially ignited a passion within Dana to get involved as a volunteer.

Michael was inspired by Dana’s commitment, but wasn’t sure how he could contribute to the cause in his own way. It wasn’t until he caught the photography bug that Michael realized photographing dogs was way better for his quality of life, than trying to do shoots with his wife and son, who quickly lost patience for the process, and constant camera in their faces. And, right there, in that moment, Michael realized how he could give back and make a difference in the shelter dog world! Michael has been working on a huge project for months with us (but it’s a secret so you’ll just have to wait and see).

Coming full circle, even though it took Michael years to find his place in this crazy world of volunteers, rescues, shelters, etc the only reason he’s here on team #MuttLife today is because he encouraged his wife to take a chance on a homeless puppy, with a misunderstood breed label.

We’d like to add that we are so dang grateful that Michael & Dana adopted Jaxon (and then Chloe….).  They have both become such HUGE parts of what we are doing and even their son volunteers his time. Michael told me that he was blown away by the love and dedication that so many people give so selflessly……..but I’d like to go on record saying that he and his family are paving the way for innovative efforts to support important causes.

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