Best candidate for a loving family = Kane.

If I were hiring for a job (with dog applicants) or if I were dating (pretend Kane is a man not a dog) I’d pick Kane ❤. When applying for a job, we list past experiences, strengths, and good qualities on our resume and pray that the potential employer is impressed and asks for an interview. When online dating, people list all of their hobbies, their likes/dislikes, their dreams, and what they are looking for in a match and they pray their witty writing catches the eye of someone browsing profiles and leads to a date.

We believe this same strategy will work for Kane, because well…he’s the best candidate. This young man was a LOVED member of a family for the past three years of his life. We feel his qualifications strongly align with those of potential, loving adopters and deem him eligible to be selected for a forever home where he will be cherished. See what I did there? It was the Objective Statement of Kane’s resume.

Kane is smart. His trick repertoire is highly impressive. He already knows sit, shake, down, AND roll over. In my book, if you get a dog to roll over, you are basically Cesar Millan. I literally have to force my dog to put his elbows on the ground when I say down…it’s like he was born to cut corners. Reggie is an under-achiever. Dang it.

Our friends at One Love AZ tell us this energetic young man would likely do well with a canine sibling (with a proper introduction). So, he’s a friendly guy…another positive attribute!

We’d also like to draw attention to Kane’s personality, which is quite possibility his best selling point. He is a total funny guy…and is sure to make you laugh. But, we know what you’re thinking “he ‘has a good personality'” is code for he’s not cute. This is a safe space, so you don’t have to lie to kick it. We are all a little shallow. AmIright?…Good news. Kane is handsome, like show-stoppingly handsome. This is a direct quote from Lindsey with One Love, “This really really ridiculously good looking dog is in search of his forever home”. We all want a cute guy at the end of our leash..fortunately, Kane’s a hunk. ❤

Another notable fact: Kane has a good group of friends, like really good. He is a member of the Shelter Dog Program. Which means the kick A people at One Love Arizona have taken him under their wing because they have met, evaluated, and APPROVED him to be a positive family member. They believe in Kane, and well….they basically know everything about dogs, sooooo ipso facto we also believe in Kane!  AND, because of that we are all working together not only to find Kane a wonderful, loving home, but One Love is sponsoring his post-adoption training + microchip since he is in their program. We all know how important friends are…I mean, they say “you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”. If that’s the case, Kane is pretty freaking awesome because the team at One Love is pouring their hearts into him. (you can support the Shelter Dog Program by getting some retail therapy in at where 100% of the money you spend goes to fund the program.) 

Lastly, for all you out there who are wondering, Kane is kid-tested and approved. Photo proof below.

Let’s do a quick summary of Kane’s resume/dating profile/attributes….whatever you want to call it:

1. Smart (already knows tricks, eager to learn)
2. Experienced family member (his family bailed on him when they moved, but loved him dearly) I purposely did not get into the family surrendering him, because even though he was well-loved, they bailed on him so I hate them.
3. THREE years old
5. Kid Tested & Approved!
6. Handsome AF

Ready to meet Kane? Head over to MCACC east shelter (2630 W Rio Salado Parkway Mesa, AZ). His ID is A3573958. It’s important to get him out of his kennel and give him a chance to shine outside of that overstimulating space. (So what if he barks a lot a tiny bit in there….we’d all be going stir crazy in there just like he is!)

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