Lukas the Lion

You know that boyfriend checklist you have even though no guy you’ve met meets all of the criteria points?

  1. Cute √
  2. Listens to you √
  3. Gets along with your friends and family √
  4. Confident √
  5. Affectionate √
  6. Willing to experience new things together √
  7. Helps with the chores √

Well guess what… Lukas meets ALL of them!!

Did we also mention that Lukas is extremely photogenic?? You too, Richard 😉 !

He is a dream dog and we cannot believe that he is still available for adoption! This guy is 9-years old, but with the way this guy acts, you wouldn’t know it! Lukas has great energy and LOVES to be around other people and dogs. He enjoys being the center of attention (quite the ring leader ;)) and loves to show off for you. He is treat motivated (like all of us) and he loves to play and run around the yard. Lukas gets along great with other dogs. He regularly attends playgroups and loves being social!  This handsome fella is also super confident. Some of our friends at One Love Pit Bull Foundation told us that when Lukas was helping clean up the volunteer room, he weaved through every person and confidently introduced himself. You don’t have to worry about this guy not wanting to go to dinner at your parents and make small talk LOL.


Concerned about the added chores another dog might bring you? Don’t be. Lukas even helps with cleaning up! Just ask the MCACC volunteers. This guy single-handedly cleaned the volunteer room floor #NoKibbleLeftBehind. Oh, also… Lukas is the kind of guy who pays attention to you. He is affectionate and is ALL about the kisses and cuddles <3. If you are new to Project PAL, you know that ALL we ever want is a dog we can smother #Goals.


This handsome guy is all that and more. He truly is the total package. We just adore him and know that this is his week to find his forever home! If you are interested in meeting Lukas, he is at MCACC West  (2500 S. 27th Ave., Phoenix). As we mentioned before, he gets along great with other dogs, but a doggy intro is recommended. Lukas’ adoption fee is $20, but includes neuter, rabies certificate and County license. His ID is A3869139.

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