“All shook up” about Elvis…

Let’s chat about Elvis…the handsome, gentle, laid back, guy that is making his way into the hearts of everyone who meets him. For us, the most endearing trait he has is that he is KIND OF a little lazy, because well…maybe we are too! This is Elvis:

Regal AF, right? You may have heard that MCACC has been implementing the Dog’s Playing for Life programs at their shelters, which is making a world of a difference for ALL the dogs, but especially for shy guys like Elvis.  In his first play group he was a little unsure, so his pal, and kennel mate, Bertha sat with him during the play group.

This picture, captured by AZ Shelter Pets, actually made my heart stop. It is so freaking cute. And, yes, this is real life. And pretty much makes you fall in love with the adorable duo. But, it is important to note that while Elvis and Bertha LOVE each other (exhibit A-spooning in their kennel):
They do not necessarily need to be adopted together. In fact, thanks to the play groups (ANOTHER reason Dogs Playing for Life is such a BIG freaking deal) we know that Elvis is actually more social without Bertha around…and vice versa.

This past weekend, while at the shelter, we had Elvis out in the play yard for quite some time. We played, we loved on him, and then he just wanted to lay down….
in multiple positions:

Elvis is truly great you guys. And, the time has come for him to land a fam of his own.  Let’s not let good dogs like Elvis go unnoticed for yet another week. Even though Elvis has been enjoying his play groups…he’s ready. He’s ready to walk out those shelter doors forever (by the way, he walks great on a leash).

Elvis does great with all dogs both male and female!  He does seem to enjoy dogs with a similar energy level as him more than those who are bouncing off the walls, but if necessary, he will run around. #playswellwithothers #preferswalkingoverrunning

If a low-key (kind of lazy) best friend to spend your days with is what you dream of, we’ve got the dog for you. Interested? Elvis is at MCACC West and his ID is A3870961.

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