Oh Oh Oreo…!

Here’s what blows my mind, we have featured a couple of dogs that look JUST like Oreo (Ariel & Nelson to be specific) and they were adopted immediately….why? Because they are SO cute, they are young, and they have awesome personalities. SO, if Oreo looks just like them and has similar traits, how is it that he has been at the shelter since March?

We have started to see his face show up on a lot of volunteers’ facebook pages, One Love AZ added him to their Shelter Dog Program, and now (a little late to the party, but we’ve arrived) Tristan has picked Oreo to promote this week on Project Pal!

Here’s what we know, Oreo is not showing well in the shelter (duh, have we ever talked about a dog sitting in that tiny kennel happy as a little clam?) so if potential adopters walk by him they are not seeing the real Oreo. We are told once away from the shelter Oreo is a quiet guy who really finds joy in the simple things.  He is calm in the car (actually sleeps…), he enjoys walks, going to Lowe’s to get supplies for your latest DIY project, and lounging under a shady tree. This two year old boy ❤ s water….streams, man-made lakes, plastic baby pools, you get the idea.

Oreo has a very approachable and kind demeanor.  During his day foster outing, a little boy went up to him at Lowe’s and Oreo was so sweet and just nudged the boy, which led to laughter and happiness that was contagious to all the patrons at the store.

Since Oreo was accepted into the Shelter Dog Program by One Love AZ, his post-adoption training is sponsored.  Soooooooo who’s the lucky family that is going to snag this precious pup? You might know them, so help us share Oreo’s face and get him a loving, forever home! He is at MCACC East Shelter and his ID is A3738295.

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