Allie: will love for treats….

Allie was the second dog that Nina and I walked at the Hope Whispers Walk a few weeks ago.  There was one precise moment when we both fell in love with her. It was when we approached one of the volunteers and Allie gently put her front paws up on the volunteer for a hug. Fortunately for iPhones, we were able to snap a picture of it ❤ ❤ :


Our experience with Allie was so enjoyable. She is easy going, mild-mannered, loving, affectionate, and really, just all-around precious. Each volunteer that we walked by had a sweet story to share about Allie. And we can see why.  After just a short time with her she had us sold.  Also, she LOVES treats. And, I mean reeeallllyyy loves treats. Like will do anything for them, and is even willing to take the risk of plunging her nose into a volunteer’s fanny pack to gobble up as many as she can before being stopped. Here’s proof:


The truth is, we didn’t even want to stop Allie from mowing down as many treats as she possibly could before coming up for air. Why? Well, because we’d be pretty peeved if someone tried to stop us from doing the same. Because it was the Hope Whispers Walk and these shelter dogs deserve to live. the. dream. for the short time they are out of their kennels! Plus, she takes treats so gently, which basically means she earns every one of them.

This adorable gal, has been picked by families that are not suitable for her (like for example, they have a cat…and guess what, she doesn’t like cats) so she gets returned.

However, all of that is about to change for her this week. We are determined to do our best to help find Allie the perfect home (with no cats, because well, we don’t particularly love them either so we won’t hold it against her). So here is what you need to know about Allie:

  • She is FOUR years old
  • She is loving & affectionate, but give her just a moment to warm up to you!
  • Good with other calm, well-mannered dogs after a proper introduction (SO BRING YOUR DOG FROM HOME FOR A DOGGIE INTRO)
  • Happiest when near people.
  • NO cats.
  • Her ID is A3712191
  • She is at MCACC East Shelter 2630 W Rio Salado Pkwy Mesa AZ 85201

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