Queen Willow’s corner suite is FOR RENT.

On Thursday, March 31st, 2016 Willow met Heidi & Mike.  Heidi happens to be a loyal supporter of our Project Pal initiative and had been patiently waiting for the right time to adopt.  When Willow was featured during Week 9, she immediately caught Heidi’s attention, but the timing just wasn’t right.  So this week, when the time was right….Heidi and Mike were ready to meet Willow.

Heidi was sweet enough to allow me and Tristan to be a part of the experience with them last night at Forever Loved Pet Sanctuary. When I showed up, the group was in the play yard with Willow. You guys, this pet sanctuary is amazing.  The dogs have space, and cozy little homes. They are LOVED and cared for very very well at this sanctuary.

However, nothing beats a forever home, and yesterday that is what Willow got.  We all sat around in the play yard and begged for Willow to pay attention to us (because she is so freaking cute and everyone wants a piece of her). She is SO calm, loving, low-key, adorable, and honestly all-around perfect.  It blows my mind that she had not been adopted yet.  But, Heidi & Mike you snagged a real gem.

After ample time visiting with Luisa & Morgan and learning all about Willow, Mike was ready to take Willow home, and since Heidi knew she’d be able to take Willow with her to work in the morning….it was a done deal.

So, Morgan packed up Willow’s sleep over bag….Luisa gave details to Heidi….Heidi took pictures of everything that Willow might like (the food type, treat type, vitamin type etc), and tears were shed by all of us. It was such a sweet moment and it was like Willow knew she had just hit the jackpot.  She hopped up into their car and they drove her home forever. Happily Ever After. And now, Queen Willow’s corner suite at Forever Loved Sanctuary is FOR RENT.


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