Delilah here, reporting for playgroup duty.

YOU GUYS, I do not know how it has taken us this long to select Delilah as our featured dog of the week. JUST LOOK AT HER.

We are going to let you in on a little secret that any girl who has an Instagram account knows all too well.  (This isn’t really a secret, but whatever!) When being photographed, always have the photographer hold the camera above where you are posing….you look skinnier.  Delilah has nailed this concept. Mostly because when you don’t follow this rule you get this:
WHICH for all of us here swooning over her extra padding, is totally amazing. I mean, look at that bod. So much belly to rub! Delilah has a sassy, bigger than life, confident attitude, much like a  model. So, when being photographed, she prefers to put her best self forward.  When not being professionally photographed, she is totally fine letting it all hang out.. literally……

Delilah has had the pleasure of participating in a few playgroups at Maricopa County Animal Care & Control East, and it turns out this precious chunk is the Mama of the Gentle and Dainty group!  Let’s just say Delilah is not about to let the party playgroup attendees get too rowdy, she has unofficially deemed herself the Fun Police and is going to keep things under control. Literally, she runs around the play yard and corrects other dogs if they get to hyped up.
Image result for shut down meme

Delilah is a little on the bossy side (Obviously. When you look like Delilah you are entitled to be a Queen), so a dog intro is definitely required.

Because Delilah weaseled bulldozed her way in to so many hearts, she has landed herself a $200 pledge for either medical use or food/supplies from Blazevich Real Estate!  SO, whoever adopts Delilah not only gets FREE post-adoption training and support, and a microchip for Delilah they also get $200 towards Delilah’s needs. Sounds like a no-brainer to me.

Delilah is 10 years old and adoptable through MCACC East shelter and her ID is A3865664.

Go meet her today!

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