A Dollop of Daisy!

For this week’s PAL, meet Daisy!! You know that girl who just seems to always be happy and their contagious energy and attitude puts everyone around them in a good mood? Well, that’s Daisy!! She is a happy-go-lucky two-year old pup who will make you laugh and put a smile on your face!

Daisy seems to always be down for a good time game of fetch. She LOVES to be active and enjoys being on the go. Daisy is an outdoor kinda girl, always looking for the next activity. I don’t know about you, but I wish I had that kind of energy and motivation to be active… the walk from the couch to the fridge during Shark Week counts as exercise, right? One of the best things about Daisy (besides those ears!!!) is that she loves attention from people and wants to soak up some lovin’ (read as: you can smother her with kisses, hugs, and pets, and she will LIKE IT <3. aka. the dream). Oh, and she really likes belly rubs, too!

If you’re an active person who can be the fun and dedicated owner that Daisy deserves, she is at MCACC West (2500 S. 27th Ave., Phoenix) and her ID# is A3740121. Daisy is good with kids but she must have a doggy intro if a potential adopter has another pup. Her adoption fee is $20 and includes spay, County license, and rabies certificate. Also, Daisy is part of One Love’s Shelter Dog program, which includes her post-adoption training and microchip!! Let’s help Daisy find her fur-ever home that includes endless tennis balls!


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