To my new homie, Romie:

I’ll never forget what my dad said the first time he walked dogs at the Shelter….with the most sincere confusion, “Kim, there are so many good dogs here….?”. The obvious response to that comment seemed like it should be, “ummmm yes, correct? Thank you Captain Obvious”. BUT, to someone who hasn’t been to the shelter, walked the wings, and spent time with the shelter dogs individually, they have no clue that outside of the loud and overstimulating kennel walls are GREAT individual dogs. It’s so hard to walk through those wings and pick a dog out from behind their kennel gates…not sure what I mean? Here, let me show you something crazy:

This is Romie….she’s a resident at MCACC West, and happens to be this week’s featured pup.  Romie has all of the right qualities and is flipping adorable. So, why hasn’t she been adopted? Well, if you ask me, it’s because potential adopters are walking through the wings, inevitably feeling really sad looking at 500 faces peering at them just willing them to take them out. They see the dog on the left (times 500), not the dog on the right! So, we can’t blame people for not picking Romie…it’s impossible to know who she is outside of her kennel unless someone tells you! So, we are here to tell you all about her so you can pick Romie.

Romie is a play group regular which means she likes other dogs ❤ ! She is quite the social butterfly and does well with pup personalities of all kinds.  Romie is sweet, soulful, silly and SUPER! How about that for some alliteration!
Here she is being sweet:

Here she is being soulful:

Here she is being silly:

And, here she is being SUPER:

Let’s help Romie stand out from the shelter dog crowd this week by sharing her adorable face and personality with our friends and family. Surely someone wants a well-rounded pup!

Romie is also sponsored by our friends at One Love which means she comes with a microchip, post-adoption training, and most importantly SUPPORT from a community of people that care.

She is at MCACC West and her ID is A3975898.

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